Saturday, August 25, 2012

Facedown - Ass-up - Dore Alley Part 3

This will be my third and last post about the CumUnion party at Dore Alley.  I can’t remember everything in chronological order, and a lot of it would be repetitive: (different guys with their cocks up my ass.) But, there are still some moments that I want to record.

At one point, I was in the center part of one of the rooms that had a big black vinyl- covered bed in the center.  There were a couple of guys facedown, ass-up on the bed.  I watched as this cute guy went from fucking one to the other.  He was a cute guy, kind of short, with a gray goatee, but with a young looking, tan, smooth, compact body.  He had a big thick gold chain around his neck that gave him that hot Guido look. 

After watching Guido fuck the two guys, I asked him if he wanted to fuck me.  He said: “Sure”

I assumed the position on the facedown-ass-up position on the bed, and felt Guido’s dick push inside me, he gave me a nice fuck, it didn’t last to long, and he moved on, but Guido was a sexy little guy and I liked taking his cock.

A little later on in the evening, I found Guido again in one of the secluded areas getting fucked by a hot, edgy looking guy, probably in his forties, with a shaved head, shirtless but in jeans, he was heavily inked all over his torso and arms.  I just stood and watched the scene.  Inked-guy and I grinned at each other, and then he pulled out of Guido’s hole and smiled at me.  I wasn’t gong to pass up the chance to fuck Guido. 

Guido remained bent-over as I got behind him.  I hadn’t noticed before what a perfect little bubble but he had, it made my dick extra hard as I pushed into him.  His ass was already open and lubed, but he still gripped my dick nicely.  God he felt so good.

I fucked Guido for a little while, we stopped and he moved on.  Inked-guy had been watching us fuck, he started fingering my hole, and so I bent over for him.  Damn, my hole gets tight when I fuck, plus I was really swollen now from the hard fuckings I had taken earlier, but a least I was well-lubed with cum.   Even though it hurt some, it was a pleasure to take this edgy, inked guys rod up my hole, especially after we had both fucked sexy Guido.

Much later in the evening, things were winding down, and once again I was around the big bed in the center of the room.  There was a guy in the position (face-down, ass-up) on the bed.  I couldn’t see his face, but his ass looked nice and my dick was hard, so I walked over and pushed inside him with one big thrust.    He was opened up and well lubed, but I made him moan out load.  I fucked him hard for a few minutes.   It felt good, but I didn’t want to cum yet.

Seeing this guy on the bed, just waiting for cock seemed so piggy, I decided I needed to do it to.  I assumed the ass-up position on the bed next to him, for the first time seeing his face.  We smiled at each other, as we both waited.  Instead of looking around, I buried my face into the black vinyl bed. 

In just a couple of minutes, I felt a dick push into my swollen hole.  I kept my face pressed down into the bed, without peeking behind me at my top.  I have never been blindfolded, but it must be a similar sensation. It was thrilling to have my ass in the air, to be used by whatever guy came along.  This guy was really horned-up and fucked me without mercy.   I kept my face down the entire time.  It was all about cock and ass.

Soon after that fucking dressed and left the party.  As I was walking up Fifth Street, I began uncontrollable farting.  I could feel big gobs of cum going out of my ass.  Fortunately, I was wearing underwear over my jockstrap.  

When I got home, I took off my jeans and underwear.  The underwear was black, so easy to see the cum.  I went to the john and more more gobs of jiz came out of my ass.

 I decided not to wash the shorts, just save them as a crusty memento. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

CumUnion Party - Dore Alley - Part Two

After the intense gang-bang-spit-fuck I had just received, I decided to walk around the space. By this time, the place had filled up and there was action going on all around.  As I walked, I enjoyed the juicy feeling in my ass.  When my hole has that much cum, it gives me confidence that I can continue power-bottom for hours more. Cum is always the best lube of all.

I walked through the dark area, which was hallway that had been constructed along the edge of one of the rooms.   The dark area was packed with guys, lots of action going on.   Walking through, I was brushing against other guys, and I felt hands coming out and touching me.   

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw a young, probably mid-twenties, cute cubby Latino guy with wavy hair standing on one side of the dark area.   Cubby-guy was getting a blowjob from I guy I couldn’t see very well.  I stood beside Cubby-guy and began playing with his nipple ring and sucking on his other non-pierced nipple.  Soon we were kissing and making out.  Cubby-guy was a hot kisser, and really turned me on.

The man who was blowing Cubby-guy moved on, so I started stroking his cock as we continued to make out.  His dick was uncut, and kind of short and pointed. Cubby-guy reached behind and started fingering my spermy hole.  I leaned in and whispered in his ear: “You want to fuck me?” 

He said yes.

Because he was shorter than me and didn’t have a big dick, I knew I needed to bend over for him or it wouldn’t work.  The dark area was so full of men at the point; the only way to make room was to bisect the hallway.  I leaned over and put my hands on my knees for support.  Cubby pushed his cock into me.  Even though his dick wasn’t big, and my hole was well lubed, it hurt when he pushed inside me.  I realized that the previous big-dick-spit-fuck-gang-bang had really fucking used hole.  So Sore.  My ass remained swollen and tender for the rest of the night. 

 I decided to embrace the pain; it intensified the feeling that I was sacrificing my hole.

It was also very erotic for me to be getting fucked with so many guys around me.  Because of my bent-over position, men were brushing their ass and cocks in my face as they walked by. 

After a short time, it felt like Cubby guy was cumming in my hole.  He pulled out, I stood up and he confirmed to me that I had his load.  I loved taking his young cum, mixing it in with the others.  We kissed one more time and I walked on out of the dark room. 

A little later evening, I encountered young Cubby guy again in the dark room.   As before, we made out, kissing and sucking each other nipples.   I hadn’t cum all night, so I was really hard and horny.  This time I turned him around spit in my hand and pushed my dick up his hole.  His hole felt warm and wet.   He remained up right while I pumped his ass, kissing the back of his neck and reaching around and stroking his cock. 

I didn’t cum, but probably would have if he had been bent over.  Still, I loved fucking him with his cum still in my hole.

(To be continued - part two of three parts)