Monday, July 30, 2012

Gang Spit Fucked at Cumunion Party - Dore Alley

I went to the Cumunion party after the Dore Alley fair.  I’ve never had so many cocks up my ass and my cock in so many holes in my life.   However, one of the best parts of the evening happened at the very beginning

I arrived at opening time.  This is my usual strategy for sex parties, because there are usually a couple of horned-up guys who are ready to fuck straight away. 

When the doors opened, I was only the third one inside, but very quickly a line was forming behind me.  As I was stripping off, I noticed the lean-goateed-guy next to me giving me a glance.  I was left wearing only my boots and a jock strap.  Lean-goatee guy stripped down to sneakers and a cock ring.  He had a nice long hanging piece of meat.  Looked like a good fit, and we gave each other approving looks. 

I headed off into a room where a sling was set-up.  Even though the room was still empty, I instinctively got into the sling and spread my legs, resting my feet on the support chains.  Only about half-a-minute later Lean-Goatee guy walked in, saw me in the sling, gave me a big smile and came over, got on his knees and started rimming my hole.

After just a couple of minutes, He was on his feet, pressing the head of his long cock into me.   God Damn, I hadn’t been fucked in weeks, and the first fuck of the night was going to be a big-dick-spit-fuck.  He was aggressive and eager.  I moaned out loud as he pushed in my waiting hole.   It hurt.  I think at first he put only three of four inches, giving me little time to open up.  After a moment, he shoved himself balls deep inside me and begin a fucking hard. 

I gritted my teeth and started egging him on: “Yeah, fuck that hole, fuck it good.”
Suddenly, I noticed that the sling was surround by at least five other guys watching us fuck. 

A chubby Latino guy with a shaved head moved up beside Lean-guy.  He was fully dressed, but had his cock out of his jeans stroking.  Chubby-guys dick wasn’t as long as Lean-guy’s, but it was thick and un-cut.  Lean-guy was enjoying the crowd and kept up the hard fuck.  Chubby-guy became very verbal: “Fuck him, fuck his ass, ride him.”  Next to the sling on my right, a hot Asian guy started fucking a black guy.   The black guy leaned over the sling and sucked my nipples

After a couple of minutes, Chubby-guy turned to Lean-guy and asks him if he could fuck me.  Lean-guy assented and pulled out of my hole (no one bothered to ask me).   Chubby-guy spit in his hand and pushed his fat dick inside me.  Damn, another spit-fuck.   Chubby-guys thick dick stretched me open even wider.  There was more moaning from me.       

Chubby-guy was another rough and hard fuck.   He became even more verbal as he pumped me, inviting the other guys who were looking down on me with smiling faces to join in and “ride his ass.”  This was starting to feel more like a “gang-rape” rather than a “gang-bang.”

While Chubby-guy was fucking me, I notice a middle-age redhead guy with a nice red furry chest.  He was hard and had a really nice cock, so I reached out and grabbed it with my right hand and pulled him close and started to suck him.

Chubby-guy pulled out, and continued to encourage the other guys standing around to fuck my too.  Redheaded guy took his dick out of my mouth and moved around to the end of the sling.  He asked Chubby-Guy if he had any lube. “I just used spit” he replied.    Redhead guy proceeds with yet another spit fuck. 

Redhead guy started, and again, for the third time, it was another mean fuck.  These guys were really horned-up.  Another guy came up and pulled back my right leg closer to my chest, exposing my hole more directly to the hard fuck.

Redhead guy was fucking me with purpose; I could tell he wanted to get-off.  In spite of the pain, I did my best to control my muscles and milk his dick.  I wanted his load. 
I pushed my ass forward in the sling so he could go deeper.  He gripped my ass checks with both hands while he plugged me.  “I could do this for hours” he said.

I lay back in the sling, flexing my ass muscles for his enjoyment.  Finally he yelled out: “Here it comes”

“Fuck yeah” I said.

Redhead guy looked down at me and asked: “Where do you want it”?

“Please, shoot in my hole.” I responded.

Then he was moaning and cumming inside me.  Based on his body movements, he fired off three streams of cum.

 When he stopped he said: “That was a big load”

He pulled out and the black guy that had been sucking on my nipple got down on his knees and starting licking the cum out of my ass.  It felt good and was kind of hot, but I wanted to get as much of it inside me as possible.

Then Lean guy came back and pushed is dick in, only then could I really feel how big the load was the Redhead guy shoot in me.  I could feel the big load of cum squish around inside me as Lean guy began to fuck me again.  God, the cum felt good after three spit fucks.

Lean guy was fucking me hard again, but now I was open and lubed with spunk.  I concentrated on milking his big long cock and telling him to breed my ass.  I was in my power bottom mode and was prepared to take it as long as necessary. 

 After several more minutes of pounding, he started cumming. 

“Oh fucker” he called out.  He balled his hands into a fist and hit my chest. He took his time and remained inside me even after he finished, which I found sexy.

“I was trying to hold back,” he said, grinning at me.

“Thanks for the load” I replied. 

I got out of the sling and my ass felt sloppy wet, as I started to walk away I felt a stream of cum go down my left leg.  I was confident I had plenty of lube in my ass to last for the rest of the night.

(part one of three parts)