Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Three Rough Fucks + Oral at the Eighth Ave. Video Store (Midtown)

It was very late. I paid the admission and walked into the upstairs gay section of the bookstore.  I was wearing usual attire for being piggy: a black tee shirt and gym shorts over a jock strap. 

As soon as I walked in I saw a Latino man, he was smaller than me, with a thin, wiry body.   He was wearing jeans with work boots.  He had a black mustache and a shock of black hair that spouted out from under a baseball cap.

Latin-man stared right into my eyes and I stared back.  He moved into the nearest booth and I followed.  He closed the door and I dropped down to my knees and he unfastened his big western belt buckle and jeans.     

In seconds a throbbing hard brown cock was in my face.  I started to lick and suck, while I looked up into Latin-mans eyes.  The intense look in his face let me know he didn’t need a lot of foreplay.  I stood up, turned around and pulled down my gym shorts exposing my jocked ass. 

Immediately I felt, a firm hand on my back pushing me over into a bent position (as much of a bent position as possible in the video booth).  Then his strong hands were gripping my meaty ass cheeks, spreading.  My hairy fuck hole was exposed to him. I moaned when he pushed his hard cock inside me.  Soon he was balls deep up inside me.  My sphincter spasmed a little as he began to move in and out.  I began to open up, and he was fucking me rapidly.  His big cowboy belt buckle was hitting me in that ass as he fucked me.  Fucked and whipped at the same time.

Soon he was moaning, clutching my ass and planting his seed in me.  I could tell he came big.  He paused and remained inside me for a minute and when pulled out I could feel some of his cum running out of my hole.  I turned around and pulled up my gym shorts.  Latin-man buttoned his jeans and fastened the big belt buckle.  Then with a heavy accent he said “thank you.”  

We left the booth, and I walked farther down the hallway.   One of the end booths was occupied so I entered the adjacent one.  I knelt down and peered through the glory hole.  There was another Latin guy on the other side, completely naked except for a pair of black boots.  He looked to be in his thirties with wavy black hair and a furry chest on a very lean but muscled body. 

I stuck my finger through the hole and Naked-dude pushed his cock through.  It was a sexy brown-meaty-thick-veiny-uncut-cock.  I began to give him my best cock worship.  Giving big licks up and down his shaft, teasing his piss hole with my tongue and then deep-throating his big meat. 

Naked-dude began fucking my mouth through the glory hole.  I gagged a little put took all I could.  Maybe he wanted a wet hole? I stood up, pulled down my shorts and backed up to the glory hole.

I stood there a minute but nothing happened.  I turned around looked through the hole and I could see that he had opened the door to his booth.  I pulled myself to together and went next door and into his booth.

Naked-dude was a hot and horny.  We didn’t waste time on foreplay.  I turned my back to him and pulled my shorts off.  This booth had a chair bolted to the floor, so I bent over and put my right knee on the chair to spread my legs for his thick dick.

He started poking at me with his dick, but he wasn’t going inside me.  His cock was just hitting my ass crack above my cum hole.  I tried moving my butt around so he could get inside, but it didn’t seem to be working. 

After a while, the experience of feeling his dick hitting my crack was getting irritating and I was about to stop, when finally he found my hole.  Thankfully I was opened up and well lubed with cum from my last fuck, when he shoved his thick dong into me.  It actually didn’t hurt at all, maybe just because I wanted it so much. Once again I was getting fucked with gusto.  It felt great.   Cum makes the perfect lube.   He was fucking me fast and hard, and after about five minutes he busted his nut.  Load number two in my hole.

By this time it was pretty late, and the action had died down around the video booths.  I walked to the back room where porn plays on a TV.  Latin-man was sleeping in one of the chairs that ringed the room. 

Then I noticed another guy, sitting in one of the chairs watching the porn.  He looked to be in his mid-thirties, thick black hair and dark brown skin, not fat, but pleasantly beefy.  Maybe Indian? I decided to go for it.  I got on my knees in front of him and started to rub his crotch.

