Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seeded in Buena Vista Park - Part Two

 I stood still as the guy started to walk toward me.  My eyes had adjusted pretty well in the dark.  As he got close I could see that he was Latino and wearing a multi-color toboggan cap with dark curls coming out of the bottom.   His face was broad with big beautiful sensuous lips.  He stood about 5’6 or so.  He was wearing a tight fitting blue track suit and looked to be really fit with a developed upper body.    He reminded me of a Mayan warrior.

Mayan guy got close to me and gave me a great big sexy grin and pulled down his pants and showed off a big-dark-floppy-uncut dick.  No wonder he had such a big grin on his face.  His cock was not even hard and it was really impressive, especially hanging off a short guy.

He kept giving me that big grin and he showed-off his beautiful dick.  I got on my knees if front of him and started to suck on his cock.  I enjoyed taking his big but yet still soft cock in my mouth, pushing his foreskin back with my tongue, tasting the faint cheesy flavor on his head.  His cock was so beautiful and I was really getting into being on my knees in front of him worshipping it.  I was taking my time, sucking as much as I could fit in my mouth then tracing the big veins with my tongue and then all the way to his piss hole.

He pulled down his track pants down further, exposing his muscular thighs covered with a thick mat of black hair.  I cupped his heavy, hairy, elongated balls in my hand.  They reminded me of the way balls look on a bull.  I heard him moan as I began to gently lick and kiss them.  I enjoyed thinking about all the cum those big must make and that he would be giving it to me

I heard footsteps coming from behind me.   I looked up and another guy was standing next to us.  He was Latin too, but a different look.  He was tall, with straight    hair.  He was wearing cowboy boots, and jeans with a big western belt buckle.  In a flash his zipper was down and he was stroking next to my face.  I grabbed his uncut cock in my hand, it was not as large as Mayan guys, but still nice.  I pulled Tall guy closer in and began sucking him. Soon I had one dick in each hand and was alternating blowing the two Latin studs. 

After a couple more minutes of sucking, Tall guy grabs my arm and pulls me up off the cold ground.   He pulls me into him and we start to kiss; his tongue going into my mouth.  Mayan guy is behind me; I can feel his hands caressing my ass.  I reached down and unfasten my pants.  Mayan guy pushed my pants down exposing my ass.   As Tall guy and I continue to make out, soon I feel Mayan fat index finger going knuckle deep into my already wet hole. 

“Oh yeah, nice wet pussy for me” he said , as he continued to play with my hole.  “You want this cock in your ass?

“Oh yes, please, fuck me” I responded.

Mayan guy grabs my hips with both hands pulls me backwards, away from tall guy and closer to himself.    Then he put his right hand on my  back and aggressively pushed me into the bent-over position.   I grabbed onto Tall guy’s legs for support

I turned my head and watched him spit into the palm of his hand and rub it on his long-fat-dick.   As his big swollen head started in my hole I was glad that I had been fucked just a few minutes before.  Even though my ass was already opened-up and lubed with a combination of sperm and Vaseline, Mayan guy’s prick felt intense.

“Oh, yeah, sweet pussy” he moans out.

Tall guy grabs the back of my head and pushed his cock down into my throat.  I could feel his cold silver belt buckle press into my forehead.

Mayan guy started fucking me hard, I could feel his hands on my ass cheeks spreading them open and his big bull balls slapping against my ass, as he went all the way inside me.  

Tall guy held onto my head and started fucking my mouth, making me gag on his dick; I could feel tears in my eyes. 

“You want it, you want my cum?” Mayan guy asked.  I wasn’t able to respond with Tall guy fucking my mouth.  Then a few seconds later Mayan guy was moaning shoving his cock in as deep as it would go.  After Mayan guy started cumming, Tall guy pressed my head onto his cock and I could feel him shoot and taste his sweet and salty spunk in my mouth.

Mayan guy leaned over me, staying inside me until he finished unloading.  He pulled out and then pushed his cock head back against my hole to give me the last of his cum.

I stood up and kissed Tall guy so he taste his cum in my mouth.  I could feel Mayan guys big load of cum running out of my hole and down my inner thigh.

Without talking Tall guy zipped up, Mayan guy still had that big grin on his face as we pulled-up our pants.  A few minutes later I was walking out of the park.      

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  1. Pigman, this was such a fucking hot post. You got me so horned up! I ended up reading through almost all your other posts - DAMN! Especially loved the 8th Avenue series. You are one amazing slut! -Dan

  2. What a lucky slut you were that night, the image of you bent forward at the waist with Latin meat plugging both your holes. Thanks for getting me off once again....

  3. Jonking,
    Wish you had been there to plug my ass too.