Friday, May 25, 2012

Memories of a Fuck - Part One

When I was in my twenties, I used to walk to Lafayette Park at night; the cruising was more active then. I’ve always loved anonymous encounters, even before I started full-time barebacking.

One night when I was walking around the circular paths, I encountered a black guy.  He had a mustache, short Afro (a little grey at the temples) he was probably in his late forties.  He was dressed in jeans and a dark jacket.  We eyed each other in the moonlight, He rubbed his crotch and I did the same.   Then he unzipped his jeans and took out his dick.  He waived it around and nodded his head up and down.  I knew what he wanted.  I walked off the path and behind a bench, slightly into some bushes.  He followed me and I squatted down.   

At eye level his dick was impressive even without being hard.  It was cut, dark and veiny with a pinkish head.    I have a fetish for big hanging dicks.  I enjoy taking my time and making them hard.  I took it in my hand and caressed it and gently kissed the head.

Then I heard him say in a low deep voice. “Suck it, suck that dick.”

Following his command, I held onto his dick and put as much in my mouth as possible, giving him lots of tongue action, showing him what a good cock sucker I was.

He was very verbal, and started saying stuff like “Suck that black dick, white boy”

He unbuckled and unfastened his pants, revealing his balls, which I immediately licked and put in my mouth.  Now his cock was fully hard

I was getting into his verbal dominance and took off my sweatshirt and t-shirt in order to be more submissive.  He put his right hand down and started to squeeze my left nipple while I continued to worship his cock.

“You want that dick up your ass, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes sir, your boy needs that big cock.” I said.

I stayed on my knees and reached into the pocket of my gym shorts and took out the rubber and lube I brought with me.  I put a bit of lube on his rod, tore open the package and rolled the rubber over his cock, then more lube on the rubber.

I stood up and pulled down gym shorts and took over my sneakers.  I liked getting totally naked for him while I gave up my hole.  There was a bench next to us, so I bent over the back of it, bracing both my hands on the top rail.

“Please, fuck me sir” I said.

He didn’t say anything, but I felt his hands spreading my ass checks then his cock against my hole.  He pushed it in hard.  I cried out and moaned in pain. 

“Take it, take it boy,” he commanded in a low voice.

He started pumping his dick into with hard steady strokes.  This was going to be a brutal fuck.

I gritted my teeth, trying to relax my s and said, “Yes sir, fuck me good sir.”

I remained there bent over the bench; after a while his strokes got even harder and more rapid.  I could tell that he was going to cum, so I reached back to touch his cock to make sure the rubber hadn’t broken. 

Before I could feel, he slapped my hand away and said “I’m going all the way with you baby.”

I was worried about the rubber but more than anything I wanted to submit to him, and I wanted him to cum, I wanted to be his good boy.

A couple of minutes later his cock was balls deep in my hole; he was moaning and grunting.

“Here you go baby,” he said as he delivered his seed.

I felt him pull his cock out of my hole.  By the time I stood up and turned around, he had turned his back to me and was zipping up his pants.  Without saying anything, he quickly walked through a clump of bushes, down the hill toward the street. 

I was still focused on the rubber.  I felt my hole; it was wet, but I thought that might be jus the lube.  I quickly got dressed and looked around on the ground around to see if I could see the rubber.  I didn’t see anything.  I felt my hole again but this time put my finger up to my nose.  I could smell the fresh cum on my finger.

(to be continued)

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