He looks down at me and unbuttoned his jeans.  He has a big-dark brown-floppy uncut dick and big balls.  I loved that his dick was so big and meaty yet not hard.  I started to take my time kissing it and rubbing my beard against it.  I loved the color, dark brown with a big rosy colored head. 

I was really enjoying taking my time on my knees just worshiping his junk.  A couple of other guys that were in the room got up and stood around us watching, and jerking-off.  I was enjoying being an exhibitionist, enjoying those guys watching me service the beautiful dick of Indian-guy.

After a few minutes I noticed that one of the guys who works at the Video place had entered the room with his broom to clean up. I was so into Indian-guy that I didn’t care, I just kept going on making love to Indian-guy.  It made me feel slutty and cheap. After a couple of minutes of sweeping and pretending he didn’t see us, the cleaning guy (who was also Indian) yelled at us to go to a booth.  

We booth got up and went over to the arcade section and got into a booth.  He sat in the chair and once again took out his junk.  I knelt in front of him and began licking and sucking on his big dark cock.  I loved looking up into his eyes with his cock in my mouth.  I spend some time licking around his nuts.  This time he started getting full on hard.  Indian-guy stood up and started to fuck my mouth.  I gagged a little on his big cock; soon he was cumming down my throat and in my mouth.  It was a nice big load and it tasted good too.

Afterwards, I hang out around the video booths.  There were very few guys left, I decided to stay just a little longer.   Then I notice that Latin-man walking into the arcade.  He woke up from his nap. We look at each other, I walked over and put my had on his chest.  

He didn’t say anything, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the same both we were in before.  I started to go down on my knees, but he grabbed my arm and kept me upright.  Then he took one hand and pulled down my gym shorts and my jock strap from the front.  We stood there for a minute while he looked down at my dick.  Then once again he unbuckled and unbuttoned revealing his rock hard cock.  I took off my tee shirt and turned around to submit my cum hole.  Again, I felt his hand on my back bending me over, but this time it was much more aggressive.

I grunted like a pig when he jabbed his cock balls deep inside me.  Even though I was lubed with the previous two loads, it still hurt.  My sphincter was in spasms around his dick.  Fortunately, my ass was still well lubed from the previous two loads.  He began fucking me hard, I moaned again out loud and that only make him rougher.  My shorts and jock strap were around my thighs, so I pulled my right leg out so I could spread my legs for the pounding.

Latin-man was fucking me fast like a bunny; he was pulling his dick out all the way out so that it hurt a little each time he reentered.  He kept his left hand gripping my ass and his right hand firmly on my back.  I felt like he was trying to teach me a lesson: If I wanted seconds I better be prepared to take it. 

He fucked me much longer than the first time.   When he came he let out a big grunt.  After he pulled out, I turned around and could see a white ring of churned up cum around his brown cock, so sexy.  Once again he said “thank-you.”  It seemed really ironic this time after he had pound my ass into submission.

Load number three in my hole.  Four loads counting the one I swallowed.  When I put my black tee shirt back on I noticed big obvious cum stains on the front.  It must have happened when I was sucking Indian-Guy.  It was daylight so I was going to have to walk home that way.  I wondered if any of my neighbors in my building would see me this way as they headed off for work.  Oh well, fuck it. 

As I was leaving video store, the guy who works there who yelled at me to get in a booth, smiled and gave me a wink.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taking Loads at MAL - One Prince Albert

I lost my MAL virginity to an anonymous hot black guy.  Upon arrival at the host hotel, I sent out a party invite on BBRT - "Door cracked open, jocked and blindfolded."  I put in a finger load of vaseline in my hole and positioned my self ass-up on the bed, facing away from the door.  Just a couple of minute later, even before I could get the blindfold on, I saw I guy coming in reflected in the mirror. 

He was a tall, handsome, black-guy about 6'2 in his mid-thirties.   He walked in front of me and unbuckled his jeans exposing a white jockstrap.  I got off the bed and onto my knees, pulled the jock down.He was very nicely hung with a Prince Albert piercing.  My lucky day.

