Sunday, June 28, 2015

Video - Cock Worship

A hot guy made a vid of me servicing his beautiful thick cock:

Link to Video of Blow Job

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Video - A Flashlight Fuck

A fuck buddy of mine was screwing me and asked if he could fuck me with a flashlight. I don't really like toys, but being a submissive bottom couldn't say no.  The video is below. 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Oaxacan Cum - The Cine Rex Theatre

Late on a Sunday afternoon, while visiting Oaxaca,I found a porno theatre near the center of town named The Cine Rex.

I paid 37 pesos and entered.  I walked through the lobby, then through a heavy red velvet curtain and into the theatre.  I was surprised how big it was.  The Cine Rex must have been a grand legitimate movie theatre in its’ day.  

It was early afternoon, the theatre had just opened and the movie hadn’t started yet.  The bright lights were on, there must have been a dozen men there already.  About half of the men were sitting in various places in the large theatre and the other half milling around in the back.  I joined the men in the back, leaning against a half wall that separated the rear of the theater from the seats.

All of the guys appeared Mexican; and I was the only gringo.  The crowd was diverse in age and looks.

To my left, there was a man staring at me and rubbing his crotch.  I could see a lean middle-aged man with slicked-back wavy black hair, wearing dark brown dress slacks, a black shirt and black leather shoes.  I wondered if he had just come from church.  He was not especially good looking but he had that Mayan look of the locals that I had been fantasizing about.

As I approached his side of the theatre, I noticed that his coppery face was more lined thought than I could see from across the room.

I sat down on the first seat in the far side aisle at the back.  He stood directly behind me. We were separated by the half wall.

A couple of minutes later the lights went out and a porno movie started.  He walked up in the aisle beside me still rubbing his crotch.  I gently touched his pants with my hand.  He unzipped and pulled out his cock right into my face.  It was so dark in the theatre now and i couldn’t see it very well.   I could see that his dick was darker than his hands, floppy and uncut.  I immediately leaned in and sucked on his foreskin a little, the pushed it back over the head and began giving him a nice slow wet blow job.

I had him fully hard.  I looked up at him as he lighted up a cigarette.  smoking and watching the movie while I serviced him.  Some hot red ash fell on my face as he puffed, which made my cock hard. 

Soon he held the cigarette in his mouth and unbuckled his belt and unfastened his pants, pulling them just slightly down.  As he held his cigarette in his right  hand and pulled up his shirt with his left, exposing his flat hairless stomach.

Now, with pants down, I had another couple of inches of his cock and was deep throating him up to his belly.  

My right hand reached down and coddled his big egg shaped balls, with my left I began stroking his shaft as I sucked. 

As I blew him, I could see other men standing behind and walking past and watching. 

Soon his cock was even harder, he moaned, and I could feel my mouth fill with his cum.  It tasted good, sweet and mild.  I swallowed all I could.  He withdrew and stood next to me cleaning his dick with a tissue.

Within a minute, another guy, with a similar look came over and rubbed his crotch in front of my face and the same thing happened again.  After a few minutes I had I swallowed another hot load.  

More Mexican guys stood by, waiting to get sucked off.  In quick succession, I had swallowed four loads from middle-aged guys.  

Then a much younger guy came over, probably in his early twenties.  He was bigger than the other guys, wearing black stretchy gym pants, tee shirt, and baseball cap.  He stood in front of me with his crotch near my face.  I reached out and touched him.  I could feel his cock was hard, he had positioned it upward which minimized the bulge, but I could tell it was big.

He pulled down his pants and his hard cock popped out into my face.  By now my eyes were well adjusted to the dim lighting.  Young-guy’s cock was beautiful.  His brown rod was long, thick, and uncut.  It stood out proudly from his big muscular thighs.  

I took a moment to admire his brown dick, and then started to kiss the tip gently, leaving his foreskin over the head, and then licked up and down his thick smooth shaft before taking him in my mouth.

Almost right away, other men started to circle around and watch us. One guy lifted up Younger Guy’s black shirt, revealing his beautiful smooth bronze chest and stomach with a small black line of hair going from his navel to his hairy crotch.  He began to pinch Younger Guy’s nipples from behind.

