Friday, December 7, 2012

Video Sex Booth - Part Two of Two

After swallowing Bear guy’s big salty load, I left the booth and looked around, the place was almost empty.  I was still very horny.  I took out my phone and put up a notice on BBRT that I was at the video store taking loads.

After a few minutes, I was checking for responses, when I looked up from the phone and saw a guy who had just entered the arcade staring at me with a big smile on his face.  I surmised that he had seen the ad and came to fuck. 

He followed me back into the large booth I had been in with Bear guy.  He was in his mid-thirties, good looking, worked-out, Asian/Pacific Islander guy.

Asian guy unfastened his shorts and I knelt down in front of him and took off my shirt as an act of submission.  I enjoyed being on my knees in front him, looking at his big brown-muscular legs and flat stomach.

His big dark uncut cock was already semi-erect.  I began licking his cock and balls while he stood leaning against the wall of the booth; he reached down and began to play with my nipples.   His dick was big but not huge, but it was beautiful and I loved having it in my mouth Soon he was completely hard and pumping my mouth.

I looked up to him and asked: “You want my hole?”  

“Fuck yeah.” he replied, with a big wide smile.

I loved his puppy dog like eagerness.

I stood up, unfastened my pants, pushed them down, spit into my hand, rubbed it on his dick, then spit again and rubbed some onto my already used hole.

I turned around, bent over the chair and presented my ass to him.

I felt his finger as he rubbed some spit on my hole then I felt his cock pressing against my tight hole (I hadn’t been fucked in a few weeks).  I let out a moan as he pushed hard passed my sphincter.     

It hurt a little and I could feel my muscle tightening around his dick.  I maintained bent over with my head down, concentrating on relaxing my ass for his use.

“Oh man, that’s a good ass.” he said.

“Yeah, it’s all for you, use it” I replied. 

He began giving it to me with fast, hard, rhythmic thrust.  After a couple of minutes he grabbed my ass with both hands and spread it open.  I let out another little moan as I felt him going even deeper inside me.

His thrusts got increasingly intense, then he said: “I’m going to shoot, you want my cum?”

“Oh yes, please, shoot in my ass” I said.

I could feel his cock getting bigger and bigger inside me.

“Here it comes, take it, take my load,” he said

I could tell that he shoot big.  When he pulled out, I turned around and got on my knees.  He looked down at me with his big boyish smile, as I sucked the last drops of cum from his dick and licked it clean. 

“Fuck that was good.”  He said. 

When he left the booth he still had that big grin.  I liked him a lot.

When I left the booth, I saw a new guy in the arcade.  He was 40’ish white guy, tall, probably 6’4 or so and burly.  He had silky blond hair and was dressed in dark slacks and a starched shirt. He looked very Teutonic.  He was also wearing a wedding ring.  Wedding rings always make me extra horny. 

Blond-burly guy and I made eye contact and he stepped into one of the smaller booths and shut the door.

I went into one of the booths next door and looked through the glory hole.  He remained standing and started to play some straight porn.  He started to rub his crotch.

He looked down and saw me through the hole.  I watched as he unfastened his pants and took out a thick meaty cock and pushed it through the hole.

I took a moment just to look at it and admire it.  It wasn’t fully erect, but still so thick.  The head was big and so pink.  His big cock really suited the rest of his body.  I grasp it in my hand and began to give him some full-on cock worship. 

I started by nuzzling him against my beard.  Then I began to lick all around his big pink cock head, then going up to piss hole and playing with it with the tip of my tongue.  He tasted clean but salty.  His cock was fully hard now and was even more impressive.  It wasn’t super long, but big and very, very thick.

Now that he was fully hard, I started trying to fit him in my mouth.  Because of his girth it wasn’t easy, I had to work on stretching my mouth open. Soon I was able to get a lot of him in my mouth, sucking him and stroking what I couldn’t fit in with my hand.

After a little while he pulled out of the glory hole but remained standing stroking himself in from the hole.  I kept waiting for him to put his dick back, then, it occurred to me that he wanted my ass.

I remained squatted down looking through the hole but unbuckled my blue jeans.  I stuck my finger in my hole.  It was open and wet with the big load I had just taken from Asian guy.  Then I stood up dropped my jeans to my ankles, turned around and pressed my ass against the glory hole.

