Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finally, Fucked with a Prince Albert - Part Two

A little while later, I was walking through the dark room and the guy with the PA who had fucked me, “Bearish-guy” was in the sling.  He was by himself, looking very furry and fuck-able. I approached from his left side and leaned toward his face and gave him my dick.  He gave me a nice blow-job for a couple of minutes and then I walked around and stood between his legs. 

I noticed for the first time, that aside from the Prince Albert, he was also had a small piercing between his balls and ass hole.  I pushed my hard dick inside him, he felt great.  His hole was open and wet enough that my cock went right in, yet tight enough that I felt completely enveloped in his velvety softness.

Bearish-guy’s ass was perfect for me. He was a talented bottom and, apart from my pure enjoyment, I felt a sense of admiration at his technique and muscle control.  Good holes are an art not an accident.  I enjoyed fucking him slowly while making eye contact and playing with his two piercings.  He seemed to be having a good time also. 

After a few minutes, a smaller-smooth-Latin guy wearing a gold chain, walked up next to me, watching us fuck.  I thought it would be hot to turn this into a gang-bang, so I stepped aside, and watched as he fucked Bearish-guy for a couple of minutes, then walked away

I was even more horned-up now; I moved right back in between Bearish-guys raised legs and poked my cock all the way in him in one thrust.  He let out a soft moan. 

I continued to fuck him at a harder and faster pace, while I played with his Prince Albert with my right hand.  It was hot thinking about how that piercing had been up my ass only I noticed a young lean handsome black guy standing to my left watching.

Young-lean guy was hard with nice cock that curved slightly upward.  He stood to my left and watched me continue to fuck Bearish-guy.  We made eye contact and smiled, so I pulled out and watched the lean guy put a rubber on his dick and begin to fuck Bearish-guy.  The contrast in their body types made it fun to watch;  the smooth lean body pumping into the furry bear. 

After about five minutes of fucking, Young-lean guy stopped and pulled out without cumming.  I got back into position between Bearish-guys legs and pushed me cock back in.  Even after all of this fucking, his ass felt tight and sweet.  He was stroking himself now and I felt his ass clinching my cock. I watched, as he jacked-off a big load that shoot all the way to his shoulder.

I stopped fucking him hard, but didn’t pull out yet.  I enjoyed staying in his tightened hole, looking at the cum on his furry chest and the cum dripping of that hot Prince Albert.  I was happy that after he gave me my first PA fucking, I could show him a good time too.

copyright 2011

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