Younger Guy used his right hand on the back of my head.  His big cock was going down into my throat.  I tried to open up as much as possible, but I couldn’t take it all without gagging.  He was saying something in Spanish I couldn’t understand as he forced my head onto his prick.  I caressed his tight hairy balls with my hand. 

Soon there were three men surrounding Younger Guy, touching various parts of his body.  One man, on Younger Guy’s left, reached down and began stroking the base of Younger Guy’s cock as I sucked it. Another man sat in the seat in the row in front of me and began stroking my cock and playing with my nipples.

After a while, Younger Guy, pulled his cock out of my mouth and tucked it back into black pants.  I was sorry not to get his load, but I thought maybe he would return.

Younger Guy, walked away along with the four men closest to us.  I took a minute to wipe my mouth and rearrange my clothes. 

Then a shorter, slightly older guy in a white shirt walked up beside me.  His already had his prick out and was masturbating.  He leaned over and said something in Spanish that I didn’t understand.  I sucked his dick a little, then he leaned over and said the same thing again, which I still didn’t understand.  He was getting a little frustrated, then he formed a circle with the thumb and forefinger of his right hand, and started poking in it with the index finger of his left hand, the international symbol for fucking. Of course I wanted to get fucked. 

Shorter-guy lead me down to the front of the theater.  Beside the screen there was a slight inset in the wall that formed a little alcove.  However, we were still visible to the rest of the theatre.  I dropped my pants and bent over for him.  He put his hand on my back and pushed me lower, as I was a good bit taller than him.  I spit in my hand and wet my hole.  Then I felt his dry cock jamming into me.  He wasn’t that big, but it hurt.  Soon my hole was open and he was pumping his dark rod into me. 

There were guys walking around the aisles of the theatre who stopped to watch us fuck.  He started pumping me hard and fast, then grunting.  Finally, I had a load of sweet Oaxacan cum in my ass.  

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Part Three: Anonymous Comes in Different Colors – Exhibition Style

After the fuck bench, I moved on to an area of the dark room that has a newly built raised platform on one side of the room.  The platform has some lighting above it, making it by far the most visable part of the room.  There was one middle-aged, white guy stroking his cock through his towel.  He was older than me, with a nice face, grey-balding hair.

I stood in front of him below the platform.  Middle-aged guy removed his towel and revealed a long and beautiful tool, and it was right in my face.  I took off my towel, revealing my black jock and began to worship his cock.  As usual, I began by stroking, kissing, and teasing his piss hole.  The way I like to say hello. 

This was the first person I was having sex with that I could clearly see, and who could see me.  Also, the entire dark room could clearly see both of use. I positioned myself so that I was standing slightly bent over with my legs wide apart.  Obviously, hoping that the other guys around me would get the idea that they could fuck me.
I continued to blow Middle-aged guy.  Now I was taking his long cock fully in my mouth.   He put his hand over the rail of the platform and placed in firmly on the back of my head and began to fuck my face.  Even though his cock was big, I was able to take it deep.  I could feel the head of his cock going into my throat.  It felt good to service him.

After a few minutes of having my head fucked, I felt a pair of hands on my ass, soon followed by a cock pushing hard inside me.  I stopped sucking for moment and turned around.  I saw a young, lean, smooth, Asian guy was spreading my cheeks and fucking me hard.  Fortunately, I was already well fucked and loaded with cum or it would have hurt. 

Seeing my ass being fucked must have turned on Middle-aged guy.  He grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock again, this time more forcefully.  I was simultaneously being screwed in the ass and being forced to deep through a big cock.  Just as importantly, it was all happening in the dark room in view of the other men.  Everyone could see me being used as a piggy slut by two men.

After a few minutes, Young-Asian guy starting moaning and adding his seed to my hole.  After he came, Middle-aged guy pulled his cock out of my mouth grabbed his towel and walked away.  I was left standing by myself, in my jock strap, with cum running out of my hole.