In just a second, I could feel his big head pressing against me through the hole.   He did want my ass after all.   I quickly kicked off my left shoe and pulled my leg out of my jeans so I could spread my legs wider.  Then I grabbed my ass checks and pulled them wider, pressing my ass back against my hole.   

Then I could feel him start to penetrate me.  I was thankful that I had been fucked and loaded with cum before because Blond burley guy had a real big thick meaty tool.  He was stretching me open and then I felt him go deep.  God, felt intense but it was good.

I bent over as much as a could in the small booth, pressing my hands and head against the wall opposite the glory hole.   There is something about getting fucked through a glory hole that is very intense.  No touching or visual, so all the sensation is focused on the cock going in your hole.  It’s not that I like it more, just different and hot in it’s own way. 

In just a couple of minutes I could feel him thrust harder and I heard him moan, he was giving me his load.  He pulled out before he was finished and I felt a big shot hit the outside of my hole.

When I knew he was finished, I pulled back and watched him clean of his cock.  The cum he shot on my hole was starting to drip down my leg.  I decided not to wipe it off.    

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Video Booth Sex - Part One

The other afternoon, I was really horny, It had been a while sense I had been to the Video place at Bay and Mason, near Pier 39.   In the past in could be fun, there would guys from the gym across the street and sometimes the tourists from the wharf .   However, you never know, it can also be completely dead.

I bought my admission and walked into the video arcade area, there were a couple of guys hanging around in the hall, only one of which was I found attractive.   He was a big burly bear guy in a t-shirt and jeans.  Bear guy was tall, probably 6’2 or so and really thick.  He had short-cropped light brown hair and short furry beard.

We winked and smiled at each other.  I followed him into the one large booth, the only one without glory holes.   Inside the booth, he started rubbing my crotch.  I did the same to him and could feel that he had an impressive package.  Then he took his hands and grabbed each of my nipples though my T-shirt and gave them a very hard squeeze.   I let out moan and he leaned his head down and started kissing me sticking his tongue into my mouth.   I liked his dominance.

He unfastened his jeans and out popped a big fat beautiful cock.  I got down on my knees and began to worship his dick and balls.  I was giving him my best technique; Licking his balls, licking his piss hole, then taking as much as I could into my mouth with, lots of tongue action.    I took my shirt off, because it makes me feel even more submissive when I’m on my knees.  I looked up at his smiling face, it felt very natural and good to be down on my knees servicing him.

I stood up so I could unfasten my shorts.  He grabbed my hard cock and started stroking it, then took off his shirt.  Bear guy had a hot body, very thick and tan and his chest was completely covered with very short curly hair.

He sat down the chair and started blowing me.  It felt great.  When he leaned over I could see that his back was covered with the same matt of short curly hair as his chest.  It was so fucking hot to watch this stud suck me. 

After a couple of minutes he stood up, and we started to kiss again and he was squeezing my nipples.  My shorts were down around my feet.  I was hoping that he would fuck me.  We kept making out for a little while, but he didn’t make any move for my ass.  He wasn’t going to fuck me.

I got back on my knees and began making love to his dick again.  Since he wasn’t going to fuck me I wanted his load in my mouth.  I couldn’t take him all in my mouth so I began to suck him off and use my left hand to stroke his cock and the same time.

Then I felt his big hand on the back of my head.  He held my head in place and began pump his dick into my mouth.  I took my hand off his cock, so I could submit to his skull fuck more completely.  With each pump, he was getting more into my mouth.  I was trying to open up for him.  I loved the way he dominated me.  After a few pumps, he got his fat cock down my throat.   I was trying to open up for him as much as possible, but I couldn’t handle the thickness of his cock.  I gagged a little, and he released his grip on my head and said he was sorry.  A sweet touch.

I recovered quickly and began to suck him again.  After a few moments, once again I felt his firm hand on the back and he started pumping himself into my mouth.   I did my best to take as much of him possible.  He took my right hand and put it under his balls so I began to gently rub and play with them.

Then he said: “You got me really close.”

In response, I started sucking harder and using my hand again to stroke his meat.

You want it? He asked.

I slowed down enough to say: “Oh fuck yeah”

God I wanted his load so much.

