Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Quickie

I was cruising online the other night and got a message that said “Wanna fuck at Coit Tower.” 

The guy’s main profile pic was of his flaccid, but still impressive cock.  It had a creamy white shaft with a big pink mushroom head.  However, the best thing about the pic was that it showed-off his balls; two great big man-eggs hanging down, balls so big they looked like they would bust out of his sack.   I love big balls like that, I think of them as an enormous cum factory.

I didn’t have to look at the rest of his profile because it was from a guy who had fucked me at Coit Tower once before. 

Then I got another message from him: “Loved your hole.  Really horny for it again.”

That he complimented me on my hole was a huge turn-on.  It makes me feel good and slutty at the same time.   It is the compliment I like to hear above all else; that is how much of a slut I have become over just the last year.

We agreed to meet in fifteen minutes.  I threw on a pair of black gym shorts and put on a jacket over my T-shirt.  When I arrived in the parking lot, I started scanning the cars; even late at night there were many.  Then I saw a figure approach me out of the darkness.  It was him.  I got hard right away.  He is stocky and tall, probably 6’5 with blondish brown hair and an unruly beard.   

Coit Tower is obviously a major landmark in San Francisco and people drive up there at all times of the day and night to catch the 360 degree view of the bay and City.  It is very public with little seclusion, and not a gay cruising spot.  Therefore the idea of getting fucked there was also another huge turn on for me. 

He greeted me with a warm smile.  He is about twenty years my junior, even though he is masculine, his friendly manner reveals a charming boyishness.   Daddy loves getting fucked by one of his boys. 

We immediately were starting to walk out of the parking lot to the darkest side of the park around the Tower where we fucked before.  Because of the steepness of the terrain, it was not possible to go completely behind a tree or bush the best we could do was stop on the sidewalk move to the edge.    Even though that part of the park is dark, people still walk along the sidewalk around the tower all night long.  In fact the last time we were there just as we were beginning to fuck we were spotted by a homeless guy on the hill above us who yelled out:  “Hey you faggot-white-boys”

He leaned down and we began to kiss.  I felt his tongue enter my mouth. He is a great kisser, forceful but tender.  He put one hand around my shoulder He reached down with the other and felt my hard cock through my shorts.   I put my hand on him and felt his junk through the front of his pants.   He unzipped and hauled out his dick.  I pushed down the top of my shorts pulled my cock.  We kissed while I stroked his cock, feeling it stiffen in my hand.

After a couple of minutes, he took his big hand off my cock and starting massaging my ass while we continued to kiss.  Then I felt his hand tighten up on the side my right ass cheek as he began to turn me around.  I complied, turning around, lowering my shorts past my ass, bending over, and submitting myself to him. 

I grunted a little as his hands spread me open and his big mushroom popped inside me.  He moaned out:  “Oh yeah… so good” as he pushed all the way inside me.

I was so horny, I didn’t care anymore if anyone could hear us and I started talking out loud saying:  “I love your cock inside me.” I could feel his big balls slapping on my ass as he used me.

After just a couple of minutes, I could tell he was getting close and I started saying: “Yeah, seed me, seed my ass” A few second later he moaned loudly as he was creaming my hole.

I turned around and he was zipping-up. I pulled up my shorts.  We smiled at each other and he said, “That was good, … you have my number.”  As I started walking away I could feel a large amount of jiz dripping from my opened-up hole.  His big balls really were a cum factory.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Anonymous Gang-Bang on 8th Avenue

It was a hot, humid, summer Saturday night about 1:30 am; and I was horny.  I walked down Eighth Avenue to the video peep show.

I entered the video arcade and stood at the end of the hallway.  Down at the other end a short guy with unruly thick black hair, he was very dark skinned (maybe he was of Latin origin, but darker than most).   His shirt was unbuttoned all the way revealing a very thick mass of black chest hair.  Not only was his chest hair thick, it was the long kind, so long it swirled around on his chest and made patterns on his chest.

