Monday, December 20, 2010

Gang Banged with LIttle Bear

I was in the dark room watching a guy bent over the fuck bench getting his ass plowed.  A crowd began to gather around to watch, and I noticed a very muscular guy with black hair and trimmed mustache beside me.  He didn’t have his towel on and had really huge, long, thick cock.  I had seen him before, and had always wanted to get fucked by him.

I reached over and put my hand on his cock.  It was so thick in the center that I couldn’t get my hand around it. We made eye contact. Even though the fuck bench was being used, it was long enough that the end nearest me had vacant space. I put my knees up on one of the lower sections and mounted the bench going from side to side rather than length ways.

Once my ass was in the air, Smooth Muscle guy had no problem finding my hole.  I felt him shoving his big dick inside me.  I hadn’t been screwed in more than a week, and it hurt like a mother fucker.  Once he had it most of the way in, he slowed down.  My sphincter muscle was going into a spasm around his cock.  He fucked me slowly for a couple of minutes and then pulled out. 

I turned around toward him and said “That felt great, I want it. Please give it to me”  I remounted the bench and felt his cock pushing into me again.  My ass was open after his initial fucking, so he gave me deep long strokes.  He put his hand on my chest and started playing with my right nipple and chest while he fucked me.  I turned my head and “yeah give it to me.”  He began to fuck me harder and faster, I felt his dick get even harder.  After a minute, I felt his cock thrust in and I knew he was shooting in my ass.  He pulled out, we smiled at each other, and he was off.     

I walked up to the platform with the glory holes, with my towel around my neck.  A cute little bear guy walked up beside me.  He was probably 5’6, with a shaved head and big bushy mustache and nice furry chest.  We began to kiss and make-out and he started playing with my well-fucked wet ass.     

After a few minutes of making-out, I could tell he wasn’t going to fuck me.  I said “I’m going to walk over to the bench.”  He said “Ok” and followed me over there.  We stood beside the bench, kissing and he started playing with my hole again.  After a couple a minutes I continued to maintain eye-contact with him and mounted the bench.       

It was a busy day, so in just a half-minute a there was a guy standing beside me and Little Bear with his hard cock in my face.  As I began to suck him, I felt another cock going up my ass.  Within a couple of minutes, the guy I was blowing was moaning cumming in my mouth, then I felt the guy fucking me thrusting and I knew he was cumming too.  It was a huge turn on to have both of them cum in me at the same time.  Those two guys walked away.  I never saw the guy fucking me.

Little Bear had been standing beside the bench watching.  He bent over and stuck his tongue in my mouth. We were both enjoying tasting the fresh cum in my mouth.

I handsome thin black guy came over and started kissing Little Bear.  I leaned over and started alternating sucking both of them.  Then I put their cocks together and put them both in my mouth.  After a couple of minutes Little Bear was on his knees sucking the hot black guy.  I leaned over and stroked and kissed Little Bear while he eagerly serviced the black guy.

Then Little Bear was up on his feet kissing Black guy again and I resumed sucking both of them.   Soon a built Asian guy muscled his way in and was kissing Little Bear too.  I watched as Built Asian moved Little Bear out to the front side of the fuck bench where there was more room.  Built Asian was aggressively getting Little Bear turned around and bent over.  I heard him grunt and moan as Built Asian started to fuck him, he must have been tight.  Little Bear was facing the wall and only partially bent as Built Asian continued to screw him.  Little Bear turned and faced me, then bent over completely surrendering his little ass to Built Asian and laying his head in front of me on the fuck bench. Built Asian reacted to this act of compliance by plowing him harder. I began kissing little bears shaved head while he started moaning out loud  “please cum, please cum”  Built Asian started thrusting and jerking shooting his load into Little Bear. 

After Built Asian walked away, Little Bear and I started kissing, I reached my hand under his ass and he compliantly spread his legs so I could feel his hole.  His little hole was stretched-out, open and leaking. We continued to kiss while I rubbed my fingers into his beautiful used hole.  Little Bear was so hot.

A little while later, after Little Bear left to clean up, a big beefy hairy guy came up in front of me and stuck his already hard cock in my face.  I started sucking.  He reached over me and was touching my ass.  Soon his finger found my hole.  Some of the guys before must have been big cummers because the jiz was leaking out and there was a puddle of spunk right on the outside of my hole.  As soon as Big Beefy’s finger felt the cum on my hole, I felt his cock stiffen even harder in my mouth.  He moved around to the back and started screwing me.  He only lasted a couple of minutes before he popped his wad inside me.

A tall lean white guy came beside me and took off his towel showing me his floppy meat.  It was a nice change to start sucking on a soft cock.  I enjoy getting a guy hard.  I cupped his balls in my hand and began worshiping his prick.  As his tool grew in my mouth, it was a nice and long.  He moved around to the rear and entered my cummy hole.  Knowing and feeling his long cock was sliding around all those other guys cum made me want to explode.

Tall Lean guy was a good fucker.  He started slow and built up a rhythm, his cock was going so deep.  Then he started stroking me hard and faster; I could feel his tight stomach pressing into my ass.  Then he started moaning and grunting, attracting the attention of the other guys.  I enjoy it when everyone knows I’m getting seeded.  Based on his grunts and thrusts he must have shot four big streams of spunk in my ass.

I decided to take a break.  As I dismounted the fuck bench I stepped into puddle on the concrete floor right underneath where my ass had been.  It was the cum that had leaked out of my hole.