Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dirty Talkers

I walked into the dark room at the bath.  A defined smooth guy, probably in his thirties, with a very thick mat of black hair came in right behind me.  He was following me, because when I stopped by the fuck bench he stopped too.  He started running his hand over my chest and my nipples, I began touching him too, removing my towel and hanging it on the partition.  I felt his hand starting to stroke my hard dick.  Next thing smooth-guy was on his knees in front of me and began giving me a really good blowjob. 

I hadn’t cum in a few days and Smooth-guy was getting me so horny.  Judging from the way he was sucking my dick, he seemed really into me.  I decided to see if he would give me a load. The fuck bench was just over to my right, so I turned and climbed onto it.   It took a minute for Smooth-guy to get up off his knees.  Then a felt his hand slap hard against my ass.  For a minute, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  Then I felt his hands grab both my ass cheeks and press his cock into my hole. 

 He and I both let out grunts  of pleasure as he pushed passed my sphincter. 

I turned my head a saw that a couple of other guys had come over to watch him fuck me.

“Oh he has a nice ass, so tight and wet” he said in a loud voice to one the other guys. (And it was tight; I hadn’t been fucked in some time)

“His ass is the best I’ve ever had.”  Smooth-guy said I was a little embarrassed, but it was an unsolicited testimonial and maybe it would lead some of the other guys fucking me and giving me their loads.

“Oh, I almost just came.” He said in a slightly softer voice.  I knew he wanted to hear my reaction.

I turned my heard toward him and said: “Yeah fuck me, give it to me”

He pushed me forward on the bench and mounted it behind me, so that we were both on the bench and he was on top of me, leaning over my back fucking me aggressively. I loved the feeling of his muscular body moving on top of me, pumping his tool in my hole.

He leaned over me and asked a little more softly it me ear “I’m gonna cum in your ass, alright?”

“Oh fuck yes, give me your seed” answered out load, to encourage him.

He started fucking me faster and harder and soon he was moaning and his whole body was shaking and pulsing on top of me.  I knew his load was inside me.

A little later, I was cruising the hallway and started talking to a hot guy.  He was about my height, a kinda big guy, but built solid with a smooth chest with a tribal tattoo in the center.  His head was completely bald or shaved and a very long salt and pepper beard that came all the way down to his chest. 

I asked him what he was looking for, he said, “Looking to get my cock sucked and fuck some ass.” 

“I like to get fucked” I replied.

“I’d like to fuck you while you play with my nipples and talk dirty shit”

I felt under his towel. His cock felt really thick and fat. We kissed.

 “Mmmm sounds nice. Do you have a room?” I enjoy playing in the public areas but I knew that we needed a quieter place to get into heavy dirty talk.

I followed him back to his room.  I shut the door and took my towel off revealing my black jock strap underneath.  He looked at my ass and grinned and said:

“Good, I like jock-straps.  Do you like raw-cock?” has asked


“When is the last time you got fucked?”

“About a half-hour ago, and I still have the load inside me” I replied with a smile,

He smiled back.   He was getting really excited and had a wild look in his eyes.

It was a small room. I figured we would get right down to business, so I got onto his bed with my back going across the narrow part of the bunk, I lifted my legs up with my hands, so that my ass was aiming out toward him as he remained standing.   

He took of his towel, because of the way I was lying on the bed with my legs up; I couldn’t see his cock, just the top half of him.  He remained between my legs and spit into his hand and rubbed it on his dick.  He didn’t offer any lube.  I was going to be spit-roasted

He started pressing into my hole.  Christ, his cock was really thick, especially thick for a spit job.  He kept trying to press the head in, but it was so fat.

“You have a really thick dick,” I said as I tried to relax my ass muscles.

“Yeah, and you are going to take all of it.”  He said in an aggressive tone.

Finally he pushed it inside.  Fortunately, once he was inside of me, and started to fuck, his cock started to become coated with the spunk and oil already inside of me. Otherwise, I think he would have torn me open.

“When did you first start taking raw loads?”  He asked as grabbed my legs and pushed them further back as he pumped me

“Not that long ago, but I did it raw with my first boyfriend”

“Yeah, and you got hooked” he said with a knowing almost sneering tone.  “Play with my nipples.”

He was leaning into me, so I reached up and started to work them, this seemed to make him even more worked-up.

“Do you like gang-bang?”

“I love being gang-banged”

‘Would you like having some of my biker friends gang-bang you?”

“Fuck yeah, that would be hot. You could fuck me last after your biker friends gave me their loads

“I’d fuck you first and then last.  How many loads have you taken at one time?” he asked

“Four or five” I answered, enjoying how my answers were getting him hotter and hotter. He kept my legs pressed up into my chest and plugging me hard with thick tool.

“You like mixing poz and neg loads in your ass?”

“I just like the way it feels; my ass is sensitive” I said.

“Your ass is made for breeding” he responded sarcastically, as he continued to pound my hole. I took that as a compliment.

“Pull my nipples harder” he demanded, he was getting ready to blow his load.  In just a minute he was grunting and pushing in as deep as he could.

When he pulled out his short, thick cock, I could feel some of his cum leaking out of my hole.  He must have shot a big load.

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