Sunday, May 17, 2015

Anonymous Comes in Different Colors - Part One

I love anonymous sex.  After a recent visit to Steamworks, I started to think about its’ different variations of anonymous that can be had in just a few hours.

Anonymous Number One:  A Glory Hole in a Darkroom

After arriving, I went the usual cleaning process, inserted a small amount of Vaseline in my hole and headed for the darkroom play area.  It was a busy evening, with lots of activity around the section that has booths with glory hole.  I found an empty booth and went inside.  My eyes had not fully adjusted to the darkroom.  In front of me, all I could see a silhouette of a guy stroking his cock in front of the Plexiglas wall.   I could see that was about my same height and had at least an average build.  I could not make out his race, or facial features at all.

I kneeled down in front of the glory hole and his cock came through.  It was a nice, long, cut cock.  It looked dark, but that could have been just the lighting.  I started my cock worship ritual.  Kissing the head.  Tonguing the piss hole.  Licking the underside of the shaft, before taking him deep in my mouth.  It didn’t take long before he was hard.

I stood up, turned around, put some spit in my hand and rubbed it on my hole.  It was puckered and closed up tight.  I had not been fucked in weeks, plus cleaning myself always leaves me tighter than normal.  I bent over and presented my ass to the glory hole, to the unrecognizable silhouette with the nice cock.

I spread my cheeks with both hands and his cock started poking at my ass for my hole.  Even with the spit and Vaseline, my tight hole wasn’t opening up.  It was somewhat painful, but my biggest concern was that he would give up and I wouldn’t feel that cock inside me.  I moved forward and spit in my hand again, this time putting it on the head of his hard dick.  I held him in my hand and backed my hole up on too me, gritting my teeth has it went past my sphincter.  He paused for a moment and then started fucking.  I bent forward and gave him as much of my hole as possible.  I rested my hands on the door of the booth and grunted as he opened me up.

After just a couple of minutes, he was thrusting faster, and I heard his grunting from the other side of the wall. After a few final slower thrusts, he pulled out.  I could feel some his cum dripping out of my holes onto my balls.  By the time I turned my head, the only thing I could see was the dark shadow-like image of his back exiting the booth.  There was no way I could ever recognize him again, yet his seed was swimming inside me.

Just as I stood up, I felt a hand on my right thigh and buttocks.   I looked over and there was a hand and almost an entire arm coming through the glory hole.  That side of the booth had a plywood wall instead of the Plexiglas.  I moved slightly to the left and the arm went back through the hole.  I looked through the hole and just saw a pair of dark legs.  I quickly turned around, and pushed my ass up to the hole of that side of the booth. 

In just a few seconds, I felt a dick going inside me.  My ass was now open and wet.  The other guy must have left a big load inside me, because the new cock just glided right in my hole without any pain at all.    I bent forward to give him more. Being fucked with my ass full of cum is the most wonderful feeling.   A much slicker feeling than spit, but with out the heavy guppy feeling of lube.   Plus, knowing that another man’s spunk is being pounded into me, sharing his DNA.

Right away, he started me fucking fast and furious.  It felt wonderful.  I allowed myself to opening moan and grunt, something I used to be ashamed to do.  The entire darkroom knew that there was a pig getting breed.  Soon I could hear him groan too.  When he pulled out, I could feel some of his spunk splash out on my ass.  Knowing I had two fresh loads inside me, felt so good.

I think being fucked through a glory hole in a dark room must be the most anonymous sex of all.  Taking loads from guys who you could never even recognize again.  The intensity of no other physical stimulation other than the anon cock going inside me, passed my sphincter, up my guts, then seeding, a wonderful experience.

More and different anon to come--------

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