Monday, May 18, 2015

Anonymous Comes in Different Colors – Part Two

Anonymous Number Two:  Sex on the Dark Room Fuck Bench

Having two fresh loads in my hole from the glory hole booth, I proceeded to cruise the rest of the darkroom.  I walked over the fuck bench.  I think of the fuck bench as an old friend now, with all of the experience and cum it has given me.

The Steamworks in Berkeley is remodeling, and a large portion of the dark room space is now blocked-off.  Before the remodel started, the fuck bench sat in the dark room with space around it to circulate and enough ambient light to see the guys around the bench.  Now, I saw the fuck bench wedged in a corner between a plywood wall on one side and heavy black plastic used to block the part of the room being rebuilt.

When I approached, there was a guy on the bench.  It was difficult to see his body and impossible to see his face.  However, one of the few little spotlights in the dark room illuminated the guy’s ass perfectly.  Not sure if this was by chance or design, but the image of his glowing ass in the darkroom was surreal and kinky. 

After a few minutes, the guy got off the fuck bench.  I walked offer unwrapped my towel, revealing my black jock underneath and mounted the fuck bench.  I could feel the heat of the light on my ass.  I spread my legs out more than usual, hoping that my wet and cummy hole would glisten in the spotlight.

Maybe it did glisten, because almost right away, I felt a pair of strong rough hands grabbing my ass, and then a good size cock entering my wet seeded hole.  I tried to turn my head to get a look at the guy fucking me, but the wall and plastic blocked my view.

He began to fuck my ass, but my focus was on his hands.  Those strong, sexy, calloused hands grabbing my ass while he owned me.  It felt so good to be on the fuck bench again, ass-up, face down, getting breed.  After about five minutes, I could feel his cock expand inside me and some groans while he seeded me.  This was my third load.

I remained on the bench for a few minutes, hearing footsteps, and feeling motion behind me, but unable to see what exactly was going on.  Then I felt another dick going in me.  I was very wet, but I could feel his was thicker and longer than the others.   He began to thrust hard into my hole.  Even though my hole was open and slick with spunk, I moaned openly.  

He pulled out quickly.  I’m not sure if he came or not.  Then he leaned over and kissed the back of my neck.  I could see his lean muscled arm covered with tattoos.  Finally, I would be able recognize one of the anonymous guys who fucked me.

One more anon to come….  

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