Dark-Hairy Guy was grabbing at a white guy standing near him.  The white guy was thin with big muscular tan legs in red shorts, like a tennis player, with shoulder length curly brown hair.  Dark-Hairy Guy unzipped his pants and pulled out an impressive long hard dark cock.

I was getting horny when guys forget about going into the booths and start having sex right out in the hallway.  Aside from the other guys, about a half dozen, like me standing in the hallway, there is also a camera pointed down the hall that is monitored by the staff 

As I was watching the action at the other end of the hall, two other white guys walked past me and down hall. The looked and acted like they were lovers. Both of the guys were lean, one in a white shirt looked to be in his forties the other one wearing a blue shirt and a small brimmed fedora hat and was thirtyish .The couple and the Dark-Hairy-Guy formed a circle around the Red-Shorts guy.  They both unzipped.   Dark-Hairy Guy put his hand on Red-Shorts Guy shoulder and pushed him to his knees.  All three of the other guys were around him with their hard cocks out and Red-Shorts Guy began to go from guy to guy sucking each of them in turn.

I walked down the hall and took a place between the couple with the White-Shirt-Guy on my left and the younger Blue-Shirt-Guy on my right.   I pushed down the front of my nylon gym shorts and pulled out my already hard dick. The Blue-Shirt Guy on my right put his left hand at the base of my cock and started to stroke while he continued to stroke himself with his right. The Red-Shorts Guy was going strong on his knees, turning from cock-to-cock sucking, including mine. 

After a minute, I felt Blue-Shirt Guy’s right hand going down the back of my gym shorts into the crack of my ass (I wasn’t wearing underwear).  I look over at his cock, it was a really hard and uncut, the shaft was long and white with an angry looking fiery red pointed head.  He had one of the prettiest cocks I had seen in a while.  I just knew he would be a good fuck.

I leaned into his ear and asked, “You want my hole?”

“Yeah, I want to fuck your ass, turn around” he ordered.

The tone and authority of his voice was a turn on.  I turned my back to him, lowered my shorts to my knees.  I felt his hand on my back bending me over.  I felt him rub some spit onto my hole and then in one violent thrust his pretty pointed cock was ripping into my hole and he was balls-deep in my ass.  It hurt badly, and I whimpered out loud.  It’s those pointed dicks that can really hurt sometimes.  My sphincter was going into a spasm as started to spit fuck me.  I grabbed onto my knees for support. It was intense; he was screwing me rough and hard.

I was really excited that White-Shirt Guy he was fucking me out in the hallway.  He had me from behind and the other three guys were surrounding me with their hard cocks out (all of them except for Red-Shorts Guy, who stood up and moved aside).  As I was bent over getting plugged, I thought about the other five or six guys who I knew were standing further back in the hallway, then I thought about the camera and wondered if the arcade attendants were watching.  

Dark-Hairy Guy maneuvered directly in front of me and stuck his long dark cock in my face; it was surprisingly long for a short guy.  His belly covered with his beautiful thick black fun was pressed on my forehead. I started licking and sucking his cock. Blue-Shirt guy kept fucking me hard, grabbing my meaty ass with his hands and squeezing so hard he would leave bruises.

White-shirt guy came up on my right sticking his cock in front of my face; his cock was cut and very thick. 

After a couple of minutes, I could feel another set of hands moving around my ass.  I looked up and another Indian looking guy was standing behind me.  He was running his hands across my ass, sometimes moving his hand down to my hole to feel the cock gong in and out.  He was handsome, young, and tall with short black hair.  

 I could tell from the intensity of Blue-Shirt Guy’s fuck that he wanted to seed my hole, so I was using all my skill to tighten my ass and milk the cum out of his cock.  

I kept sucking his partner, White-Shirt Guy.  He reached down and took my left hand and wrapped it around the base of his cock.  He started pumping his cock into my mouth and hand. Then, I could feel his dick stiffen and taste his hot sweet jiz filling my mouth.  I loved lapping up his juice, but was also slightly disappointed; I was hoping that his big thick cock would be going in my hole next.  After I cleaned the cum off his cock, he zipped up and moved behind me to Blue-Shirt Guy, his boyfriend.

