Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeded at Buena Vista Park

I chatted with a guy online who was into sex in public places.   We decided to meet that night at Buena Vista Park around midnight. It was cool that night so I was wearing jeans and a leather jacket.  I walked around the paths for a few minutes before spotting him.  He was a tall husky guy with brown hair in his mid-twenties, and wearing a gray hoodie (he told me how he would be dressed).   

Once we spotted each other, we moved behind a clump of trees off the path.  Up close he seemed like a big kid even younger than his years.  When we stood close to each other I was surprised how big and tall he was; he towered over me by at least six or seven inches.  He bent his head down and we began to kiss.  He was a really good passionate kisser and was getting me hot.  He took charge and started to unbuckle my belt and unfasten my jeans.  Soon his hand was going over my ass and one of his big fingers was pushing in my eager hole.      

“Mmmm you lubed-up for me” he said with sweet approval. 

“That’s right, all clean and lubed for you to fuck”

We continued kissing; he fingered my hole while I felt his crotch and began to unbutton his jeans.  His cock was stubby and thick.  After a little more kissing he was turned me around.  It was cold so I left on my leather jacket and lowered my pants only just enough.  The air felt cold on my beefy ass. 

After he had me turned around, I felt his hand on my back bending me completely over, then the big mushroom head of thick cock against pushing against my hole.  I was so hot and eager; I pushed my ass back onto him and felt his fat cockhead head pop inside me.  Because of my pants up under my ass, I couldn’t spread my legs apart.  The girth of his dick felt intense but so good. 

I moaned out loud.  Loud enough that some of the other guys cruising around nearby heard me.  We had established online that we both enjoyed public place and didn’t mind being observed.  I gave me a minute to adjust to his fat dick and then started fucking me.

“Oh yeah, breed that hole” I said, again loud enough to attract attention

He was screwing me good.

“You have a hot ass, ” he moaned

“Seed me, seed my ass,” I continued.

He kept pumping into more just a little while longer until he started to moan.  I felt the wetness of his sperm in my ass as he continued to stroke me.   Then he grabbed me and pulled me up right and held from behind with his dick still in my ass, kissing my neck. 

I turned around, I put my hand on his semi hard cock, and there was still a strand of cum dangling from it.  I took his cum on my finger licked it off.  We kissed again.   

I reached around and touched my now opened-up-spermy hole.  We both began to fasten our pants and saying goodbye, making promised to hook-up again. I watched as he walked off down the path.

I looked around and noticed a couple of guys silhouetted in the darkness who had been watching us.  One of them started walking toward me

(To be continued)

Copyright 2011


  1. Thanks for getting me hard and throbbing - my cock is in my hand right now, twitching and jerking in search of your ass.....

  2. Jonking, Thank you. your comments are always so hot.