Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Quickie

I was cruising online the other night and got a message that said “Wanna fuck at Coit Tower.” 

The guy’s main profile pic was of his flaccid, but still impressive cock.  It had a creamy white shaft with a big pink mushroom head.  However, the best thing about the pic was that it showed-off his balls; two great big man-eggs hanging down, balls so big they looked like they would bust out of his sack.   I love big balls like that, I think of them as an enormous cum factory.

I didn’t have to look at the rest of his profile because it was from a guy who had fucked me at Coit Tower once before. 

Then I got another message from him: “Loved your hole.  Really horny for it again.”

That he complimented me on my hole was a huge turn-on.  It makes me feel good and slutty at the same time.   It is the compliment I like to hear above all else; that is how much of a slut I have become over just the last year.

We agreed to meet in fifteen minutes.  I threw on a pair of black gym shorts and put on a jacket over my T-shirt.  When I arrived in the parking lot, I started scanning the cars; even late at night there were many.  Then I saw a figure approach me out of the darkness.  It was him.  I got hard right away.  He is stocky and tall, probably 6’5 with blondish brown hair and an unruly beard.   

Coit Tower is obviously a major landmark in San Francisco and people drive up there at all times of the day and night to catch the 360 degree view of the bay and City.  It is very public with little seclusion, and not a gay cruising spot.  Therefore the idea of getting fucked there was also another huge turn on for me. 

He greeted me with a warm smile.  He is about twenty years my junior, even though he is masculine, his friendly manner reveals a charming boyishness.   Daddy loves getting fucked by one of his boys. 

We immediately were starting to walk out of the parking lot to the darkest side of the park around the Tower where we fucked before.  Because of the steepness of the terrain, it was not possible to go completely behind a tree or bush the best we could do was stop on the sidewalk move to the edge.    Even though that part of the park is dark, people still walk along the sidewalk around the tower all night long.  In fact the last time we were there just as we were beginning to fuck we were spotted by a homeless guy on the hill above us who yelled out:  “Hey you faggot-white-boys”

He leaned down and we began to kiss.  I felt his tongue enter my mouth. He is a great kisser, forceful but tender.  He put one hand around my shoulder He reached down with the other and felt my hard cock through my shorts.   I put my hand on him and felt his junk through the front of his pants.   He unzipped and hauled out his dick.  I pushed down the top of my shorts pulled my cock.  We kissed while I stroked his cock, feeling it stiffen in my hand.

After a couple of minutes, he took his big hand off my cock and starting massaging my ass while we continued to kiss.  Then I felt his hand tighten up on the side my right ass cheek as he began to turn me around.  I complied, turning around, lowering my shorts past my ass, bending over, and submitting myself to him. 

I grunted a little as his hands spread me open and his big mushroom popped inside me.  He moaned out:  “Oh yeah… so good” as he pushed all the way inside me.

I was so horny, I didn’t care anymore if anyone could hear us and I started talking out loud saying:  “I love your cock inside me.” I could feel his big balls slapping on my ass as he used me.

After just a couple of minutes, I could tell he was getting close and I started saying: “Yeah, seed me, seed my ass” A few second later he moaned loudly as he was creaming my hole.

I turned around and he was zipping-up. I pulled up my shorts.  We smiled at each other and he said, “That was good, … you have my number.”  As I started walking away I could feel a large amount of jiz dripping from my opened-up hole.  His big balls really were a cum factory.