White-Shirt guy was pumping my ass harder and faster.  Young Guy moved his hands further up my body and started pinching my left nipple.  I kept clinching my ass muscles he thrust his dick inside me.  Then he cried out, “Here it comes” and a minute later he was shooting his seed into my hole.

After White-Shirt Guy came, I turned my head and watched as he pulled out, buttoned up, and walked away with Blue-Shirt Guy.  Before I could stand up, Dark-Hairy Guy was moving around behind my ass.  It was going to turn into a gang-bang.  Not only a gang-bang, but a full on anonymous, public, gang-bang.

I felt Dark-Hairy guy’s dick going in my used hole.  As we went in, my ass felt super wet; White-Shirt Guy had cum really big in my ass.  As he began to fuck me, Young Guy unzipped his jeans and stuck his dick in my face.   It was cut, kind of short but thick.  I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking.

After a couple of minutes of fucking, Dark-Hairy Guy pulled out of my ass; I don’t think he had cum.  Young-Guy suddenly got shy pulled me into the booth next to us and closed the door.  We both went into the booth, I turned toward the door and bent over has much as I could in the small space to give him my ass.  I felt his short but thick dick go in my now sloppy hole.

Young-Guy fucked me like that for a few minutes; then I felt him suddenly pull out.  I turned my head back and watched as he shot a big load of cum against the wall and across the floor.  I was disappointed not to have his big load inside me, but it was still a nice fuck.

Young-Guy buttoned up his pants and when got ready to leave the booth.  When I opened the door Dark-Hairy-Guy was waiting right outside the booth with his dick still out of his pants and hard.  Young-Guy left and, Dark-Hairy-Guy pushed me back into the booth and closed the door.  I lowered my shorts again and bent forward just exactly as I had done for the last guy.  Dark-Hairy-Guy’s longer uncut cock felt nice in my hole.  He fucked me good for a few minutes before blowing his load inside me.

When I left the arcade I looked at the attendant monitoring the television and wondered if he had been watching when I was in the all and if he enjoyed the show.

As I walked up Eighth Avenue, I thought about the load down my throat and the two loads up my ass.  It felt good.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My hole was well used today

Most of the cum was pounded inside me, but you can still see some leaking out.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dirty Talkers

I walked into the dark room at the bath.  A defined smooth guy, probably in his thirties, with a very thick mat of black hair came in right behind me.  He was following me, because when I stopped by the fuck bench he stopped too.  He started running his hand over my chest and my nipples, I began touching him too, removing my towel and hanging it on the partition.  I felt his hand starting to stroke my hard dick.  Next thing smooth-guy was on his knees in front of me and began giving me a really good blowjob. 

I hadn’t cum in a few days and Smooth-guy was getting me so horny.  Judging from the way he was sucking my dick, he seemed really into me.  I decided to see if he would give me a load. The fuck bench was just over to my right, so I turned and climbed onto it.   It took a minute for Smooth-guy to get up off his knees.  Then a felt his hand slap hard against my ass.  For a minute, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  Then I felt his hands grab both my ass cheeks and press his cock into my hole. 

 He and I both let out grunts  of pleasure as he pushed passed my sphincter. 

I turned my head a saw that a couple of other guys had come over to watch him fuck me.

“Oh he has a nice ass, so tight and wet” he said in a loud voice to one the other guys. (And it was tight; I hadn’t been fucked in some time)

“His ass is the best I’ve ever had.”  Smooth-guy said I was a little embarrassed, but it was an unsolicited testimonial and maybe it would lead some of the other guys fucking me and giving me their loads.

“Oh, I almost just came.” He said in a slightly softer voice.  I knew he wanted to hear my reaction.

I turned my heard toward him and said: “Yeah fuck me, give it to me”

He pushed me forward on the bench and mounted it behind me, so that we were both on the bench and he was on top of me, leaning over my back fucking me aggressively. I loved the feeling of his muscular body moving on top of me, pumping his tool in my hole.

He leaned over me and asked a little more softly it me ear “I’m gonna cum in your ass, alright?”

