Friday, April 30, 2010

Picked Up at the Eagle

We meet on the roof top of the Eagle on a Sunday night. He had black hair, a very thick black mustache, heavy stubble (one-day)? And copper-brown skin. We had cruised each other the week before but didn’t connect. He was not in traditional leather-bar attire, but instead in shorts and a tennis shirt. His nonconformity to the dress code a show of self-confidence that I found attractive. His shorts showed-off his stout legs covered by thick black hair. We talked on the rooftop, I enjoyed his accent, during our chit-chat he told me that he was originally from Iraq.

We took a cab uptown to his place. When we entered his apartment he lead me directly into the bedroom. As we stood in front of the bed, he reached out and grabbed my ass. I leaned over and gave him a deep long kiss. “Lets not waste time” he ordered as he quickly undressed.

He was one of those rare men that actually look better naked than in clothes. The entire front of his body was covered with the same thick black hair I saw on his legs. His skin was a beautiful coppery-brown color. Shorter than me, he had the build of a wrestler.

After we were both naked, He got on the bed. Lying face up, and spreading himself out for me. Showing off his hard pretty-cut-cock and balls. I started licking his hairy balls, letting my tongue go passed them toward his furry hole. Then I played with his cock with my tongue before starting to suck him.

Soon I was on my back and he had my legs in the air poking at my hole. I asked him if I could turn over on to my stomach. He said: “yes, I can feel more of you that way.” He climbed on topof my back, giving me his full weight and letting his hands roam all over me. He started pushing his cock in my cheeks, I reached back to help guide him in but he pushed my hands away. He jabbed around my hole a couple of more times before he found his target and drove it balls deep in my ass. “Oh, that feels so good” he said. He must have felt my ass tighten up, because he paused and held me with his arms under my chest.

He was a good fucker, aggressive and confident his movements had a good rhythm. I loved feeling every inch of him pressing against me. Soon his arms were folded in front of my face. I rubbed my face in his hairy forearms, kissing them passionately. His arms were so hairy, the hair had its own smell. Soon I was kissing his hands and sucking his fingers.

After just a few minutes he said: “I can’t hold it in much longer.” I was silent, but kept licking his fingers. Soon he quickened his pace and was fucking me hard, the bed was squeaking and he was moaning loudly as he drove his cum inside me.

He was sweaty and briefly collapsed on top of me. He began to roll-off, but I held tight to his arms and said: “Please stay on top of me” “Are you sure you are OK, don’t you want to cum” he asked. “No, I love this” I purred. In a minute he was sleeping on top of me with drops of his sweat dripping down on me and his cock still in my used hole. I was in heaven, this was great sex.

(to be continued)

copyright 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love's The Burning Boy


Love’s the boy stood on the burning deck
trying to recite “The boy stood on
the burning deck.” Love’s the son
stood stammering elocution
while the poor ship in flames went down.

Love’s the obstinate boy, the ship,
even the swimming sailors, who
would like a schoolroom platform, too,
or an excuse to stay
on deck. And love’s the burning boy.

by Elizabeth Bishop

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breeding Memory and Desire

One of my fondest memories is from years ago when I lived near enough to Lafayette Park to walk there at night. This was when Lafayette Park was still a major outdoor cruising area. Sadly, no longer true. I loved walking on the circular paths under the moonlight, looking overhead at the trees in black silhouette against the sky. The search light from Alcatraz. I had a romance with the Park. Sex was sexier there.

Lafayette Park was the place I took my first anonymous load. I loved the feeling of being surrounded by the cold foggy air and feeling a warm cock in side me.

The cute blond guy, who when I asked if he came in my ass said: “Just a little.”

The middle-aged guy who secretly removed the rubber I put on his cock and said “I’m going all the way with you baby” before he came and quickly disappeared into the bushes.

My very first anonymous load was a guy in a leather jacket after we make-out for a while, he pinned me against a tree and I lowered my pants just over my ass. His cock felt so good going in. My face turned sideways against the bark, moaning, “yeah, fuck me.” After a while, he paused and put his face up to mine making eye contact. I kept saying very softly, “please fuck me, please fuck me.” Then he started to screw me harder and then moaned when he shot his cum up my ass. Afterwards we kissed under the tree for a long time. I remember the feeling of walking home knowing his was cum inside me.

Lafayette lives on in my memory.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Ass Reamed on Eighth Avenue - Part Five

My top was so happy; he loved using me, making me his pig in front of other men. I wanted to show him that I could go as far as he could. Once again I lowered my shorts. I spit in my fingers and rubbed it on my ass,. The plaid-shorts guy’s piss had washed out a lot of the lube and cum from my ass. My hole felt a little raw and swollen to the touch. He pushed my back down and arms crossed behind my back and started fucking me again.

From my angle, I couldn’t see if anyone was looking in the door, but I was eye-level with the mail-slot-size glory hole to the booth next door. I could see a handsome young latino face looking back at me. Plaid-shorts guy saw me look through, because he said “suck his cock.” I felt thankful that the guy was so cute, frankly there were a lot of unattractive men in the place.

I put my fingers through the hole, I watched he latino guy unfasten his belt with a big shiny western belt buckle and jeans and then saw a large uncut cock come through the hole. My hands were behind my back, so I used my lips to push-back his foreskin and started licking up the bottom side of his shaft and around the head. Plaid-shorts guy was fucking me harder now. I think now he had decided to fuck me as hard as he could. Although, since his dick wasn’t too big, he couldn’t hurt me too much.

After sucking the beautiful big latin cock for three or four minutes, he puled it back through the glory hole, lowered his head and said “I want to fuck you too.”

