Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Fucking - Part Two

I walked around and ended up at the sling in the dark room. There was an older white guy standing in front of the empty sling stroking his cock. His cock was small but fully hard.

I took off my towel and put it on the sling and then climbed into while the older white guy watched. Once I was in position, he approached and reached down and aligned me so that my hole was level with his cock. He held onto my hips and thrust his cock up my ass. It hurt. I was frankly surprised how much his small cock hurt when he shoved it in. I moaned out and flinched. Before I could relax my ass he was fucking me hard. I kept moaning.

Another man came up behind the older white guy and started playing with his nipples. After only three or four minutes of screwing he started to cum. He must have cum really big because I could feel the liquid spurting in my ass. When he pulled out I was sure that he had left one of the biggest loads a guy as ever left in my ass.

I got out of the sling and walked over to the glory-hole platform. I stood in front of the left most glory hole. There were two men in front. I took off my towel and one of them started to suck my dick. The two guys began to take turns on my cock. The way they related to each other, I felt sure that they must be lovers. One was beefy and muscular with a shaved head and the other was lean with a gray beard.

When the gray bearded guy was sucking on my cock he began to feel for my hole. I felt him stick his finger in my cum filled hole and move it around. As soon as he felt the cum he came up onto the platform. His lover continued to suck my dick and I felt him behind me; then inserting his dick in my hole. His cock felt good inside my slick sperm-filled ass. The beefy muscular guy continued to suck my dick.

After a few minutes the gray bearded guy stopped fucking me and moved on around the dark room and after a few minutes I moved on from the beefy guy.

Later on, I was walking around the hall and saw the two of them in a large room with the door open. The gray bearded guy was on his back and the beefy muscular one was straddling him riding his dick. I watched from the hallway for a couple of minutes and them entered the room.

I approached the bed and my cock was at face level with the gray bearded guy; he started to suck it. The beefy guy leaned into me and we started to kiss. The door of the room was still open and I could see other guys watching us from the hallway.

The gray bearded guy felt for my hole again and his finger went up my still sloppy wet ass. He looked at me and smiled.

He got up and got his beefy lover on all fours on the bed, he fucked his ass while the beefy one suck my dick.

After a few minutes the gray bearded guy motioned for me to come toward him. He moved aside, and I was behind the beefy guys butt. The gray bearded one gently pushed me into his lover. His hole felt great; wet and open, but still tight enough. As I began to fuck him, the gray-bearded guy started to push his prick into my hole. I had really tightened up my ass muscles when I started fucking the beefy guy because his cock felt so intense going in me. When he shoved passed my constricted sphincter, I let out a little scream.

Even though the feeling of fucking and being fucked was pleasurable, for the first couple of minutes we were out of sync. Then we developed a rhythm. When I went deep into the beefy guy the gray bearded guy came out of my ass. Then when I pulled back the gray bearded guy was balls deep in me. It felt great.

The gray bearded guy pulled out of my ass. I could smell the scent of cum on his cock and see the white froth on his dark prick from churning up the load that was in my ass. He put his jiz covered cock in the beefy guys face. The beefy guy went crazy sucking and licking it off. Just watching that made me almost pop my load in his ass.

I stood beside the bed and pulled the beefy guys legs over my shoulders and began fucking him standing up. The gray bearded guy suck on his nipples the came up behind me and started fucking my ass again. The gray bearded guy started saying “breed his ass, shoot you load in his hole.” His nasty talk got me really hot, I began fucking beefy guy harder and faster and then shoot my cum up his ass.

After cumming, I pulled out and walked over and gave beefy guy a big kiss. When I turned around the gray bearded guy had his finger up the beefy guys ass feeling my cum; he gave me a big smile.

Later on, back in the dark room, I met up again with the hot young Latin guy. We kissed, my dick was hard again. He tore open a rubber with his teeth, and rolled it over my rod. He lead me over to the fuck bench and bent over it. I loved looking down at his smooth back and mass of black hair. I would have liked to fuck him raw, but it was his decision.

I started pressing into his hole. He was tight, very tight. He moaned loudly when I had to force and push my dick inside him. As I started to fuck him his hole began to relax and open up. His tight ass felt good. He began to jack-off while I screwed him.

He looked so beautiful bent over. After five minutes, his ass muscles tightened up onto my dick and he shot his load out onto the bench.