Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally, Fucked with a Prince Albert

The other afternoon I stopped by the Steamworks. I had already cleaned myself at home, so I undressed at my locker inserted a combination of Vaseline and vitamin E oil in my hole and headed directly back to the dark room.  My eyes had not adjusted from the bright daylight to the dim lighting, but I could make out some action.  There was a guy in the sling and another standing between his legs fingering his ass. I stood along side the vertical guy to watch. He was middle aged with a developed, muscular body.

Muscular-guy started playing with my nipples, so I reciprocated. His chest was smooth and hard. He lowered his head and started so suck my left nipple, which instantly gave me boner. I reached out and felt his hard cock through the towel and he did the same. We kissed. His cock wasn't huge, but it was very hard and He was getting me very horny.  I grabbed him by the cock and started to lead him over a few feet over to the part of the dark room with the fuck bench.

I took off my towel and hung it on the partition wall and he did the same.  We kept kissing and touching each other’s cocks. He seemed really toppish to me, so without saying anything, I turned and mounted the fuck bench, presenting my ass to him. In a flash he moved in behind me and started to finger my still tight hole.

When he felt that it was wet with lube he let out a nice deep moan. A few seconds later his finger was out and I could feel his dick pressing into me. He immediately started up with a nice rhythm. Within about two minutes of walking into the darkroom, I was getting fucked; this might be a new record for me. He fucked me good and best of all he started moaning out load.

Soon I noticed, a couple of guys standing alongside stroking themselves through their towels. Muscular-guy started running his hands over my back and ass while he fucked me.

Then he said in a deep voice: "I'm close, I'm gonna cum soon."

I lifted my head and torso up and said, "Yeah do it, fuck me, breed me."

He reached forward and grabbed my shoulders and started fucking me harder. I moved my legs inward and could feel his enormous calve muscles with my feet. I realized that he must be even more muscular than I realized during our short grope session in the dark. I started clenching my sphincter muscles around his thrusting cock.

Fortunately, and in spite of his warning, he didn't cum right away, but kept fucking me hard for several more minutes. I felt him pull out suddenly, I knew he hadn't cum, I turned my head back and said: "Aww give to me, give me your cum."

He didn't go back inside me but a few seconds later his cum shooting on the outside of my man pussy and higher in my ass crack, like in a porn movie. Even though I love taking spunk inside my hole, it was very sexy feeling his jiz running down my crack and over the lips of my hole, some of it finding it's way inside. Muscular guy grabbed his towel and walked away. I remained on the bench for a couple of minutes luxuriating in my cum soaked ass. I took my finger and pushed all I could inside me before dismounting the fuck bench.

I smelled my finger to make sure my ass was still clean. I decided not to wipe the cum out of my ass crack but to leave it wet.  Just for good measure, I went back to my locker and put another small wad of Vaseline inside.

A couple of minutes later I was on the platform and a guy standing below was reaching up for my cock. I took my towel off and he began to blow me.

Meanwhile, a handsome thirtyish big tall guy (he must have been at least 6'5) sidled up beside me and started playing with my chest.  He had brown hair and mustache and a tattoo on his right shoulder. 

Soon Big-tall guy’s towel came off revealing a big-swinging -thick-uncut-cock. Another guy appeared below and started sucking on Big-tall guy's meat. We stood side by side getting sucked and while touching each. After a couple of minutes, Big-tall guy moved away from the rail and came up directly behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, leaned down and began to kiss my neck. I could feel his now hard cock pressing against me. Because he was so much taller than me his cock was touching above my butt around the small of my back. I liked the way this was going, so I reached down and grabbed his hard and really thick cock and pulled it down vertically between my ass checks. He let out a soft moan in my ear when his cock started to move around my crack, still sopping wet from the last guys load. 

Big-tall guy pulled me even tighter in his arms, kissing my neck and shoulders as he began humping me. His cock was so big it filled the entire length of my crack.

I leaned back and asked, "Do you want to fuck me?" "Yes" he said softly in ear. I pulled away from the guy who was blowing me and we left the platform and walked into the darkroom. The sling and the fuck bench were both occupied, (given his size, I was hoping the sling would be available) 

We ended up in a corner.  We both took off our towels and hung them over the nearby partition. He was eager to get down to business. He positioned himself behind me and bent me over. The next thing I knew he was gripping my hips with his hands and I felt him mercilessly thrusting his thick meat up my ass.

God Damn, it hurt.  My ass was being ripped open. I yelled and jumped forward, disengaging from his monster cock. After that he gave me a minute to adjust. My ass was still throbbing and hurting when, I took his tool in my left hand and held it while I backed into it at my own speed. The feeling of his big fat head going past my sphincter was still intense, but I was determined to take it. He eagerly pushed it all the way inside.

After the initial thrust, I was able to relax enough that it was not painful at all. Then he was screwing me deeply and non-stop. After a few minutes he pulled out I was still bent over and I felt his cum shooting all the way onto the top of my head, with a huge spluge landing on my back. This was followed by two more streams hitting the length of my back, with some of the cum hitting my ass. My entire back was drenched. I have never had one person cover me in so much cum in my life. 

After Big-tall guy walked away, I spent a couple of minutes wiping the jiz off my back into my finger and inserting it in my ass. It was funny having two guys in a row shooting on me rather than in me, but the bukake thing was hot.

Big-tall guy had fucked my so rough I went in the bathroom to check to see if there was any bleeding, but I didn’t see any.

A few minutes later I was by the sling standing beside a bearish guy stroking his cock. He was little smaller than me and about my age.  He had the ubiquitous goatee and tattoos.  He gave me a smile and we started to touch each other and kiss.  When I reached down for his cock and saw that he had a Prince Albert. 

His dick wasn’t too big; Although, the Prince Albert hanging out of his cock head was pretty big in diameter, although not the thickest gage I had ever seen, but thick enough that it would not do any damage.  Besides, my ass was very open and wet after being fucked by the previous two guys.   

We kept kissing and I cupped my hand all the way around bearish-guy’s dick and started sliding it up and down.  He seemed like more of a bottom, but when I was staring down at his PA he seemed to know what I wanted and smiled.

I took him over to the fuck bench and we kissed a little more. I decided that to go for it and see if he would fuck me.  I thought about telling him that I had never had a Prince Albert in my ass before, but decided that it might ruin the vibe and spontaneity of the moment.  I turned and put my knees of the lower part of the fuck bench and then bent over the top part.  I turned my head and watched him spit a huge wad into his hand and then rub it onto his dick.  It was going to happen, I was going to get fucked with a PA.

The first sensation I felt was the distinct and strange feeling of metal going inside my hole.  It didn’t hurt at all. Although, I wondered what it would have felt like if my ass had been tight instead of wet and open from being used. Once the metal was inside my ass there was really no feeling of the PA at all.  He started to slowly pump my ass with his cock.  I could tell he his cock was growing harder and bigger inside me.  I could feel the sensation of the Prince Albert rubbing inside me as Bearish-guy gave me a nice steady fuck. 

It didn’t hurt at all, but just added a nice pressure that really felt good.  I started moaning out loud, to let Bearish-guy know it felt good.  He started fucking a little harder, even pulling his cock all the way out and pushing it back in.  He kept up screwing me for a few minutes before pulling out without cumming. 

Finally, fucked with a Prince Albert. The experience was great.  It made me even hornier and I wanted more dick up my ass.

(To Be Continued)

copyright 2011 

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  1. Got fucked at the baths by a dude with a PA. He screamed louder than I did when he came deep in my ass