I kept stroking and sucking, then again his hand was on the back of my head and he was pushing deep and shooting his load.  Some of his cum went directly down my through, but there was a lot filled my mouth.  Damn he tasted good.

When I finished, I looked up into his smiling face and said: “that was a big load, thank you.”

(To be continued)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Facedown - Ass-up - Dore Alley Part 3

This will be my third and last post about the CumUnion party at Dore Alley.  I can’t remember everything in chronological order, and a lot of it would be repetitive: (different guys with their cocks up my ass.) But, there are still some moments that I want to record.

At one point, I was in the center part of one of the rooms that had a big black vinyl- covered bed in the center.  There were a couple of guys facedown, ass-up on the bed.  I watched as this cute guy went from fucking one to the other.  He was a cute guy, kind of short, with a gray goatee, but with a young looking, tan, smooth, compact body.  He had a big thick gold chain around his neck that gave him that hot Guido look. 

After watching Guido fuck the two guys, I asked him if he wanted to fuck me.  He said: “Sure”

I assumed the position on the facedown-ass-up position on the bed, and felt Guido’s dick push inside me, he gave me a nice fuck, it didn’t last to long, and he moved on, but Guido was a sexy little guy and I liked taking his cock.

A little later on in the evening, I found Guido again in one of the secluded areas getting fucked by a hot, edgy looking guy, probably in his forties, with a shaved head, shirtless but in jeans, he was heavily inked all over his torso and arms.  I just stood and watched the scene.  Inked-guy and I grinned at each other, and then he pulled out of Guido’s hole and smiled at me.  I wasn’t gong to pass up the chance to fuck Guido. 

Guido remained bent-over as I got behind him.  I hadn’t noticed before what a perfect little bubble but he had, it made my dick extra hard as I pushed into him.  His ass was already open and lubed, but he still gripped my dick nicely.  God he felt so good.

I fucked Guido for a little while, we stopped and he moved on.  Inked-guy had been watching us fuck, he started fingering my hole, and so I bent over for him.  Damn, my hole gets tight when I fuck, plus I was really swollen now from the hard fuckings I had taken earlier, but a least I was well-lubed with cum.   Even though it hurt some, it was a pleasure to take this edgy, inked guys rod up my hole, especially after we had both fucked sexy Guido.

Much later in the evening, things were winding down, and once again I was around the big bed in the center of the room.  There was a guy in the position (face-down, ass-up) on the bed.  I couldn’t see his face, but his ass looked nice and my dick was hard, so I walked over and pushed inside him with one big thrust.    He was opened up and well lubed, but I made him moan out load.  I fucked him hard for a few minutes.   It felt good, but I didn’t want to cum yet.

Seeing this guy on the bed, just waiting for cock seemed so piggy, I decided I needed to do it to.  I assumed the ass-up position on the bed next to him, for the first time seeing his face.  We smiled at each other, as we both waited.  Instead of looking around, I buried my face into the black vinyl bed. 

In just a couple of minutes, I felt a dick push into my swollen hole.  I kept my face pressed down into the bed, without peeking behind me at my top.  I have never been blindfolded, but it must be a similar sensation. It was thrilling to have my ass in the air, to be used by whatever guy came along.  This guy was really horned-up and fucked me without mercy.   I kept my face down the entire time.  It was all about cock and ass.

Soon after that fucking dressed and left the party.  As I was walking up Fifth Street, I began uncontrollable farting.  I could feel big gobs of cum going out of my ass.  Fortunately, I was wearing underwear over my jockstrap.  

When I got home, I took off my jeans and underwear.  The underwear was black, so easy to see the cum.  I went to the john and more more gobs of jiz came out of my ass.

 I decided not to wash the shorts, just save them as a crusty memento. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

CumUnion Party - Dore Alley - Part Two

After the intense gang-bang-spit-fuck I had just received, I decided to walk around the space. By this time, the place had filled up and there was action going on all around.  As I walked, I enjoyed the juicy feeling in my ass.  When my hole has that much cum, it gives me confidence that I can continue power-bottom for hours more. Cum is always the best lube of all.

I walked through the dark area, which was hallway that had been constructed along the edge of one of the rooms.   The dark area was packed with guys, lots of action going on.   Walking through, I was brushing against other guys, and I felt hands coming out and touching me.   

