Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flip Fuck At the Baths

Went Steamworks Thursday.   Was there a while and got some action, but not really what I had hoped.   Then, I left my room and took a stroll through the very dark, dark room (it was “lights out” night).   I walked past a guy standing in the entrance to one of the booths.   Even though it was dark, I could see him pretty clearly because I was so close; He was very hot, Latin probably in his late twenties, about 5’8, 150 pounds with very fine features.  His hair was black cut short and I could make out a tattoo on his shoulder. 

We made eye contact and I reached out and put my hand on his very furry chest and gently touched his nipple.  He reached down and started stroking my dick through my towel. I did the same and felt a nice thick cock under his towel.

We moved inside the booth and I closed the door.   The booth had a plexiglass–see-through-wall with a large glory on the wall opposite the door.  The left and right walls were made of plywood and each had a large glory hole. 

Inside the booth we faced each other and took off our towels; Hot-Latin-guy had a big-long-thick-uncut-cock, really outsized for his body.  I got on my knees and started sucking it and licking his furry balls; he bent over and started fingering my hole.

Then Hot-Latin-Guy turned around and his hard-round-little ass was in my face.  I got the biggest turn on; his ass was completely covered in short curly black hair.  He reached behind and spread his cheeks.  I buried my face against in his crack and began gently licking his hole.  He moaned with delight.   His hole was clean and sweet.  I alternated between licking and inserting my tongue inside him.

I stood-up, and pressed my hard cock into wet hole.  He moaned and put his hands up on the plywood wall and pressed back into me.  His velvety ass swallowed my dick.  I knew this was going to be an amazing fuck.  Hot-Latin-Guy start clinching and milking my cock, it felt phenomenal.  As a guy who is usually the bottom, I was in awe of his technique and muscle control. 

His back was muscular and sexy with a tattoo on his right shoulder and one above his ass.  I could feel his hard furry ass and legs against my body as I fucked him deep.  

After a couple of minutes of fucking him, Hot-Latin-Guy went down on his knees, in front of the wall he was facing, and started to suck a dick through the glory hole.  I watched him while I pressed my hard dick against his neck and the back of his head.
Soon he was back on his feet.  He was facing me and I could see him reach around to position the cock from the glory hole into his ass. 

Hot-Latin-Guy leaned into me and he gave me a big grin, we kissed deeply as he started to get fucked.  He put his head against my chest and I whispered in his ear how beautiful he looked taking the cock.  I reached down and through the glory hole so I could feel, it was a thick cock, fucking him hard.  A couple of different guys entered into the booth with the plexiglass wall and watched us.

Soon it was over.  Hot-Latin-Guy stood up, we kissed again and I turned him around and stuck my dick in him again.

“He came inside you, I can feel it,” I said.

“Did he?”  He said, turning his head and showing me his big smile again.

Soon the same situation was repeating itself, Hot-Latin-Guy was again on his knees sucking and then getting fucked again while we kissed.  Again, I reached through and felt the cock that was fucking his hole.   While this was going on, another man came into the booth beside us with the plexiglass wall and started to watch.  He took off his towel showing us a hard average-size-cock.   Hot-Latin-Guy and I took turns stroking it.  We had morphed into the four-way. 

After a few minutes, I could hear the man fucking Hot-Latin-Guy, moaning loudly as he came.   I wanted to fuck him again myself to feel the new load of cum inside him, but instead I kissed Hot-Latin Guy and pointed his ass toward the guy waiting on the other side of the plexiglass.   After just a minute, the guy was done.  Hot-Latin-Guy smiled at me and said; “I think he came.”

I started fucking him again; his hole was wet squishy with cum.  He still maintained his amazing muscle control as he tightened his ass muscles then there was another dick through the glory hole.  I watched him take five loads, all in a very short time. I got on my knees and spread open his furry checks.  The smell of Hot-Latin-Guy’s hole was ripe with cum; I began to lick it.   

Hot-Latin-Guy climbed-up the wall and put one foot on each glory hole of two walls and hanging with his hands on to the wooden pole.  (I noticed for the first time that he was wearing sneakers.)  He was in a squatting position with his ass over my face letting the cum drip into my open mouth.  He tasted to good.  I think I could taste the different flavors of the different men.  Some of the cum tasty salty, some sweeter.

Hot-Latin-Guy climbed down and we kissed with some of the cum in my mouth.  I felt his cock; it was impressively thick and long but not completely hard.

“I wish you fuck me,” I said.

“I want to,” He said.

About that time, a big-dark-uncut-dick came through the glory hole on my side of the booth.   I got on my knees and started to suck it.  Hot-Latin-Guy was behind me rubbing his big dick against my head and shoulders, his cock was getting harder.
I pulled away from the glory hole and started to suck Hot-Latin-Guy again, chewing a little on his foreskin and licking his furry nut sack, (his balls was slightly sweaty now and had some cum on them from his hole). 

Hot-Latin-Guy was really hard now and I stood up, he put his hand on my ass and turned me around.  I leaned forward, putting my hands on the top of the door and sticking my butt out toward him.  I turned my head and watched him spit in his hand then faced the door. 

Damn his cock felt big going in.  About half-way it just stopped.  I guess I had really tightened up my ass muscles when I was fucking him; but there was no way that I was not going to take his dick.  I came forward just a bit and relaxed my ass and took about another inch.  When I did that he said: “Oh fuck yeah” and just shoved in the rest of it.  I felt like he was tearing my hole.

Once fully inside me, Hot-Latin-Guy started fucking me hard and it felt good. After just a couple of minutes he said: “You want my load?” I loved thinking about watching him take all those loads and now he was going to give his to me.

I said out loudly enough that whole dark room could hear: “Yeah, give me your cum, give me your cum.”   Hot-Latin-Guy was screwing me even harder and faster and then he was moaning very loud, pulsing his jiz in my hole. 

He stayed inside me while he put his arms around me and laid his head my back. We were both sweaty.  He moaned softly when I clinched my ass to milk out every drop of his cum that I could get.  He pulled out and we kissed for the last time.

I kept his load inside me until I was home.  When I had to go to the toilet, I saw big streams of cum and some blood in the water.  Hot-Latin-Guy was a big cummer and he really did rip into my ass. 


  1. I'm jacking off like a champ reading this. You're gonna make me cum.

    1. Hey Dude,
      Thanks. I like to think of you cumming reading this. ;-)

  2. Wow! Where is this Steamworks place?

    1. Chris, This was the Steamworks in Berkeley.

    2. Wow, that's not too far away from me. If I were to go to a club like this, I'd be okay to take oral loads, but would want a condom for anal giving or taking of a load or fucking. Is that frowned upon there or could I try getting fucked and use a condom and not be cast out? (nervous newbie, curious cockhound)

  3. Love it, considering that I work there, I can pretty much get all the loads I want.