“Oh fuck yes, give me your seed” answered out load, to encourage him.

He started fucking me faster and harder and soon he was moaning and his whole body was shaking and pulsing on top of me.  I knew his load was inside me.

A little later, I was cruising the hallway and started talking to a hot guy.  He was about my height, a kinda big guy, but built solid with a smooth chest with a tribal tattoo in the center.  His head was completely bald or shaved and a very long salt and pepper beard that came all the way down to his chest. 

I asked him what he was looking for, he said, “Looking to get my cock sucked and fuck some ass.” 

“I like to get fucked” I replied.

“I’d like to fuck you while you play with my nipples and talk dirty shit”

I felt under his towel. His cock felt really thick and fat. We kissed.

 “Mmmm sounds nice. Do you have a room?” I enjoy playing in the public areas but I knew that we needed a quieter place to get into heavy dirty talk.

I followed him back to his room.  I shut the door and took my towel off revealing my black jock strap underneath.  He looked at my ass and grinned and said:

“Good, I like jock-straps.  Do you like raw-cock?” has asked


“When is the last time you got fucked?”

“About a half-hour ago, and I still have the load inside me” I replied with a smile,

He smiled back.   He was getting really excited and had a wild look in his eyes.

It was a small room. I figured we would get right down to business, so I got onto his bed with my back going across the narrow part of the bunk, I lifted my legs up with my hands, so that my ass was aiming out toward him as he remained standing.   

He took of his towel, because of the way I was lying on the bed with my legs up; I couldn’t see his cock, just the top half of him.  He remained between my legs and spit into his hand and rubbed it on his dick.  He didn’t offer any lube.  I was going to be spit-roasted

He started pressing into my hole.  Christ, his cock was really thick, especially thick for a spit job.  He kept trying to press the head in, but it was so fat.

“You have a really thick dick,” I said as I tried to relax my ass muscles.

“Yeah, and you are going to take all of it.”  He said in an aggressive tone.

Finally he pushed it inside.  Fortunately, once he was inside of me, and started to fuck, his cock started to become coated with the spunk and oil already inside of me. Otherwise, I think he would have torn me open.

“When did you first start taking raw loads?”  He asked as grabbed my legs and pushed them further back as he pumped me

“Not that long ago, but I did it raw with my first boyfriend”

“Yeah, and you got hooked” he said with a knowing almost sneering tone.  “Play with my nipples.”

He was leaning into me, so I reached up and started to work them, this seemed to make him even more worked-up.

“Do you like gang-bang?”

“I love being gang-banged”

‘Would you like having some of my biker friends gang-bang you?”

“Fuck yeah, that would be hot. You could fuck me last after your biker friends gave me their loads

“I’d fuck you first and then last.  How many loads have you taken at one time?” he asked

“Four or five” I answered, enjoying how my answers were getting him hotter and hotter. He kept my legs pressed up into my chest and plugging me hard with thick tool.

“You like mixing poz and neg loads in your ass?”

“I just like the way it feels; my ass is sensitive” I said.

“Your ass is made for breeding” he responded sarcastically, as he continued to pound my hole. I took that as a compliment.

“Pull my nipples harder” he demanded, he was getting ready to blow his load.  In just a minute he was grunting and pushing in as deep as he could.

When he pulled out his short, thick cock, I could feel some of his cum leaking out of my hole.  He must have shot a big load.

Copyright 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finally, Fucked with a Prince Albert - Part Two

A little while later, I was walking through the dark room and the guy with the PA who had fucked me, “Bearish-guy” was in the sling.  He was by himself, looking very furry and fuck-able. I approached from his left side and leaned toward his face and gave him my dick.  He gave me a nice blow-job for a couple of minutes and then I walked around and stood between his legs. 

I noticed for the first time, that aside from the Prince Albert, he was also had a small piercing between his balls and ass hole.  I pushed my hard dick inside him, he felt great.  His hole was open and wet enough that my cock went right in, yet tight enough that I felt completely enveloped in his velvety softness.