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw a young, probably mid-twenties, cute cubby Latino guy with wavy hair standing on one side of the dark area.   Cubby-guy was getting a blowjob from I guy I couldn’t see very well.  I stood beside Cubby-guy and began playing with his nipple ring and sucking on his other non-pierced nipple.  Soon we were kissing and making out.  Cubby-guy was a hot kisser, and really turned me on.

The man who was blowing Cubby-guy moved on, so I started stroking his cock as we continued to make out.  His dick was uncut, and kind of short and pointed. Cubby-guy reached behind and started fingering my spermy hole.  I leaned in and whispered in his ear: “You want to fuck me?” 

He said yes.

Because he was shorter than me and didn’t have a big dick, I knew I needed to bend over for him or it wouldn’t work.  The dark area was so full of men at the point; the only way to make room was to bisect the hallway.  I leaned over and put my hands on my knees for support.  Cubby pushed his cock into me.  Even though his dick wasn’t big, and my hole was well lubed, it hurt when he pushed inside me.  I realized that the previous big-dick-spit-fuck-gang-bang had really fucking used hole.  So Sore.  My ass remained swollen and tender for the rest of the night. 

 I decided to embrace the pain; it intensified the feeling that I was sacrificing my hole.

It was also very erotic for me to be getting fucked with so many guys around me.  Because of my bent-over position, men were brushing their ass and cocks in my face as they walked by. 

After a short time, it felt like Cubby guy was cumming in my hole.  He pulled out, I stood up and he confirmed to me that I had his load.  I loved taking his young cum, mixing it in with the others.  We kissed one more time and I walked on out of the dark room. 

A little later evening, I encountered young Cubby guy again in the dark room.   As before, we made out, kissing and sucking each other nipples.   I hadn’t cum all night, so I was really hard and horny.  This time I turned him around spit in my hand and pushed my dick up his hole.  His hole felt warm and wet.   He remained up right while I pumped his ass, kissing the back of his neck and reaching around and stroking his cock. 

I didn’t cum, but probably would have if he had been bent over.  Still, I loved fucking him with his cum still in my hole.

(To be continued - part two of three parts) 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gang Spit Fucked at Cumunion Party - Dore Alley

I went to the Cumunion party after the Dore Alley fair.  I’ve never had so many cocks up my ass and my cock in so many holes in my life.   However, one of the best parts of the evening happened at the very beginning

I arrived at opening time.  This is my usual strategy for sex parties, because there are usually a couple of horned-up guys who are ready to fuck straight away. 

When the doors opened, I was only the third one inside, but very quickly a line was forming behind me.  As I was stripping off, I noticed the lean-goateed-guy next to me giving me a glance.  I was left wearing only my boots and a jock strap.  Lean-goatee guy stripped down to sneakers and a cock ring.  He had a nice long hanging piece of meat.  Looked like a good fit, and we gave each other approving looks. 

I headed off into a room where a sling was set-up.  Even though the room was still empty, I instinctively got into the sling and spread my legs, resting my feet on the support chains.  Only about half-a-minute later Lean-Goatee guy walked in, saw me in the sling, gave me a big smile and came over, got on his knees and started rimming my hole.

After just a couple of minutes, He was on his feet, pressing the head of his long cock into me.   God Damn, I hadn’t been fucked in weeks, and the first fuck of the night was going to be a big-dick-spit-fuck.  He was aggressive and eager.  I moaned out loud as he pushed in my waiting hole.   It hurt.  I think at first he put only three of four inches, giving me little time to open up.  After a moment, he shoved himself balls deep inside me and begin a fucking hard. 

I gritted my teeth and started egging him on: “Yeah, fuck that hole, fuck it good.”
Suddenly, I noticed that the sling was surround by at least five other guys watching us fuck. 

A chubby Latino guy with a shaved head moved up beside Lean-guy.  He was fully dressed, but had his cock out of his jeans stroking.  Chubby-guys dick wasn’t as long as Lean-guy’s, but it was thick and un-cut.  Lean-guy was enjoying the crowd and kept up the hard fuck.  Chubby-guy became very verbal: “Fuck him, fuck his ass, ride him.”  Next to the sling on my right, a hot Asian guy started fucking a black guy.   The black guy leaned over the sling and sucked my nipples

After a couple of minutes, Chubby-guy turned to Lean-guy and asks him if he could fuck me.  Lean-guy assented and pulled out of my hole (no one bothered to ask me).   Chubby-guy spit in his hand and pushed his fat dick inside me.  Damn, another spit-fuck.   Chubby-guys thick dick stretched me open even wider.  There was more moaning from me.       