After a few minutes, an older Asian man appeared above me on the platform.  He was bearish with a grey mustache and an ample belly.   He removed his towel; he had a nice average sized cut cock.  I began to suck him, fondling his balls with my right hand.  I looked up at him and asked if he wanted to fuck me.  “Sure,” he replied.

I walked up onto the platform.  The platform being more highly lighted than the rest of the dark room, felt like a stage, and I had a heightened sense of being on display.  Older Asian Man and I kissed.  I stroked his hard cock for a moment, then turned, bent over and put my hands of the lower guardrail of the platform. I positioned myself sort of perpendicular to the rail so the guys below could see the cock going in my hole.

He slowly put is cock inside me, he made it feel good.  He started a nice gentle fuck, in and out of my creamy hole.  “You feel so good,” he said, over and over as he screwed me.  I’m sure my ass did feel silky after the last fresh load added to the others.

Older Asian Man screwed me for some time; he wasn’t going to be a a quickie. I enjoyed being up on the platform, being fucked by him for everyone to see.  He continued screwing me for sometime, complimenting my cum filled hole as he went along.  After several minutes he started to moan. I clenched my ass muscles around his dick as tight as I could while he seeded me.  I thanked him for his cum.

Older Asian Man walked done from the platform, I did too.  I went back to the bottom area and waited.

Another Asian guy appeared on the platform.  He was tall, smooth, and young.  He stood in front of me and took off his towel.  His cock was nice and long.  I immediately began to service him.  Just as before with Older Asian Man, I asked if he would fuck me.  He said, “Yes,” and I walked back up on the platform.  As I arrived, I saw that he was putting a rubber on his cock.  At this point I was so over-fucked and loaded with cum, I decided to let him use the rubber on me.  I took off my towel and bent over the railing, just as I had before.

I felt his long cock pushing in me all in one motion.  He started fucking me hard.  I moaned and grunted loudly while I got pounded.  Soon he started to cum.  I could feel his tool getting thicker and pulsing in my hole.  He withdrew from my hole, and I turned around quickly.   His rubber was full of beautiful thick white cum.  The cum I had worked out of him.  It was rightfully mine.  I put my hand on his cock and rolled the rubber off into my left hand.  He said nothing and started to walk off the platform.  I took the rubber and pushed it as deep into my hole as I could.  I had another anonymous load inside me, and was ready for another breeding.     

Monday, May 18, 2015

Anonymous Comes in Different Colors – Part Two

Anonymous Number Two:  Sex on the Dark Room Fuck Bench

Having two fresh loads in my hole from the glory hole booth, I proceeded to cruise the rest of the darkroom.  I walked over the fuck bench.  I think of the fuck bench as an old friend now, with all of the experience and cum it has given me.

The Steamworks in Berkeley is remodeling, and a large portion of the dark room space is now blocked-off.  Before the remodel started, the fuck bench sat in the dark room with space around it to circulate and enough ambient light to see the guys around the bench.  Now, I saw the fuck bench wedged in a corner between a plywood wall on one side and heavy black plastic used to block the part of the room being rebuilt.

When I approached, there was a guy on the bench.  It was difficult to see his body and impossible to see his face.  However, one of the few little spotlights in the dark room illuminated the guy’s ass perfectly.  Not sure if this was by chance or design, but the image of his glowing ass in the darkroom was surreal and kinky. 

After a few minutes, the guy got off the fuck bench.  I walked offer unwrapped my towel, revealing my black jock underneath and mounted the fuck bench.  I could feel the heat of the light on my ass.  I spread my legs out more than usual, hoping that my wet and cummy hole would glisten in the spotlight.

Maybe it did glisten, because almost right away, I felt a pair of strong rough hands grabbing my ass, and then a good size cock entering my wet seeded hole.  I tried to turn my head to get a look at the guy fucking me, but the wall and plastic blocked my view.

He began to fuck my ass, but my focus was on his hands.  Those strong, sexy, calloused hands grabbing my ass while he owned me.  It felt so good to be on the fuck bench again, ass-up, face down, getting breed.  After about five minutes, I could feel his cock expand inside me and some groans while he seeded me.  This was my third load.