Bearish-guy’s ass was perfect for me. He was a talented bottom and, apart from my pure enjoyment, I felt a sense of admiration at his technique and muscle control.  Good holes are an art not an accident.  I enjoyed fucking him slowly while making eye contact and playing with his two piercings.  He seemed to be having a good time also. 

After a few minutes, a smaller-smooth-Latin guy wearing a gold chain, walked up next to me, watching us fuck.  I thought it would be hot to turn this into a gang-bang, so I stepped aside, and watched as he fucked Bearish-guy for a couple of minutes, then walked away

I was even more horned-up now; I moved right back in between Bearish-guys raised legs and poked my cock all the way in him in one thrust.  He let out a soft moan. 

I continued to fuck him at a harder and faster pace, while I played with his Prince Albert with my right hand.  It was hot thinking about how that piercing had been up my ass only I noticed a young lean handsome black guy standing to my left watching.

Young-lean guy was hard with nice cock that curved slightly upward.  He stood to my left and watched me continue to fuck Bearish-guy.  We made eye contact and smiled, so I pulled out and watched the lean guy put a rubber on his dick and begin to fuck Bearish-guy.  The contrast in their body types made it fun to watch;  the smooth lean body pumping into the furry bear. 

After about five minutes of fucking, Young-lean guy stopped and pulled out without cumming.  I got back into position between Bearish-guys legs and pushed me cock back in.  Even after all of this fucking, his ass felt tight and sweet.  He was stroking himself now and I felt his ass clinching my cock. I watched, as he jacked-off a big load that shoot all the way to his shoulder.

I stopped fucking him hard, but didn’t pull out yet.  I enjoyed staying in his tightened hole, looking at the cum on his furry chest and the cum dripping of that hot Prince Albert.  I was happy that after he gave me my first PA fucking, I could show him a good time too.

copyright 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally, Fucked with a Prince Albert

The other afternoon I stopped by the Steamworks. I had already cleaned myself at home, so I undressed at my locker inserted a combination of Vaseline and vitamin E oil in my hole and headed directly back to the dark room.  My eyes had not adjusted from the bright daylight to the dim lighting, but I could make out some action.  There was a guy in the sling and another standing between his legs fingering his ass. I stood along side the vertical guy to watch. He was middle aged with a developed, muscular body.

Muscular-guy started playing with my nipples, so I reciprocated. His chest was smooth and hard. He lowered his head and started so suck my left nipple, which instantly gave me boner. I reached out and felt his hard cock through the towel and he did the same. We kissed. His cock wasn't huge, but it was very hard and He was getting me very horny.  I grabbed him by the cock and started to lead him over a few feet over to the part of the dark room with the fuck bench.

I took off my towel and hung it on the partition wall and he did the same.  We kept kissing and touching each other’s cocks. He seemed really toppish to me, so without saying anything, I turned and mounted the fuck bench, presenting my ass to him. In a flash he moved in behind me and started to finger my still tight hole.

When he felt that it was wet with lube he let out a nice deep moan. A few seconds later his finger was out and I could feel his dick pressing into me. He immediately started up with a nice rhythm. Within about two minutes of walking into the darkroom, I was getting fucked; this might be a new record for me. He fucked me good and best of all he started moaning out load.

Soon I noticed, a couple of guys standing alongside stroking themselves through their towels. Muscular-guy started running his hands over my back and ass while he fucked me.

Then he said in a deep voice: "I'm close, I'm gonna cum soon."

I lifted my head and torso up and said, "Yeah do it, fuck me, breed me."

He reached forward and grabbed my shoulders and started fucking me harder. I moved my legs inward and could feel his enormous calve muscles with my feet. I realized that he must be even more muscular than I realized during our short grope session in the dark. I started clenching my sphincter muscles around his thrusting cock.

Fortunately, and in spite of his warning, he didn't cum right away, but kept fucking me hard for several more minutes. I felt him pull out suddenly, I knew he hadn't cum, I turned my head back and said: "Aww give to me, give me your cum."