Chubby-guy was another rough and hard fuck.   He became even more verbal as he pumped me, inviting the other guys who were looking down on me with smiling faces to join in and “ride his ass.”  This was starting to feel more like a “gang-rape” rather than a “gang-bang.”

While Chubby-guy was fucking me, I notice a middle-age redhead guy with a nice red furry chest.  He was hard and had a really nice cock, so I reached out and grabbed it with my right hand and pulled him close and started to suck him.

Chubby-guy pulled out, and continued to encourage the other guys standing around to fuck my too.  Redheaded guy took his dick out of my mouth and moved around to the end of the sling.  He asked Chubby-Guy if he had any lube. “I just used spit” he replied.    Redhead guy proceeds with yet another spit fuck. 

Redhead guy started, and again, for the third time, it was another mean fuck.  These guys were really horned-up.  Another guy came up and pulled back my right leg closer to my chest, exposing my hole more directly to the hard fuck.

Redhead guy was fucking me with purpose; I could tell he wanted to get-off.  In spite of the pain, I did my best to control my muscles and milk his dick.  I wanted his load. 
I pushed my ass forward in the sling so he could go deeper.  He gripped my ass checks with both hands while he plugged me.  “I could do this for hours” he said.

I lay back in the sling, flexing my ass muscles for his enjoyment.  Finally he yelled out: “Here it comes”

“Fuck yeah” I said.

Redhead guy looked down at me and asked: “Where do you want it”?

“Please, shoot in my hole.” I responded.

Then he was moaning and cumming inside me.  Based on his body movements, he fired off three streams of cum.

 When he stopped he said: “That was a big load”

He pulled out and the black guy that had been sucking on my nipple got down on his knees and starting licking the cum out of my ass.  It felt good and was kind of hot, but I wanted to get as much of it inside me as possible.

Then Lean guy came back and pushed is dick in, only then could I really feel how big the load was the Redhead guy shoot in me.  I could feel the big load of cum squish around inside me as Lean guy began to fuck me again.  God, the cum felt good after three spit fucks.

Lean guy was fucking me hard again, but now I was open and lubed with spunk.  I concentrated on milking his big long cock and telling him to breed my ass.  I was in my power bottom mode and was prepared to take it as long as necessary. 

 After several more minutes of pounding, he started cumming. 

“Oh fucker” he called out.  He balled his hands into a fist and hit my chest. He took his time and remained inside me even after he finished, which I found sexy.

“I was trying to hold back,” he said, grinning at me.

“Thanks for the load” I replied. 

I got out of the sling and my ass felt sloppy wet, as I started to walk away I felt a stream of cum go down my left leg.  I was confident I had plenty of lube in my ass to last for the rest of the night.

(part one of three parts)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memories of a Fuck - Part One

When I was in my twenties, I used to walk to Lafayette Park at night; the cruising was more active then. I’ve always loved anonymous encounters, even before I started full-time barebacking.

One night when I was walking around the circular paths, I encountered a black guy.  He had a mustache, short Afro (a little grey at the temples) he was probably in his late forties.  He was dressed in jeans and a dark jacket.  We eyed each other in the moonlight, He rubbed his crotch and I did the same.   Then he unzipped his jeans and took out his dick.  He waived it around and nodded his head up and down.  I knew what he wanted.  I walked off the path and behind a bench, slightly into some bushes.  He followed me and I squatted down.   

At eye level his dick was impressive even without being hard.  It was cut, dark and veiny with a pinkish head.    I have a fetish for big hanging dicks.  I enjoy taking my time and making them hard.  I took it in my hand and caressed it and gently kissed the head.

Then I heard him say in a low deep voice. “Suck it, suck that dick.”

Following his command, I held onto his dick and put as much in my mouth as possible, giving him lots of tongue action, showing him what a good cock sucker I was.