I licked his black meat meat and balls and then put as much of his cock as I could.  I could not deep throat his PA, so I just sucked around on his head.  By this time he was fully hard, it was an impressive sight.  He had both length and width. 

I hadn't been fucked in a few weeks.  When he started in side he ordered me to relax and open up.  I did my best.  The feeling of his thick cock head with the piercing going into me was intense.  Again he ordered my to open-up.  I could feel his hands on the top and bottom of my hole pulling it open as he fucked me.  He was during my hole into his pussy.

I had been told that the higher gauge (smaller) PA could actually hurt more than a bigger one.  I learned for myself that this is true.  The smaller PA drags more across your skin, I was afraid he was going to rip into me.

After a a few minutes he pulled completely out.  I asked him if he would mind making a movie with my iPhone.  He was cool with that, so I was able to document my first MAL fuck and share it with my readers.

Here is the video of my daddy ass taking the Prince Albert:

After he made the video for me, he really got down to business.  He knew how to fuck hard and use my hole for his pleasure.  My hole opened up for him but the feeling of the PA continued to feel intense.  After a few more minutes he blew his load  in my hole.

After PA-guy buttoned up and left, I blind folded myself with one of the blue handkerchieves I brought with me and waited lying on the bed.  After ten minutes or so I heard the door opening.  I got my ass up and over the end of the bed.  This time I couldn't see anything about the guy.  I felt a finger in my wet hole, then I could feel a big cold metal belt buckle pressing against my ass.  He took both hands and pulled my ass a little lower, I could hear him unbuckling and his cock entering inside my wet ass.

He was not a big as the last guy, but it felt really nice.  He shoved me forward on the bed, so that he could get up on it with me.  As he fucked me I could feel his belt buckle continue to slap against my ass.  When he came he moaned long and loud, I could tell he shot big inside me.  After he pulled out, he walked to the side of the bed I was facing.  I lifted my head and looked under the blind fold, I could see a dick in my face.  It was black with a white ring of cum toward the base.  I love seeing cum churned up on a cock.  I cleaned off his dick making sure I ate all the cum off.  He buttoned up and walked out.  It was hot as hell to take his load without even seeing him.

I waited a long time before anyone else came in, but I really didn't mind.  Just knowing that my door was cracked open and any guy could walk in and use me was hot.        

Finally, after maybe an hour, I heard someone else enter.  He started talking about "fucking daddy" which I found really hot.  He walked in front of me and said he was going to take his clothes off.  I took off the blind fold (Guess I need more training at being blindfolded.  He was a younger furry cub guy with a beard wearing rubber pants.  Once he was naked, He got on the bed with his legs spread, I gave him my best cock worship, then he got up walked behind me and started fucking me.  He kept calling me daddy.  I told him that daddy needed to feel his big boy dick.  He was fucking me hard, and I kept telling him he was daddy's big boy.  

Then he stopped, but without pulling out said: "You want your boy's poz load?"

"Fuck yeah, give it to daddy" I answered.

In a few seconds he was spewing his seed inside me.

A minute alter he was putting his rubber pants on and left the room.  I could hear him talking to another guy in the hallway.  The door opened and another bear guy came in the room.  Apparently a friend of the guy who had just fucked me and who had given me a good review.  He sat beside me on the bed and we chatted for a couple of minutes, actually exchanging names.  He had a handsome face, grey hair and goatee, thick and tanned.  I could tell that he was interested.

He told me that he was usually the bottom but he wanted to fuck me.  When he undressed he had a very thick cock.  For someone who was a bottom he fucked me good.  He wanted me on my back.  His cock felt thick and full inside me.  He had a nice handsome face, and I enjoyed looking into his eyes and smiling face.  He would pause and we would make out for a while.  We fucked in alternating positions for at least forty-five minutes.  I wondered if he was enjoying pounding in his friends poz load into me.  

Finally he shot and said he had to go back to his boy-friend.  I decided to go downstairs and have a drink. I had earned it.