He didn't go back inside me but a few seconds later his cum shooting on the outside of my man pussy and higher in my ass crack, like in a porn movie. Even though I love taking spunk inside my hole, it was very sexy feeling his jiz running down my crack and over the lips of my hole, some of it finding it's way inside. Muscular guy grabbed his towel and walked away. I remained on the bench for a couple of minutes luxuriating in my cum soaked ass. I took my finger and pushed all I could inside me before dismounting the fuck bench.

I smelled my finger to make sure my ass was still clean. I decided not to wipe the cum out of my ass crack but to leave it wet.  Just for good measure, I went back to my locker and put another small wad of Vaseline inside.

A couple of minutes later I was on the platform and a guy standing below was reaching up for my cock. I took my towel off and he began to blow me.

Meanwhile, a handsome thirtyish big tall guy (he must have been at least 6'5) sidled up beside me and started playing with my chest.  He had brown hair and mustache and a tattoo on his right shoulder. 

Soon Big-tall guy’s towel came off revealing a big-swinging -thick-uncut-cock. Another guy appeared below and started sucking on Big-tall guy's meat. We stood side by side getting sucked and while touching each. After a couple of minutes, Big-tall guy moved away from the rail and came up directly behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, leaned down and began to kiss my neck. I could feel his now hard cock pressing against me. Because he was so much taller than me his cock was touching above my butt around the small of my back. I liked the way this was going, so I reached down and grabbed his hard and really thick cock and pulled it down vertically between my ass checks. He let out a soft moan in my ear when his cock started to move around my crack, still sopping wet from the last guys load. 

Big-tall guy pulled me even tighter in his arms, kissing my neck and shoulders as he began humping me. His cock was so big it filled the entire length of my crack.

I leaned back and asked, "Do you want to fuck me?" "Yes" he said softly in ear. I pulled away from the guy who was blowing me and we left the platform and walked into the darkroom. The sling and the fuck bench were both occupied, (given his size, I was hoping the sling would be available) 

We ended up in a corner.  We both took off our towels and hung them over the nearby partition. He was eager to get down to business. He positioned himself behind me and bent me over. The next thing I knew he was gripping my hips with his hands and I felt him mercilessly thrusting his thick meat up my ass.

God Damn, it hurt.  My ass was being ripped open. I yelled and jumped forward, disengaging from his monster cock. After that he gave me a minute to adjust. My ass was still throbbing and hurting when, I took his tool in my left hand and held it while I backed into it at my own speed. The feeling of his big fat head going past my sphincter was still intense, but I was determined to take it. He eagerly pushed it all the way inside.

After the initial thrust, I was able to relax enough that it was not painful at all. Then he was screwing me deeply and non-stop. After a few minutes he pulled out I was still bent over and I felt his cum shooting all the way onto the top of my head, with a huge spluge landing on my back. This was followed by two more streams hitting the length of my back, with some of the cum hitting my ass. My entire back was drenched. I have never had one person cover me in so much cum in my life. 

After Big-tall guy walked away, I spent a couple of minutes wiping the jiz off my back into my finger and inserting it in my ass. It was funny having two guys in a row shooting on me rather than in me, but the bukake thing was hot.

Big-tall guy had fucked my so rough I went in the bathroom to check to see if there was any bleeding, but I didn’t see any.

A few minutes later I was by the sling standing beside a bearish guy stroking his cock. He was little smaller than me and about my age.  He had the ubiquitous goatee and tattoos.  He gave me a smile and we started to touch each other and kiss.  When I reached down for his cock and saw that he had a Prince Albert. 

His dick wasn’t too big; Although, the Prince Albert hanging out of his cock head was pretty big in diameter, although not the thickest gage I had ever seen, but thick enough that it would not do any damage.  Besides, my ass was very open and wet after being fucked by the previous two guys.   

We kept kissing and I cupped my hand all the way around bearish-guy’s dick and started sliding it up and down.  He seemed like more of a bottom, but when I was staring down at his PA he seemed to know what I wanted and smiled.