He was very verbal, and started saying stuff like “Suck that black dick, white boy”

He unbuckled and unfastened his pants, revealing his balls, which I immediately licked and put in my mouth.  Now his cock was fully hard

I was getting into his verbal dominance and took off my sweatshirt and t-shirt in order to be more submissive.  He put his right hand down and started to squeeze my left nipple while I continued to worship his cock.

“You want that dick up your ass, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes sir, your boy needs that big cock.” I said.

I stayed on my knees and reached into the pocket of my gym shorts and took out the rubber and lube I brought with me.  I put a bit of lube on his rod, tore open the package and rolled the rubber over his cock, then more lube on the rubber.

I stood up and pulled down gym shorts and took over my sneakers.  I liked getting totally naked for him while I gave up my hole.  There was a bench next to us, so I bent over the back of it, bracing both my hands on the top rail.

“Please, fuck me sir” I said.

He didn’t say anything, but I felt his hands spreading my ass checks then his cock against my hole.  He pushed it in hard.  I cried out and moaned in pain. 

“Take it, take it boy,” he commanded in a low voice.

He started pumping his dick into with hard steady strokes.  This was going to be a brutal fuck.

I gritted my teeth, trying to relax my s and said, “Yes sir, fuck me good sir.”

I remained there bent over the bench; after a while his strokes got even harder and more rapid.  I could tell that he was going to cum, so I reached back to touch his cock to make sure the rubber hadn’t broken. 

Before I could feel, he slapped my hand away and said “I’m going all the way with you baby.”

I was worried about the rubber but more than anything I wanted to submit to him, and I wanted him to cum, I wanted to be his good boy.

A couple of minutes later his cock was balls deep in my hole; he was moaning and grunting.

“Here you go baby,” he said as he delivered his seed.

I felt him pull his cock out of my hole.  By the time I stood up and turned around, he had turned his back to me and was zipping up his pants.  Without saying anything, he quickly walked through a clump of bushes, down the hill toward the street. 

I was still focused on the rubber.  I felt my hole; it was wet, but I thought that might be jus the lube.  I quickly got dressed and looked around on the ground around to see if I could see the rubber.  I didn’t see anything.  I felt my hole again but this time put my finger up to my nose.  I could smell the fresh cum on my finger.

(to be continued)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flip Fuck At the Baths

Went Steamworks Thursday.   Was there a while and got some action, but not really what I had hoped.   Then, I left my room and took a stroll through the very dark, dark room (it was “lights out” night).   I walked past a guy standing in the entrance to one of the booths.   Even though it was dark, I could see him pretty clearly because I was so close; He was very hot, Latin probably in his late twenties, about 5’8, 150 pounds with very fine features.  His hair was black cut short and I could make out a tattoo on his shoulder. 

We made eye contact and I reached out and put my hand on his very furry chest and gently touched his nipple.  He reached down and started stroking my dick through my towel. I did the same and felt a nice thick cock under his towel.

We moved inside the booth and I closed the door.   The booth had a plexiglass–see-through-wall with a large glory on the wall opposite the door.  The left and right walls were made of plywood and each had a large glory hole. 

Inside the booth we faced each other and took off our towels; Hot-Latin-guy had a big-long-thick-uncut-cock, really outsized for his body.  I got on my knees and started sucking it and licking his furry balls; he bent over and started fingering my hole.

Then Hot-Latin-Guy turned around and his hard-round-little ass was in my face.  I got the biggest turn on; his ass was completely covered in short curly black hair.  He reached behind and spread his cheeks.  I buried my face against in his crack and began gently licking his hole.  He moaned with delight.   His hole was clean and sweet.  I alternated between licking and inserting my tongue inside him.

I stood-up, and pressed my hard cock into wet hole.  He moaned and put his hands up on the plywood wall and pressed back into me.  His velvety ass swallowed my dick.  I knew this was going to be an amazing fuck.  Hot-Latin-Guy start clinching and milking my cock, it felt phenomenal.  As a guy who is usually the bottom, I was in awe of his technique and muscle control. 

His back was muscular and sexy with a tattoo on his right shoulder and one above his ass.  I could feel his hard furry ass and legs against my body as I fucked him deep.  

