Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking Loads at MAL - One Prince Albert

I lost my MAL virginity to an anonymous hot black guy.  Upon arrival at the host hotel, I sent out a party invite on BBRT - "Door cracked open, jocked and blindfolded."  I put in a finger load of vaseline in my hole and positioned my self ass-up on the bed, facing away from the door.  Just a couple of minute later, even before I could get the blindfold on, I saw I guy coming in reflected in the mirror. 

He was a tall, handsome, black-guy about 6'2 in his mid-thirties.   He walked in front of me and unbuckled his jeans exposing a white jockstrap.  I got off the bed and onto my knees, pulled the jock down.He was very nicely hung with a Prince Albert piercing.  My lucky day.

I licked his black meat meat and balls and then put as much of his cock as I could.  I could not deep throat his PA, so I just sucked around on his head.  By this time he was fully hard, it was an impressive sight.  He had both length and width. 

I hadn't been fucked in a few weeks.  When he started in side he ordered me to relax and open up.  I did my best.  The feeling of his thick cock head with the piercing going into me was intense.  Again he ordered my to open-up.  I could feel his hands on the top and bottom of my hole pulling it open as he fucked me.  He was during my hole into his pussy.

I had been told that the higher gauge (smaller) PA could actually hurt more than a bigger one.  I learned for myself that this is true.  The smaller PA drags more across your skin, I was afraid he was going to rip into me.

After a a few minutes he pulled completely out.  I asked him if he would mind making a movie with my iPhone.  He was cool with that, so I was able to document my first MAL fuck and share it with my readers.

Here is the video of my daddy ass taking the Prince Albert:

After he made the video for me, he really got down to business.  He knew how to fuck hard and use my hole for his pleasure.  My hole opened up for him but the feeling of the PA continued to feel intense.  After a few more minutes he blew his load  in my hole.

After PA-guy buttoned up and left, I blind folded myself with one of the blue handkerchieves I brought with me and waited lying on the bed.  After ten minutes or so I heard the door opening.  I got my ass up and over the end of the bed.  This time I couldn't see anything about the guy.  I felt a finger in my wet hole, then I could feel a big cold metal belt buckle pressing against my ass.  He took both hands and pulled my ass a little lower, I could hear him unbuckling and his cock entering inside my wet ass.

He was not a big as the last guy, but it felt really nice.  He shoved me forward on the bed, so that he could get up on it with me.  As he fucked me I could feel his belt buckle continue to slap against my ass.  When he came he moaned long and loud, I could tell he shot big inside me.  After he pulled out, he walked to the side of the bed I was facing.  I lifted my head and looked under the blind fold, I could see a dick in my face.  It was black with a white ring of cum toward the base.  I love seeing cum churned up on a cock.  I cleaned off his dick making sure I ate all the cum off.  He buttoned up and walked out.  It was hot as hell to take his load without even seeing him.

I waited a long time before anyone else came in, but I really didn't mind.  Just knowing that my door was cracked open and any guy could walk in and use me was hot.        

Finally, after maybe an hour, I heard someone else enter.  He started talking about "fucking daddy" which I found really hot.  He walked in front of me and said he was going to take his clothes off.  I took off the blind fold (Guess I need more training at being blindfolded.  He was a younger furry cub guy with a beard wearing rubber pants.  Once he was naked, He got on the bed with his legs spread, I gave him my best cock worship, then he got up walked behind me and started fucking me.  He kept calling me daddy.  I told him that daddy needed to feel his big boy dick.  He was fucking me hard, and I kept telling him he was daddy's big boy.  

Then he stopped, but without pulling out said: "You want your boy's poz load?"

"Fuck yeah, give it to daddy" I answered.

In a few seconds he was spewing his seed inside me.

A minute alter he was putting his rubber pants on and left the room.  I could hear him talking to another guy in the hallway.  The door opened and another bear guy came in the room.  Apparently a friend of the guy who had just fucked me and who had given me a good review.  He sat beside me on the bed and we chatted for a couple of minutes, actually exchanging names.  He had a handsome face, grey hair and goatee, thick and tanned.  I could tell that he was interested.

He told me that he was usually the bottom but he wanted to fuck me.  When he undressed he had a very thick cock.  For someone who was a bottom he fucked me good.  He wanted me on my back.  His cock felt thick and full inside me.  He had a nice handsome face, and I enjoyed looking into his eyes and smiling face.  He would pause and we would make out for a while.  We fucked in alternating positions for at least forty-five minutes.  I wondered if he was enjoying pounding in his friends poz load into me.  

Finally he shot and said he had to go back to his boy-friend.  I decided to go downstairs and have a drink. I had earned it.


  1. i love being ass-up blindfolded taking anon loads

  2. The furry poz cub was my favorite part of this story. Sounds like u both truly enjoyed one another. And his partner who came (literally) thereafter. I'm sorry the small PA hurt u. Discourteous he didn't take it out.