Thursday, August 30, 2012

Video Booth Sex - Part One

The other afternoon, I was really horny, It had been a while sense I had been to the Video place at Bay and Mason, near Pier 39.   In the past in could be fun, there would guys from the gym across the street and sometimes the tourists from the wharf .   However, you never know, it can also be completely dead.

I bought my admission and walked into the video arcade area, there were a couple of guys hanging around in the hall, only one of which was I found attractive.   He was a big burly bear guy in a t-shirt and jeans.  Bear guy was tall, probably 6’2 or so and really thick.  He had short-cropped light brown hair and short furry beard.

We winked and smiled at each other.  I followed him into the one large booth, the only one without glory holes.   Inside the booth, he started rubbing my crotch.  I did the same to him and could feel that he had an impressive package.  Then he took his hands and grabbed each of my nipples though my T-shirt and gave them a very hard squeeze.   I let out moan and he leaned his head down and started kissing me sticking his tongue into my mouth.   I liked his dominance.

He unfastened his jeans and out popped a big fat beautiful cock.  I got down on my knees and began to worship his dick and balls.  I was giving him my best technique; Licking his balls, licking his piss hole, then taking as much as I could into my mouth with, lots of tongue action.    I took my shirt off, because it makes me feel even more submissive when I’m on my knees.  I looked up at his smiling face, it felt very natural and good to be down on my knees servicing him.

I stood up so I could unfasten my shorts.  He grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it, then took off his shirt.  Bear guy had a hot body, very thick and tan and his chest was completely covered with very short curly hair.

He sat down the chair and started blowing me.  It felt great.  When he leaned over I could see that his back was covered with the same matt of short curly hair as his chest.  It was so fucking hot to watch this stud suck me. 

After a couple of minutes he stood up, and we started to kiss again and he was squeezing my nipples.  My shorts were down around my feet.  I was hoping that he would fuck me.  We kept making out for a little while, but he didn’t make any move for my ass.  He wasn’t going to fuck me.

I got back on my knees and began making love to his dick again.  Since he wasn’t going to fuck me I wanted his load in my mouth.  I couldn’t take him all in my mouth so I began to suck him off and use my left hand to stroke his cock and the same time.

Then I felt his big hand on the back of my head.  He held my head in place and began pump his dick into my mouth.  I took my hand off his cock, so I could submit to his skull fuck more completely.  With each pump, he was getting more into my mouth.  I was trying to open up for him.  I loved the way he dominated me.  After a few pumps, he got his fat cock down my throat.   I was trying to open up for him as much as possible, but I couldn’t handle the thickness of his cock.  I gagged a little, and he released his grip on my head and said he was sorry.  A sweet touch.

I recovered quickly and began to suck him again.  After a few moments, once again I felt his firm hand on the back and he started pumping himself into my mouth.   I did my best to take as much of him possible.  He took my right hand and put it under his balls so I began to gently rub and play with them.

Then he said: “You got me really close.”

In response, I started sucking harder and using my hand again to stroke his meat.

You want it? He asked.

I slowed down enough to say: “Oh fuck yeah”

God I wanted his load so much.

I kept stroking and sucking, then again his hand was on the back of my head and he was pushing deep and shooting his load.  Some of his cum went directly down my through, but there was a lot filled my mouth.  Damn he tasted good.

When I finished, I looked up into his smiling face and said: “that was a big load, thank you.”

(To be continued)


  1. hey man, I have just discovered your blog, fucking hot! I am coming to my first Folsom Street Fair this year from Australia, hope I meet a couple of fuckers as hot as you :)

    1. You will have a great time. Wish I was there to great you.

  2. Nice, after reading your hot blog I want to meet you. Folsom Fair is this weekend and I am sure you are going. I think there is a cumunion Sunday afternoon. I'd like to meet you outside in front of club take a walk around the block stopping in alley or door way when you bend over and show me your hole. I rim that hole for 5-10 minutes just a sample of whats to come.. We go back to club and strip in seconds and before you can check you clothes im behind you pulling apart your cheeks and sticking my tongue deep in your already wet hole.. Your tun to write nrxt scene. lets do it

  3. I like the way you write buddy, you write the next scene. If I wrote it I guess you would be fuckIng me and pimping me out in the club. I'm in NYC now and won't be back in timefor Folsom. I would like to hook up with my readers and then blog about it, so stay in touch.