Saturday, October 9, 2010

More Fucking - Part One

As I entered the rear part of the baths, I spotted a hot young Latin guy I had played with before. He was tall, thin, beautifully brown with thick black hair and a black beard jutting out from his angular face. A couple of times in the past, he had given me long, wet, blowjobs with lots of deep-throat action

He looked at me and we smiled at each other, I walked into the dark room and onto the blowjob platform standing in front of the first hole and removing my towel. He followed me in and stood in front of me and began another great blowjob. What a delicious way to begin my visit to the baths

While I was getting sucked, a couple of guys came around and were touching my back and ass. I spread my legs apart. Then I felt the young Latin guy rubbing my hole with a huge wad of spit. In our previous sessions, he had always stayed fixed on the oral part, never working my hole. I felt another wad of spit and then the Latin guy’s pussy finger plunging all the way up inside me. He made me feel so good.

He stopped sucking me and in a second he was up on the platform naked. His big cock was hard and sticking straight up. We smiled at each other and I turned around, leaned onto the wall and presented my ass to him. He grabbed my ass checks apart and started inside me. Even though his cock was big and it was my first fuck, he already had my hole so wet and horny it felt perfect going up inside.

Soon he was balls deep in my ass. His arms were wrapped around my chest. His face was over my shoulder and I could feel his beard against my cheek. His lean hard body felt good behind me. We kissed deeply. “Nice ass” he said. “Nice ass and nice body.” I had never heard him speak before; he had a strong masculine voice and a cute accent. I thanked him, and told him he was sexy.

He continued to hold onto me, and fucking me in this standing position. After a few minutes, I bent over and raised one leg up onto the glory hole. He loved having my ass spread open and started screwing me deep and hard.

There was a pause in the fucking and then I felt a different cock going inside my hole from an angle. I turned around and the Latin guy, still standing behind me, was directing an Asian guy into my hole. I remained bent over and reached back to help guide him in and felt a rubber on his cock. That was disappointing, but I didn’t want to stop. The Latin guy got underneath me and started sucking my dick while the Asian guy pumped my ass.

After a few minutes I stood up and everyone shifted. The Asian guy moved to the side and the Latin guy had his big brown cock up my hole again, fucking me really fast with lots of action from his hips.

Then, I could feel his body tense up against me and hear him moan. I knew my young stud was cumming. My first load, and what a good one it was.

copyright 2010