Friday, December 7, 2012

Video Sex Booth - Part Two of Two

After swallowing Bear guy’s big salty load, I left the booth and looked around, the place was almost empty.  I was still very horny.  I took out my phone and put up a notice on BBRT that I was at the video store taking loads.

After a few minutes, I was checking for responses, when I looked up from the phone and saw a guy who had just entered the arcade staring at me with a big smile on his face.  I surmised that he had seen the ad and came to fuck. 

He followed me back into the large booth I had been in with Bear guy.  He was in his mid-thirties, good looking, worked-out, Asian/Pacific Islander guy.

Asian guy unfastened his shorts and I knelt down in front of him and took off my shirt as an act of submission.  I enjoyed being on my knees in front him, looking at his big brown-muscular legs and flat stomach.

His big dark uncut cock was already semi-erect.  I began licking his cock and balls while he stood leaning against the wall of the booth; he reached down and began to play with my nipples.   His dick was big but not huge, but it was beautiful and I loved having it in my mouth Soon he was completely hard and pumping my mouth.

I looked up to him and asked: “You want my hole?”  

“Fuck yeah.” he replied, with a big wide smile.

I loved his puppy dog like eagerness.

I stood up, unfastened my pants, pushed them down, spit into my hand, rubbed it on his dick, then spit again and rubbed some onto my already used hole.

I turned around, bent over the chair and presented my ass to him.

I felt his finger as he rubbed some spit on my hole then I felt his cock pressing against my tight hole (I hadn’t been fucked in a few weeks).  I let out a moan as he pushed hard passed my sphincter.     

It hurt a little and I could feel my muscle tightening around his dick.  I maintained bent over with my head down, concentrating on relaxing my ass for his use.

“Oh man, that’s a good ass.” he said.

“Yeah, it’s all for you, use it” I replied. 

He began giving it to me with fast, hard, rhythmic thrust.  After a couple of minutes he grabbed my ass with both hands and spread it open.  I let out another little moan as I felt him going even deeper inside me.

His thrusts got increasingly intense, then he said: “I’m going to shoot, you want my cum?”

“Oh yes, please, shoot in my ass” I said.

I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger inside me.

“Here it comes, take it, take my load,” he said

I could tell that he shoot big.  When he pulled out, I turned around and got on my knees.  He looked down at me with his big boyish smile, as I sucked the last drops of cum from his dick and licked it clean. 

“Fuck that was good.”  He said. 

When he left the booth he still had that big grin.  I liked him a lot.

When I left the booth, I saw a new guy in the arcade.  He was 40’ish white guy, tall, probably 6’4 or so and burly.  He had silky blond hair and was dressed in dark slacks and a starched shirt. He looked very Teutonic.  He was also wearing a wedding ring.  Wedding rings always make me extra horny. 

Blond-burly guy and I made eye contact and he stepped into one of the smaller booths and shut the door.

I went into one of the booths next door and looked through the glory hole.  He remained standing and started to play some straight porn.  He started to rub his crotch.

He looked down and saw me through the hole.  I watched as he unfastened his pants and took out a thick meaty cock and pushed it through the hole.

I took a moment just to look at it and admire it.  It wasn’t fully erect, but still so thick.  The head was big and so pink.  His big cock really suited the rest of his body.  I grasp it in my hand and began to give him some full-on cock worship. 

I started by nuzzling him against my beard.  Then I began to lick all around his big pink cock head, then going up to piss hole and playing with it with the tip of my tongue.  He tasted clean but salty.  His cock was fully hard now and was even more impressive.  It wasn’t super long, but big and very, very thick.

Now that he was fully hard, I started trying to fit him in my mouth.  Because of his girth it wasn’t easy, I had to work on stretching my mouth open. Soon I was able to get a lot of him in my mouth, sucking him and stroking what I couldn’t fit in with my hand.

After a little while he pulled out of the glory hole but remained standing stroking himself in from the hole.  I kept waiting for him to put his dick back, then, it occurred to me that he wanted my ass.

I remained squatted down looking through the hole but unbuckled my blue jeans.  I stuck my finger in my hole.  It was open and wet with the big load I had just taken from Asian guy.  Then I stood up dropped my jeans to my ankles, turned around and pressed my ass against the glory hole.

In just a second, I could feel his big head pressing against me through the hole.   He did want my ass after all.   I quickly kicked off my left shoe and pulled my leg out of my jeans so I could spread my legs wider.  Then I grabbed my ass checks and pulled them wider, pressing my ass back against my hole.   

Then I could feel him start to penetrate me.  I was thankful that I had been fucked and loaded with cum before because Blond burley guy had a real big thick meaty tool.  He was stretching me open and then I felt him go deep.  God, felt intense but it was good.

I bent over as much as a could in the small booth, pressing my hands and head against the wall opposite the glory hole.   There is something about getting fucked through a glory hole that is very intense.  No touching or visual, so all the sensation is focused on the cock going in your hole.  It’s not that I like it more, just different and hot in it’s own way. 

In just a couple of minutes I could feel him thrust harder and I heard him moan, he was giving me his load.  He pulled out before he was finished and I felt a big shot hit the outside of my hole.

When I knew he was finished, I pulled back and watched him clean of his cock.  The cum he shot on my hole was starting to drip down my leg.  I decided not to wipe it off.    


  1. Blonde burley guy was my favorite part of this story. What is added or taken away when u get fucked through a glory hole? I'd miss the pounding, the grabbing my hips and ass and the warmth of his body colliding with mine,

  2. Hot story. I love those anonymous tricks.
    You can get all the sex you need at those video booths or at bathhouses.
    Love being a cumslut.