Monday, September 27, 2010

On The Fuck Bench Again - Sharing Cum

It was almost 2:30 am when I arrived at the baths. I got undressed and went to the bathroom to douche. I love the feeling of the warm water filling up my ass. It makes me even more horny. I finished my cleasing ritual with a quick dip in the hot tub and a shower. I always believe I owe it to the tops and myself to be completely clean. I inserted a modest amount of vaseline in my hole. Not to much. Just a little to get started before taking loads. Of course sperm is the sexiest lube of all.

I walked back to the fuck bench, and luckly it wasn't being used. I took off my towel and hung it over the wall. I leaned forward and mounted the fuck bench, with both of my legs resting on the lower sections. My ass was extended out in to the dark room and spread open.

Within a couple of minutes I felt a finger going in my hole. I moaned and wiggled my ass for him. Soon I felt a cock sliding in my still tight ass. The fucking began, and it felt really good. It didn't take very long until he started to thrust and shoot out his cum in my butt. I let out some encouraging sounds and push my ass back into him.

After he pulled out, he came forward, I could see him clearly for the first time. He was a youngish light skinned smooth black guy with short cropped hair. Almost immediatly, A bearish looking older guy who had been watching from the front moved in behind.

Soon I was moaning at the feeling his big fat cock going in me. As he entered me, I could feel that my ass was sloopy wet with the first guys jiz. The bear guy had a bigger tool than the first guy and really filling my ass.

As I was being fucked for the second time, the black guy who had already fucked me leaned down in my face and began to kiss me very deeply. Then the bear guy started thrusting harder and I could feel him pulsing sperm in my ass. After stopped cumming he stayed in my ass for a minute and said "sweet ass." I thought that that was a great compliment. He bent down and kissed me too, and then both of them moved on.

I got off the fuck bench and began walking around. I love the feeling of walking around with a cum filled ass. I can feel the spunk in my hole moving around, especially after taking two loads. Also, I like the feeling of some of the jiz leaking out into my ass checks and down my leg. It makes me feel naughty and slutty.

The sling was open, so I climbed and assumed the position, with my legs up and spread and my feet against the chains. As I lay in the sling, my hole open and dripping. Within a couple of minutes, the black guy who breed me before was standing in front of me looking down at my body.

He began to finger me and and then he dropped to his knees and began eating my hole. He was hungry for the cum. I could feel his tongue inside me lapping it up, a mixture of his own and the bear guy's. I began to feel suction on my hole, he was actually sucking the sperm out of my man pussy. My cock was completely hard.

After he must have completely cleaned me out, he stood up and said "that's a nice ass." Then he inserted his hard cock into my waiting hole, depleted of jiz but wet with his spit. He fucked me again and gave me another load. I thought it was so sexy that he ate the cum out of my ass but then gave me another load. It is all one big circle.

Later on, I was getting fucked by a smooth short guy by the glory holes. He pulled out and said "this feels too good" and he pulled his cock out. I said: "Oh yeah, keep fucking me" He pushed his cock back in my creamy ass. "I'm going to cum, do you want me to spray it on you or in your ass."

"In my ass" I replied. Soon a had another load.

I walked back around passed the fuck bench, a muscular guy was fucking. He looked at me and said "give this guy your load." I looked down and saw a young guy with longish messy black hair, a beard and a dog collar around his neck. I had watched him getting fucked early and thought he was very sexy. The muscular guy pulled his dick out and I stuck my hard cock in his hole. It was supper sloppy, maybe the sloppiest hole I had ever felt. The sperm made my dick slide right in and it felt so fucking good.

After a couple of minutes, I pulled out and the muscular guy started screwing him again. I leaned down to talk to the young black haird guy. "How many loads have you taken" I asked. "Five" he said in a low quite voice.

I stood up again, and the muscular guy and I tag teamed him for a while while other guys came over to watch. After a while of fucking his sweet sloppy hole, I was so close. I grabed his hips and was fucking him harder. He responded by raising his head and moaning, saying "yes, yes" I felt him tighten his sphincter around my cock. Soon I was shooting a three-day load up his ass, he must have been able to feel it because, he started moaning louder and deeper for me. Mine would be his sixth load.

I pulled out and soon the muscular guy was back inside him, fucking him with my sperm. It felt so good to share my cum. Now time for the showers.