Saturday, June 13, 2015

Oaxacan Cum - The Cine Rex Theatre

Late on a Sunday afternoon, while visiting Oaxaca,I found a porno theatre near the center of town named The Cine Rex.

I paid 37 pesos and entered.  I walked through the lobby, then through a heavy red velvet curtain and into the theatre.  I was surprised how big it was.  The Cine Rex must have been a grand legitimate movie theatre in its’ day.  

It was early afternoon, the theatre had just opened and the movie hadn’t started yet.  The bright lights were on, there must have been a dozen men there already.  About half of the men were sitting in various places in the large theatre and the other half milling around in the back.  I joined the men in the back, leaning against a half wall that separated the rear of the theater from the seats.

All of the guys appeared Mexican; and I was the only gringo.  The crowd was diverse in age and looks.

To my left, there was a man staring at me and rubbing his crotch.  I could see a lean middle-aged man with slicked-back wavy black hair, wearing dark brown dress slacks, a black shirt and black leather shoes.  I wondered if he had just come from church.  He was not especially good looking but he had that Mayan look of the locals that I had been fantasizing about.

As I approached his side of the theatre, I noticed that his coppery face was more lined thought than I could see from across the room.

I sat down on the first seat in the far side aisle at the back.  He stood directly behind me. We were separated by the half wall.

A couple of minutes later the lights went out and a porno movie started.  He walked up in the aisle beside me still rubbing his crotch.  I gently touched his pants with my hand.  He unzipped and pulled out his cock right into my face.  It was so dark in the theatre now and i couldn’t see it very well.   I could see that his dick was darker than his hands, floppy and uncut.  I immediately leaned in and sucked on his foreskin a little, the pushed it back over the head and began giving him a nice slow wet blow job.

I had him fully hard.  I looked up at him as he lighted up a cigarette.  smoking and watching the movie while I serviced him.  Some hot red ash fell on my face as he puffed, which made my cock hard. 

Soon he held the cigarette in his mouth and unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants, pulling them just slightly down.  As he held his cigarette in his right  hand and pulled up his shirt with his left, exposing his flat hairless stomach.

Now, with pants down, I had another couple of inches of his cock and was deep throating him up to his belly.  

My right hand reached down and coddled his big egg shaped balls, with my left I began stroking his shaft as I sucked. 

As I blew him, I could see other men standing behind and walking past and watching. 

Soon his cock was even harder, he moaned, and I could feel my mouth fill with his cum.  It tasted good, sweet and mild.  I swallowed all I could.  He withdrew and stood next to me cleaning his dick with a tissue.

Within a minute, another guy, with a similar look came over and rubbed his crotch in front of my face and the same thing happened again.  After a few minutes I had I swallowed another hot load.  

More Mexican guys stood by, waiting to get sucked off.  In quick succession, I had swallowed four loads from middle-aged guys.  

Then a much younger guy came over, probably in his early twenties.  He was bigger than the other guys, wearing black stretchy gym pants, tee shirt, and baseball cap.  He stood in front of me with his crotch near my face.  I reached out and touched him.  I could feel his cock was hard, he had positioned it upward which minimized the bulge, but I could tell it was big.

He pulled down his pants and his hard cock popped out into my face.  By now my eyes were well adjusted to the dim lighting.  Young-guy’s cock was beautiful.  His brown rod was long, thick, and uncut.  It stood out proudly from his big muscular thighs.  

I took a moment to admire his brown dick, and then started to kiss the tip gently, leaving his foreskin over the head, and then licked up and down his thick smooth shaft before taking him in my mouth.

Almost right away, other men started to circle around and watch us. One guy lifted up Younger Guy’s black shirt, revealing his beautiful smooth bronze chest and stomach with a small black line of hair going from his navel to his hairy crotch.  He began to pinch Younger Guy’s nipples from behind.

Younger Guy used his right hand on the back of my head.  His big cock was going down into my throat.  I tried to open up as much as possible, but I couldn’t take it all without gagging.  He was saying something in Spanish I couldn’t understand as he forced my head onto his prick.  I caressed his tight hairy balls with my hand. 

Soon there were three men surrounding Younger Guy, touching various parts of his body.  One man, on Younger Guy’s left, reached down and began stroking the base of Younger Guy’s cock as I sucked it. Another man sat in the seat in the row in front of me and began stroking my cock and playing with my nipples.

After a while, Younger Guy, pulled his cock out of my mouth and tucked it back into black pants.  I was sorry not to get his load, but I thought maybe he would return.

Younger Guy, walked away along with the four men closest to us.  I took a minute to wipe my mouth and rearrange my clothes. 

Then a shorter, slightly older guy in a white shirt walked up beside me.  His already had his prick out and was masturbating.  He leaned over and said something in Spanish that I didn’t understand.  I sucked his dick a little, then he leaned over and said the same thing again, which I still didn’t understand.  He was getting a little frustrated, then he formed a circle with the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, and started poking in it with the index finger of his left hand, the international symbol for fucking. Of course I wanted to get fucked. 

Shorter-guy lead me down to the front of the theater.  Beside the screen there was a slight inset in the wall that formed a little alcove.  However, we were still visible to the rest of the theatre.  I dropped my pants and bent over for him.  He put his hand on my back and pushed me lower, as I was a good bit taller than him.  I spit in my hand and wet my hole.  Then I felt his dry cock jamming into me.  He wasn’t that big, but it hurt.  Soon my hole was open and he was pumping his dark rod into me. 

There were guys walking around the aisles of the theatre who stopped to watch us fuck.  He started pumping me hard and fast, then grunting.  Finally, I had a load of sweet Oaxacan cum in my ass.  


  1. Cool, finally some tips on Mexico. Was it easy to get it raw or does one need to negotiate lengthily?