Thursday, June 24, 2010

Turned Out - Part Two

This sexy guy was hustling me. I was so hot for him, I decided to pay.
I took out my wallet and opened it up showing him the single twenty dollar bill.

"Twenty is OK" he said matter-of-factly.

"You don't look like a hustler." I said.

He looked embarrassed and said "I've never done this before, it's just that I was traveling with my girlfriend and we ran out of money. I need some to get back home."

Judging from his wholesome-middle-class look, I didn't believe that turning to prostitution was his only option.

I unfastened my pants. My dick was already completely hard. He reached into a back-pack sitting on the chair and pulled out a single condom and a small plastic packet of lube.

He tore open the plastic and started rolling the rubber over my stiff cock. The rubber was bright pink which made me want to laugh a little.

"Give me the lube." I said.

I opened it with my teeth and put some on my right index finger.

"When were you last fucked" I asked.

"I've never been fucked" he said, almost in a whisper.


"Never, he repeated, this time more intensely.

I reached around and put my hand between his ass checks. His ass felt firm and muscular. I dug for his hole, it was extremely tight. Maybe he was telling the truth about never having been fucked.

I started inserting my lubed finger in his little hole. He flinched and I could feel his ass tightening, so I leaned over and gave him another deep forceful kiss. I felt his hole begin to open and my finger was all the way in. He felt so good inside.

"Does your girlfriend put her finger in your ass when you fuck her?"

"Sometimes" he replied.

I held him and moved my finger in and out to continue to loosen him up, but he was too anxious for foreplay. He turned around with his ass toward me and said: "Fuck me now." He wanted it.

I squirted some lube on my pink rubber covered cock, holding onto ihs creamy-white ass, spreading it open a little and pushing my prick toward his hole. He was so tight. I started kissing the back of his neck and stroking his hard cock to help him relax.

I was afraid he might cream right away, so a moved my had up to his left nipple and began to squeeze it a little. His sphincter began to release and I pushed all the way in. He let out a gasp and a moan.

I started to fuck his tight ass him slowly. After just a couple of minutes of screwing he said: "I have to stop."

I pulled out; there was a little shit on the end of the rubber, so I pulled it off and threw it into the trash. I kisseded him again. His cock was standing straight-up against his belly, it was not to big, but pretty and surrounded by a blond bush.

"Come on" I said, "I'm not finished, give me another rubber."

"I don't have another" he said softly.

I looked into his blue eyes and eager face, then I turned him around again. My raw cock was pushing into his hole. His ass felt so good. He was tight warm, and silky smooth.

I started to pump his hole with my prick. Pulling out as far as my cock-head and back in again. After just a couple of minutes of fucking his beautiful ass raw I was about to pop.

I pulled out of his ass, grabbed my dick and began to shoot. My first spluge hit the video screen, then two more spilling out across the floor.

After I composed myself, I reached down into pants, got my wallet and held out the twenty dollar bill for him. He blushed a little as he took it in his hand. He was a whore now.

"Thank you" he said.

copyright 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turned Out - Part One

One of my readers asked me if I had ever paid for sex. This story is my response.

One summer day, I walked into a book store on Kearny Street. In the video arcade area, there was one booth with the red “occupied” light on. I went into the adjoining booth and put some tokens into the machine. Within just a few seconds, a finger came sticking through the glory hole. I bent over and tried to make out who was on the other side, but my eyes were still adjusting to the darkness and couldn’t see very much. I was pretty horny, so I unzipped and stuck my half-hard dick through the hole.

I felt a hand jacking my prick. After a couple of minutes of being stroked, I started to get a little bored and started to pull my dick back. Then I felt a wet tongue licking my cock head, followed by a mouth going down my shaft. Then it stopped. I looked down through the glory hole, and this time saw a nice young face. “Come over here” he said through the hole.

In a minute my cock was back in my pants and I was out in the hall. The door of the booth next door was cracked open. When I entered the booth, I saw a handsome guy. I closed and locked the door behind me.

He was a very cute, sandy-blond hair, and a light golden tan, he looked to be in his early twenties. He was shorter than me, 5’7 or so. He wore sandals, khaki shorts, a blue t-shirt, and a small string of some ethnic beads around his neck. He was thin, but not skinny at all, with stout tanned legs with covered with fuzzy blond hair. Based on his tan and slightly funky look, I pegged him as coming from the youth hostel a half-block up and across the street. Inside the booth, I added some of my tokens, then I kissed him, pushing my tongue into deep into his mouth.

He very gently pushed back from me and and took off his t-shirt. He had a beautiful and completely smooth chest, except for a small blond treasure trail coming off his navel. His chest and arms had some definition, but still covered by a small and very sexy layer of baby fat.

He turned his back to me and began to unbutton his shorts. I leaned into him and kissed his neck and ears. When his shorts went down, he was wearing no underwear. I stepped back from his a little to admire his delicious plump bubble butt. The contrast of his smooth creamy-white ass with his fuzzy tawny legs. I ran my finger along his crack and felt hair just on the inside of his checks.

He stood there frozen for a moment and then he said “you can fuck me for fifty dollars.” I leaned into him and began kissing his neck again then tenderly whispered in his ear, “I don’t have fifty bucks on me.”

(to be continued)

copyright 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cinema on Rue Saint-Denis - Part Three

After sucking off the french business man, I spent sometime walking around the cinema. In the center of the cinema, was an area of videos booths. I opened the door to one of the booths and there was my “older-arab” man who had fucked me earlier and a blond middle-aged french guy. The older-arab motioned for me to enter.

Once I was inside, the blond guy quickly started unfastening my shorts. I had the impression that these guys had played together before and definitely played well together. In just a couple of minutes, the blond guy was on his knees sucking my cock, while other was stoking my ass. I pressed my hand against the arab guys pants felt his hard cock. In spite of his age this man was a real stud. It had been less than a half-hour since he had shoot his load for me in the dark room.

The blond guy was a voracious cock-sucker. I closed my eyes. I was pretty sure that this was the same mouth that had been sucking me in the dark room earlier. I felt the arab-guy’s finger go inside my wet hole. I wondered if he enjoyed feeling my ass wet with his own cum. The next thing I know, I felt his hard cock sliding inside me once again, this time lubed by his own juice.

Having my cock sucked, and feeling a hard cock in my ass felt great. Once that arab guy was inside me, the blond stood-up, turned around and dropped his pants. His plump round ass backing on to my hard tool. It felt so good. My dick in a hot ass, and a nice cock up mine. I moved back and forth, moving from in and out of the blond guy’s hole and in turn taking another guy's dick up my ass. Screwing and being screwed was an intense pleasure.

I wanted to go on forever, but after a few minutes, I couldn’t control myself any longer and started to shoot into the blonds silky ass. I yelled out in pleasure and he backed his ass into me to take my spunk deep inside him. I shoot so hard my dick hurt. My ass muscles started clenching up on the arab-guys hard cock. As I came, my muscles continued constricting, making the feeling of being fucked much more extreme, even painful. For a moment, I thought that the fact that I had cum and my tightened ass muscles would stop him from continuing to fuck me.

Just at that moment, he grabbed onto my hips with both hands, spreading my ass cheeks. He continued to plowing my tight ass with all his force. I bent over onto the blond guy’s back to help open my hole for the reaming. In a minute the arab-guy’s second load shot in my raw ass.

All three of us, sweaty and spent, clung to each other like animals in a moment reverie.

copyright 2010