Thursday, May 21, 2015

Part Three: Anonymous Comes in Different Colors – Exhibition Style

After the fuck bench, I moved on to an area of the dark room that has a newly built raised platform on one side of the room.  The platform has some lighting above it, making it by far the most visable part of the room.  There was one middle-aged, white guy stroking his cock through his towel.  He was older than me, with a nice face, grey-balding hair.

I stood in front of him below the platform.  Middle-aged guy removed his towel and revealed a long and beautiful tool, and it was right in my face.  I took off my towel, revealing my black jock and began to worship his cock.  As usual, I began by stroking, kissing, and teasing his piss hole.  The way I like to say hello. 

This was the first person I was having sex with that I could clearly see, and who could see me.  Also, the entire dark room could clearly see both of use. I positioned myself so that I was standing slightly bent over with my legs wide apart.  Obviously, hoping that the other guys around me would get the idea that they could fuck me.
I continued to blow Middle-aged guy.  Now I was taking his long cock fully in my mouth.   He put his hand over the rail of the platform and placed in firmly on the back of my head and began to fuck my face.  Even though his cock was big, I was able to take it deep.  I could feel the head of his cock going into my throat.  It felt good to service him.

After a few minutes of having my head fucked, I felt a pair of hands on my ass, soon followed by a cock pushing hard inside me.  I stopped sucking for moment and turned around.  I saw a young, lean, smooth, Asian guy was spreading my cheeks and fucking me hard.  Fortunately, I was already well fucked and loaded with cum or it would have hurt. 

Seeing my ass being fucked must have turned on Middle-aged guy.  He grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock again, this time more forcefully.  I was simultaneously being screwed in the ass and being forced to deep through a big cock.  Just as importantly, it was all happening in the dark room in view of the other men.  Everyone could see me being used as a piggy slut by two men.

After a few minutes, Young-Asian guy starting moaning and adding his seed to my hole.  After he came, Middle-aged guy pulled his cock out of my mouth grabbed his towel and walked away.  I was left standing by myself, in my jock strap, with cum running out of my hole.

After a few minutes, an older Asian man appeared above me on the platform.  He was bearish with a grey mustache and an ample belly.   He removed his towel; he had a nice average sized cut cock.  I began to suck him, fondling his balls with my right hand.  I looked up at him and asked if he wanted to fuck me.  “Sure,” he replied.

I walked up onto the platform.  The platform being more highly lighted than the rest of the dark room, felt like a stage, and I had a heightened sense of being on display.  Older Asian Man and I kissed.  I stroked his hard cock for a moment, then turned, bent over and put my hands of the lower guardrail of the platform. I positioned myself sort of perpendicular to the rail so the guys below could see the cock going in my hole.

He slowly put is cock inside me, he made it feel good.  He started a nice gentle fuck, in and out of my creamy hole.  “You feel so good,” he said, over and over as he screwed me.  I’m sure my ass did feel silky after the last fresh load added to the others.

Older Asian Man screwed me for some time; he wasn’t going to be a a quickie. I enjoyed being up on the platform, being fucked by him for everyone to see.  He continued screwing me for sometime, complimenting my cum filled hole as he went along.  After several minutes he started to moan. I clenched my ass muscles around his dick as tight as I could while he seeded me.  I thanked him for his cum.

Older Asian Man walked done from the platform, I did too.  I went back to the bottom area and waited.

Another Asian guy appeared on the platform.  He was tall, smooth, and young.  He stood in front of me and took off his towel.  His cock was nice and long.  I immediately began to service him.  Just as before with Older Asian Man, I asked if he would fuck me.  He said, “Yes,” and I walked back up on the platform.  As I arrived, I saw that he was putting a rubber on his cock.  At this point I was so over-fucked and loaded with cum, I decided to let him use the rubber on me.  I took off my towel and bent over the railing, just as I had before.

I felt his long cock pushing in me all in one motion.  He started fucking me hard.  I moaned and grunted loudly while I got pounded.  Soon he started to cum.  I could feel his tool getting thicker and pulsing in my hole.  He withdrew from my hole, and I turned around quickly.   His rubber was full of beautiful thick white cum.  The cum I had worked out of him.  It was rightfully mine.  I put my hand on his cock and rolled the rubber off into my left hand.  He said nothing and started to walk off the platform.  I took the rubber and pushed it as deep into my hole as I could.  I had another anonymous load inside me, and was ready for another breeding.     

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