I looked up at plaid-shorts guy and relayed the message. His big grin reappeared: “Let him fuck you.” I turned around, putting more spit on my hole, and backing my ass up to the mail-slot of a glory hole. I reached back and spread my cheeks open to make it easier, and deeper. Then I felt the big cock going in so long, it was a nice contrast to the plaid-shorts guy cock that was now in my mouth again. I could taste my ass.

The latino guy started fucking me a little faster and harder, I could feel his big cock going all the way out of my ass then back into my hole. Then I felt a shot of cum hitting my hole, and inside my hole and the big cock plunging back in still shooting. I could feel a nice wet feeling in my raw ass. After a couple of more strokes, he let it sit there in my hole for a little while before pulling out. “Plaid-shorts guy asked “Did he cum” “Fuck-yeah, he came big.” I replied. Plaid-shorts guy looked at me, I think he had meet his piggy match. “I’m going to take a break” he said. I nodded. This was quite an evening. It was only when I was putting my shorts back on that I felt the small lube-container. I didn’t really need it after all.

Walking back to my apartment, the fresh air felt good on my sweaty skin, I still had the nice latino cream still inside me. My ass had been totally reamed.

copyright 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Ass Reamed on Eighth Avenue - Part Four

Even though I had been fucked twice already, I still wanted more. For one thing, I hadn’t cum yet; and getting fucked just seems to make my ass want it all the more.

I wandered around he hallway seeing who else was around. I stopped next to a thick white guy with brown hair in plaid shorts and a blue tee-shirt. I glanced over at him and he gave me a mischievous look that seemed promising. I popped into the vacant booth next to where I was standing. He came in right behind me. We stood looking at each other for a moment. I reached out and rubbed his crotch. He was already semi-hard. He gave me a grin and a little nod.

I got on my knees; he stood with his hand on his hips while I unfastened his shorts. A nice-average-sized-cut-pretty-dick was in my face. I started licking his balls, he moaned loudly, then I moved up his shaft and head, putting the tip of my tongue into his piss hole. “Take off your shirt” he said in an aggressive tone that made my dick hard. I took my shirt off and he started pulling on my nipples while he became more verbal and aggressive saying: “Suck that cock, suck it.” Because his cock wasn’t too big, I was able to put his entire cock in my mouth and licked his balls with my tongue. He moaned deeply.

“You have a hot mouth, let me see your ass” he said. I stood up, turned around, pushed my shorts down and bent my ass toward him. He grabbed my ass checks, pushed them apart forcefully and asked “How many times times have you been fucked tonight?” I wasn’t expecting that question. “You are the first” I lied, thinking that he wanted an un-fucked hole. This was a stupid lie. I am sure that my hole was visibly stretched after my previous two fucks.

He rammed his cock in me me hard (maybe this was his way of calling me a liar).
He reached down with both hands and grabbed my wrists bringing them up to my lower back. This had the effect of forcing my upper body lower and leaving me unable to counter his thrusts with my ass muscles. He fucked me hard like this, saying “You like this cock up your ass, don’t you?” “Please, yes fuck me” I replied.

He stopped fucking me, pulled out and said “Suck my dick.” I turned around and put my mouth on his cock, fortunately is was clean, although I could taste a combination of vaseline and cum on his cock.

“You are good” he said obviously impressed by how piggy I was for him. ‘Has anyone ever pissed up your ass’? he asked, raising the stakes. “No” I answered truthfully .

“Stand up” he said. Soon I was on my feet and bent over with my arms on my back just like before. I felt he dick enter me. then a pause. We stood there frozen for a couple of minutes before I began to feel his warm piss inside me. When he stopped and pulled out I could feel some of his piss come out of my hole.

I turned and faced him, clenching my ass muscles. He gave me a big shit-eating grin and said: “Now go to the bathroom and piss it out.” I started to put my shirt back on, and he said “Leave your shirt here.” I paused, this was not a place I had ever seen guys walk around half-naked. I gulped and left the shirt on the chair and opened the door. When I walked into the hallway there were several men nearby looking at me. I’m sure they could here what was going on in he booth.

I walked to the bathroom with no shirt. It was occupied, so I had to wait in the hall. Some of the men walked passed to take a closer look at the half-naked pig.

After I had expelled the warm piss out of my ass (and that felt good). I returned to the booth. “Ok, I’m going to fuck you some more.” As I turned around I noticed his hand on the door knob, cracking the door open a few inches. “I want to show you off” he said.

(to be continued)

copyright 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Ass Reamed on Eighth Avenue - Part Three

I turned around and lowered my shorts to the ground, taking the left side off over my sneaker so I could spread my legs. I knew I was going to need my legs wide apart to accommodate his big fat cock. I bent over as much as the booth would allow. He stroked his cock with one hand and with the other spread open my ass checks, taking a long look at my hole. I wondered if he could tell that I had just been fucked and that my hole was still wet. Over my shoulder, I saw him spit into his hand and rub it on his cock. I turned my head back to face the wall. He started pushing inside me, his girth made it intense, but the poppers and the previous fuck had relaxed me.

Soon he was properly screwing my ass. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of his length of his cock sliding in and out of me. The feeling of him in my deep. He was much kinder on my ass than he was my throat. He fucked me like that for five minutes or so then he jerked it out. I turned around and he was facing sideways from me stroking his cock. He was about to cum. "Let me feel it" I said, hoping that he would at least shoot it on my ass. "NO" he snapped. and began shooting. The first stream came out big and hard and spluged over against the door. A second stream, shot out, almost as big across the floor. "What a waste" I thought. In a moment he had pulled up his pants and was out the door.

I was alone in the booth. I bent down and pulled my shorts back on; catching a glimpse of a guy watching through the glory hole from the next booth. The booth was filled with the smell of his spunk. My ass felt good.

Copyright 2010