I took him over to the fuck bench and we kissed a little more. I decided that to go for it and see if he would fuck me.  I thought about telling him that I had never had a Prince Albert in my ass before, but decided that it might ruin the vibe and spontaneity of the moment.  I turned and put my knees of the lower part of the fuck bench and then bent over the top part.  I turned my head and watched him spit a huge wad into his hand and then rub it onto his dick.  It was going to happen, I was going to get fucked with a PA.

The first sensation I felt was the distinct and strange feeling of metal going inside my hole.  It didn’t hurt at all. Although, I wondered what it would have felt like if my ass had been tight instead of wet and open from being used. Once the metal was inside my ass there was really no feeling of the PA at all.  He started to slowly pump my ass with his cock.  I could tell he his cock was growing harder and bigger inside me.  I could feel the sensation of the Prince Albert rubbing inside me as Bearish-guy gave me a nice steady fuck. 

It didn’t hurt at all, but just added a nice pressure that really felt good.  I started moaning out loud, to let Bearish-guy know it felt good.  He started fucking a little harder, even pulling his cock all the way out and pushing it back in.  He kept up screwing me for a few minutes before pulling out without cumming. 

Finally, fucked with a Prince Albert. The experience was great.  It made me even hornier and I wanted more dick up my ass.

(To Be Continued)

copyright 2011 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seeded in Buena Vista Park - Part Two

 I stood still as the guy started to walk toward me.  My eyes had adjusted pretty well in the dark.  As he got close I could see that he was Latino and wearing a multi-color toboggan cap with dark curls coming out of the bottom.   His face was broad with big beautiful sensuous lips.  He stood about 5’6 or so.  He was wearing a tight fitting blue track suit and looked to be really fit with a developed upper body.    He reminded me of a Mayan warrior.

Mayan guy got close to me and gave me a great big sexy grin and pulled down his pants and showed off a big-dark-floppy-uncut dick.  No wonder he had such a big grin on his face.  His cock was not even hard and it was really impressive, especially hanging off a short guy.

He kept giving me that big grin and he showed-off his beautiful dick.  I got on my knees if front of him and started to suck on his cock.  I enjoyed taking his big but yet still soft cock in my mouth, pushing his foreskin back with my tongue, tasting the faint cheesy flavor on his head.  His cock was so beautiful and I was really getting into being on my knees in front of him worshipping it.  I was taking my time, sucking as much as I could fit in my mouth then tracing the big veins with my tongue and then all the way to his piss hole.

He pulled down his track pants down further, exposing his muscular thighs covered with a thick mat of black hair.  I cupped his heavy, hairy, elongated balls in my hand.  They reminded me of the way balls look on a bull.  I heard him moan as I began to gently lick and kiss them.  I enjoyed thinking about all the cum those big must make and that he would be giving it to me

I heard footsteps coming from behind me.   I looked up and another guy was standing next to us.  He was Latin too, but a different look.  He was tall, with straight    hair.  He was wearing cowboy boots, and jeans with a big western belt buckle.  In a flash his zipper was down and he was stroking next to my face.  I grabbed his uncut cock in my hand, it was not as large as Mayan guys, but still nice.  I pulled Tall guy closer in and began sucking him. Soon I had one dick in each hand and was alternating blowing the two Latin studs. 

After a couple more minutes of sucking, Tall guy grabs my arm and pulls me up off the cold ground.   He pulls me into him and we start to kiss; his tongue going into my mouth.  Mayan guy is behind me; I can feel his hands caressing my ass.  I reached down and unfasten my pants.  Mayan guy pushed my pants down exposing my ass.   As Tall guy and I continue to make out, soon I feel Mayan fat index finger going knuckle deep into my already wet hole. 

“Oh yeah, nice wet pussy for me” he said , as he continued to play with my hole.  “You want this cock in your ass?

“Oh yes, please, fuck me” I responded.

Mayan guy grabs my hips with both hands pulls me backwards, away from tall guy and closer to himself.    Then he put his right hand on my  back and aggressively pushed me into the bent-over position.   I grabbed onto Tall guy’s legs for support

I turned my head and watched him spit into the palm of his hand and rub it on his long-fat-dick.   As his big swollen head started in my hole I was glad that I had been fucked just a few minutes before.  Even though my ass was already opened-up and lubed with a combination of sperm and Vaseline, Mayan guy’s prick felt intense.

