Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Anonymous Gang-Bang on 8th Avenue

It was a hot, humid, summer Saturday night about 1:30 am; and I was horny.  I walked down Eighth Avenue to the video peep show.

I entered the video arcade and stood at the end of the hallway.  Down at the other end a short guy with unruly thick black hair, he was very dark skinned (maybe he was of Latin origin, but darker than most).   His shirt was unbuttoned all the way revealing a very thick mass of black chest hair.  Not only was his chest hair thick, it was the long kind, so long it swirled around on his chest and made patterns on his chest.

Dark-Hairy Guy was grabbing at a white guy standing near him.  The white guy was thin with big muscular tan legs in red shorts, like a tennis player, with shoulder length curly brown hair.  Dark-Hairy Guy unzipped his pants and pulled out an impressive long hard dark cock.

I was getting horny when guys forget about going into the booths and start having sex right out in the hallway.  Aside from the other guys, about a half dozen, like me standing in the hallway, there is also a camera pointed down the hall that is monitored by the staff 

As I was watching the action at the other end of the hall, two other white guys walked past me and down hall. The looked and acted like they were lovers. Both of the guys were lean, one in a white shirt looked to be in his forties the other one wearing a blue shirt and a small brimmed fedora hat and was thirtyish .The couple and the Dark-Hairy-Guy formed a circle around the Red-Shorts guy.  They both unzipped.   Dark-Hairy Guy put his hand on Red-Shorts Guy shoulder and pushed him to his knees.  All three of the other guys were around him with their hard cocks out and Red-Shorts Guy began to go from guy to guy sucking each of them in turn.

I walked down the hall and took a place between the couple with the White-Shirt-Guy on my left and the younger Blue-Shirt-Guy on my right.   I pushed down the front of my nylon gym shorts and pulled out my already hard dick. The Blue-Shirt Guy on my right put his left hand at the base of my cock and started to stroke while he continued to stroke himself with his right. The Red-Shorts Guy was going strong on his knees, turning from cock-to-cock sucking, including mine. 

After a minute, I felt Blue-Shirt Guy’s right hand going down the back of my gym shorts into the crack of my ass (I wasn’t wearing underwear).  I look over at his cock, it was a really hard and uncut, the shaft was long and white with an angry looking fiery red pointed head.  He had one of the prettiest cocks I had seen in a while.  I just knew he would be a good fuck.

I leaned into his ear and asked, “You want my hole?”

“Yeah, I want to fuck your ass, turn around” he ordered.

The tone and authority of his voice was a turn on.  I turned my back to him, lowered my shorts to my knees.  I felt his hand on my back bending me over.  I felt him rub some spit onto my hole and then in one violent thrust his pretty pointed cock was ripping into my hole and he was balls-deep in my ass.  It hurt badly, and I whimpered out loud.  It’s those pointed dicks that can really hurt sometimes.  My sphincter was going into a spasm as started to spit fuck me.  I grabbed onto my knees for support. It was intense; he was screwing me rough and hard.

I was really excited that White-Shirt Guy he was fucking me out in the hallway.  He had me from behind and the other three guys were surrounding me with their hard cocks out (all of them except for Red-Shorts Guy, who stood up and moved aside).  As I was bent over getting plugged, I thought about the other five or six guys who I knew were standing further back in the hallway, then I thought about the camera and wondered if the arcade attendants were watching.  

Dark-Hairy Guy maneuvered directly in front of me and stuck his long dark cock in my face; it was surprisingly long for a short guy.  His belly covered with his beautiful thick black fun was pressed on my forehead. I started licking and sucking his cock. Blue-Shirt guy kept fucking me hard, grabbing my meaty ass with his hands and squeezing so hard he would leave bruises.

White-shirt guy came up on my right sticking his cock in front of my face; his cock was cut and very thick. 

After a couple of minutes, I could feel another set of hands moving around my ass.  I looked up and another Indian looking guy was standing behind me.  He was running his hands across my ass, sometimes moving his hand down to my hole to feel the cock gong in and out.  He was handsome, young, and tall with short black hair.  

 I could tell from the intensity of Blue-Shirt Guy’s fuck that he wanted to seed my hole, so I was using all my skill to tighten my ass and milk the cum out of his cock.  

I kept sucking his partner, White-Shirt Guy.  He reached down and took my left hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock.  He started pumping his cock into my mouth and hand. Then, I could feel his dick stiffen and taste his hot sweet jiz filling my mouth.  I loved lapping up his juice, but was also slightly disappointed; I was hoping that his big thick cock would be going in my hole next.  After I cleaned the cum off his cock, he zipped up and moved behind me to Blue-Shirt Guy, his boyfriend.

White-Shirt guy was pumping my ass harder and faster.  Young Guy moved his hands further up my body and started pinching my left nipple.  I kept clinching my ass muscles he thrust his dick inside me.  Then he cried out, “Here it comes” and a minute later he was shooting his seed into my hole.

After White-Shirt Guy came, I turned my head and watched as he pulled out, buttoned up, and walked away with Blue-Shirt Guy.  Before I could stand up, Dark-Hairy Guy was moving around behind my ass.  It was going to turn into a gang-bang.  Not only a gang-bang, but a full on anonymous, public, gang-bang.

I felt Dark-Hairy guy’s dick going in my used hole.  As we went in, my ass felt super wet; White-Shirt Guy had cum really big in my ass.  As he began to fuck me, Young Guy unzipped his jeans and stuck his dick in my face.   It was cut, kind of short but thick.  I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking.

After a couple of minutes of fucking, Dark-Hairy Guy pulled out of my ass; I don’t think he had cum.  Young-Guy suddenly got shy pulled me into the booth next to us and closed the door.  We both went into the booth, I turned toward the door and bent over has much as I could in the small space to give him my ass.  I felt his short but thick dick go in my now sloppy hole.

Young-Guy fucked me like that for a few minutes; then I felt him suddenly pull out.  I turned my head back and watched as he shot a big load of cum against the wall and across the floor.  I was disappointed not to have his big load inside me, but it was still a nice fuck.

Young-Guy buttoned up his pants and when got ready to leave the booth.  When I opened the door Dark-Hairy-Guy was waiting right outside the booth with his dick still out of his pants and hard.  Young-Guy left and, Dark-Hairy-Guy pushed me back into the booth and closed the door.  I lowered my shorts again and bent forward just exactly as I had done for the last guy.  Dark-Hairy-Guy’s longer uncut cock felt nice in my hole.  He fucked me good for a few minutes before blowing his load inside me.

When I left the arcade I looked at the attendant monitoring the television and wondered if he had been watching when I was in the all and if he enjoyed the show.

As I walked up Eighth Avenue, I thought about the load down my throat and the two loads up my ass.  It felt good.