After a couple of minutes of fucking him, Hot-Latin-Guy went down on his knees, in front of the wall he was facing, and started to suck a dick through the glory hole.  I watched him while I pressed my hard dick against his neck and the back of his head.
Soon he was back on his feet.  He was facing me and I could see him reach around to position the cock from the glory hole into his ass. 

Hot-Latin-Guy leaned into me and he gave me a big grin, we kissed deeply as he started to get fucked.  He put his head against my chest and I whispered in his ear how beautiful he looked taking the cock.  I reached down and through the glory hole so I could feel, it was a thick cock, fucking him hard.  A couple of different guys entered into the booth with the plexiglass wall and watched us.

Soon it was over.  Hot-Latin-Guy stood up, we kissed again and I turned him around and stuck my dick in him again.

“He came inside you, I can feel it,” I said.

“Did he?”  He said, turning his head and showing me his big smile again.

Soon the same situation was repeating itself, Hot-Latin-Guy was again on his knees sucking and then getting fucked again while we kissed.  Again, I reached through and felt the cock that was fucking his hole.   While this was going on, another man came into the booth beside us with the plexiglass wall and started to watch.  He took off his towel showing us a hard average-size-cock.   Hot-Latin-Guy and I took turns stroking it.  We had morphed into the four-way. 

After a few minutes, I could hear the man fucking Hot-Latin-Guy, moaning loudly as he came.   I wanted to fuck him again myself to feel the new load of cum inside him, but instead I kissed Hot-Latin Guy and pointed his ass toward the guy waiting on the other side of the plexiglass.   After just a minute, the guy was done.  Hot-Latin-Guy smiled at me and said; “I think he came.”

I started fucking him again; his hole was wet squishy with cum.  He still maintained his amazing muscle control as he tightened his ass muscles then there was another dick through the glory hole.  I watched him take five loads, all in a very short time. I got on my knees and spread open his furry checks.  The smell of Hot-Latin-Guy’s hole was ripe with cum; I began to lick it.   

Hot-Latin-Guy climbed-up the wall and put one foot on each glory hole of two walls and hanging with his hands on to the wooden pole.  (I noticed for the first time that he was wearing sneakers.)  He was in a squatting position with his ass over my face letting the cum drip into my open mouth.  He tasted to good.  I think I could taste the different flavors of the different men.  Some of the cum tasty salty, some sweeter.

Hot-Latin-Guy climbed down and we kissed with some of the cum in my mouth.  I felt his cock; it was impressively thick and long but not completely hard.

“I wish you fuck me,” I said.

“I want to,” He said.

About that time, a big-dark-uncut-dick came through the glory hole on my side of the booth.   I got on my knees and started to suck it.  Hot-Latin-Guy was behind me rubbing his big dick against my head and shoulders, his cock was getting harder.
I pulled away from the glory hole and started to suck Hot-Latin-Guy again, chewing a little on his foreskin and licking his furry nut sack, (his balls was slightly sweaty now and had some cum on them from his hole). 

Hot-Latin-Guy was really hard now and I stood up, he put his hand on my ass and turned me around.  I leaned forward, putting my hands on the top of the door and sticking my butt out toward him.  I turned my head and watched him spit in his hand then faced the door. 

Damn his cock felt big going in.  About half-way it just stopped.  I guess I had really tightened up my ass muscles when I was fucking him; but there was no way that I was not going to take his dick.  I came forward just a bit and relaxed my ass and took about another inch.  When I did that he said: “Oh fuck yeah” and just shoved in the rest of it.  I felt like he was tearing my hole.

Once fully inside me, Hot-Latin-Guy started fucking me hard and it felt good. After just a couple of minutes he said: “You want my load?” I loved thinking about watching him take all those loads and now he was going to give his to me.

I said out loudly enough that whole dark room could hear: “Yeah, give me your cum, give me your cum.”   Hot-Latin-Guy was screwing me even harder and faster and then he was moaning very loud, pulsing his jiz in my hole. 

He stayed inside me while he put his arms around me and laid his head my back. We were both sweaty.  He moaned softly when I clinched my ass to milk out every drop of his cum that I could get.  He pulled out and we kissed for the last time.

I kept his load inside me until I was home.  When I had to go to the toilet, I saw big streams of cum and some blood in the water.  Hot-Latin-Guy was a big cummer and he really did rip into my ass.