“Oh, yeah, sweet pussy” he moans out.

Tall guy grabs the back of my head and pushed his cock down into my throat.  I could feel his cold silver belt buckle press into my forehead.

Mayan guy started fucking me hard, I could feel his hands on my ass cheeks spreading them open and his big bull balls slapping against my ass, as he went all the way inside me.  

Tall guy held onto my head and started fucking my mouth, making me gag on his dick; I could feel tears in my eyes. 

“You want it, you want my cum?” Mayan guy asked.  I wasn’t able to respond with Tall guy fucking my mouth.  Then a few seconds later Mayan guy was moaning shoving his cock in as deep as it would go.  After Mayan guy started cumming, Tall guy pressed my head onto his cock and I could feel him shoot and taste his sweet and salty spunk in my mouth.

Mayan guy leaned over me, staying inside me until he finished unloading.  He pulled out and then pushed his cock head back against my hole to give me the last of his cum.

I stood up and kissed Tall guy so he taste his cum in my mouth.  I could feel Mayan guys big load of cum running out of my hole and down my inner thigh.

Without talking Tall guy zipped up, Mayan guy still had that big grin on his face as we pulled-up our pants.  A few minutes later I was walking out of the park.      

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Seeded at Buena Vista Park

I chatted with a guy online who was into sex in public places.   We decided to meet that night at Buena Vista Park around midnight. It was cool that night so I was wearing jeans and a leather jacket.  I walked around the paths for a few minutes before spotting him.  He was a tall husky guy with brown hair in his mid-twenties, and wearing a gray hoodie (he told me how he would be dressed).   

Once we spotted each other, we moved behind a clump of trees off the path.  Up close he seemed like a big kid even younger than his years.  When we stood close to each other I was surprised how big and tall he was; he towered over me by at least six or seven inches.  He bent his head down and we began to kiss.  He was a really good passionate kisser and was getting me hot.  He took charge and started to unbuckle my belt and unfasten my jeans.  Soon his hand was going over my ass and one of his big fingers was pushing in my eager hole.      

“Mmmm you lubed-up for me” he said with sweet approval. 

“That’s right, all clean and lubed for you to fuck”

We continued kissing; he fingered my hole while I felt his crotch and began to unbutton his jeans.  His cock was stubby and thick.  After a little more kissing he was turned me around.  It was cold so I left on my leather jacket and lowered my pants only just enough.  The air felt cold on my beefy ass. 

After he had me turned around, I felt his hand on my back bending me completely over, then the big mushroom head of thick cock against pushing against my hole.  I was so hot and eager; I pushed my ass back onto him and felt his fat cockhead head pop inside me.  Because of my pants up under my ass, I couldn’t spread my legs apart.  The girth of his dick felt intense but so good. 

I moaned out loud.  Loud enough that some of the other guys cruising around nearby heard me.  We had established online that we both enjoyed public place and didn’t mind being observed.  I gave me a minute to adjust to his fat dick and then started fucking me.

“Oh yeah, breed that hole” I said, again loud enough to attract attention

He was screwing me good.

“You have a hot ass, ” he moaned

“Seed me, seed my ass,” I continued.

He kept pumping into more just a little while longer until he started to moan.  I felt the wetness of his sperm in my ass as he continued to stroke me.   Then he grabbed me and pulled me up right and held from behind with his dick still in my ass, kissing my neck. 

I turned around, I put my hand on his semi hard cock, and there was still a strand of cum dangling from it.  I took his cum on my finger licked it off.  We kissed again.   

I reached around and touched my now opened-up-spermy hole.  We both began to fasten our pants and saying goodbye, making promised to hook-up again. I watched as he walked off down the path.

I looked around and noticed a couple of guys silhouetted in the darkness who had been watching us.  One of them started walking toward me

(To be continued)

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