I remained on the bench for a few minutes, hearing footsteps, and feeling motion behind me, but unable to see what exactly was going on.  Then I felt another dick going in me.  I was very wet, but I could feel his was thicker and longer than the others.   He began to thrust hard into my hole.  Even though my hole was open and slick with spunk, I moaned openly.  

He pulled out quickly.  I’m not sure if he came or not.  Then he leaned over and kissed the back of my neck.  I could see his lean muscled arm covered with tattoos.  Finally, I would be able recognize one of the anonymous guys who fucked me.

One more anon to come….  

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Anonymous Comes in Different Colors - Part One

I love anonymous sex.  After a recent visit to Steamworks, I started to think about its’ different variations of anonymous that can be had in just a few hours.

Anonymous Number One:  A Glory Hole in a Darkroom

After arriving, I went the usual cleaning process, inserted a small amount of Vaseline in my hole and headed for the darkroom play area.  It was a busy evening, with lots of activity around the section that has booths with glory hole.  I found an empty booth and went inside.  My eyes had not fully adjusted to the darkroom.  In front of me, all I could see a silhouette of a guy stroking his cock in front of the Plexiglas wall.   I could see that was about my same height and had at least an average build.  I could not make out his race, or facial features at all.

I kneeled down in front of the glory hole and his cock came through.  It was a nice, long, cut cock.  It looked dark, but that could have been just the lighting.  I started my cock worship ritual.  Kissing the head.  Tonguing the piss hole.  Licking the underside of the shaft, before taking him deep in my mouth.  It didn’t take long before he was hard.

I stood up, turned around, put some spit in my hand and rubbed it on my hole.  It was puckered and closed up tight.  I had not been fucked in weeks, plus cleaning myself always leaves me tighter than normal.  I bent over and presented my ass to the glory hole, to the unrecognizable silhouette with the nice cock.

I spread my cheeks with both hands and his cock started poking at my ass for my hole.  Even with the spit and Vaseline, my tight hole wasn’t opening up.  It was somewhat painful, but my biggest concern was that he would give up and I wouldn’t feel that cock inside me.  I moved forward and spit in my hand again, this time putting it on the head of his hard dick.  I held him in my hand and backed my hole up on too me, gritting my teeth has it went past my sphincter.  He paused for a moment and then started fucking.  I bent forward and gave him as much of my hole as possible.  I rested my hands on the door of the booth and grunted as he opened me up.

After just a couple of minutes, he was thrusting faster, and I heard his grunting from the other side of the wall. After a few final slower thrusts, he pulled out.  I could feel some his cum dripping out of my holes onto my balls.  By the time I turned my head, the only thing I could see was the dark shadow-like image of his back exiting the booth.  There was no way I could ever recognize him again, yet his seed was swimming inside me.

Just as I stood up, I felt a hand on my right thigh and buttocks.   I looked over and there was a hand and almost an entire arm coming through the glory hole.  That side of the booth had a plywood wall instead of the Plexiglas.  I moved slightly to the left and the arm went back through the hole.  I looked through the hole and just saw a pair of dark legs.  I quickly turned around, and pushed my ass up to the hole of that side of the booth. 

In just a few seconds, I felt a dick going inside me.  My ass was now open and wet.  The other guy must have left a big load inside me, because the new cock just glided right in my hole without any pain at all.    I bent forward to give him more. Being fucked with my ass full of cum is the most wonderful feeling.   A much slicker feeling than spit, but with out the heavy guppy feeling of lube.   Plus, knowing that another man’s spunk is being pounded into me, sharing his DNA.

Right away, he started me fucking fast and furious.  It felt wonderful.  I allowed myself to opening moan and grunt, something I used to be ashamed to do.  The entire darkroom knew that there was a pig getting breed.  Soon I could hear him groan too.  When he pulled out, I could feel some of his spunk splash out on my ass.  Knowing I had two fresh loads inside me, felt so good.

I think being fucked through a glory hole in a dark room must be the most anonymous sex of all.  Taking loads from guys who you could never even recognize again.  The intensity of no other physical stimulation other than the anon cock going inside me, passed my sphincter, up my guts, then seeding, a wonderful experience.

More and different anon to come--------