Friday, April 23, 2010

My Ass Reamed on Eighth Avenue - Part Two

After I returned to the hallway, I spotted a man I had seen several timed before but had never been able to hook-up with.  He was black with short cropped hair and a receding hairline, which I found very sexy.  He was about my height, his build was thick but not flabby, stout.  In some of my previous visits I had tried to make eye-contact, but he had never reciprocated.  He was wearing a golf shirt and dress pants.  As usual, his dress pants showed a large round bulge. I was feeling very frisky and a little cocky from my last experience, so as I walked past him in the hallway, I reached up and felt the bulge in his pants.  "You want to suck my dick" he said in a very down-to-business way.  I had never heard him speak before.  He had a Jamaican-Kind of accent that was hot. "Yes" I said.

He lead the way into one of the booths with me following close behind.  When I got the door closed.   I dropped to my knees with my face directly in front of his big basket.  He pulled out a bottle of poppers from his pocket and took a hit and put it up to my left nostril nose and pressed his other hand pressing in on my right. I inhaled deeply.  Normally I don't do poppers but my new top was taking charge.  I was a good and compliant bottom.  As I knelt on the grimy floor in front of him, he began unfastening his pants.  I wasn't disappointed.  Even soft, his cock was enormous.  Not only was it big, it was beautiful.  The length in perfect proportion to the width, the head in proportion to the shaft, the smooth solid black color.  When I put my mouth on it it quickly expanded.  I could only less than half of the length into my mouth.   I reached up to grab the base-end half of his cock.  I felt my hand being slapped away.  "No hands" he demanded. I tried to get as much as possible into my mouth.  "Use the poppers" he barked, as he put the poppers back in front of my nose.  I inhaled deeply, knew I was going to need them.

After sucking him for a couple of minutes he was fully hard, his cock was about nine inches and thick. He reached out, put his hand on my head and started fucking my face.  I reached up toward his cock again to gain some control and my hand was slapped away like before only this time harder.  I opened my mouth wide and was trying to relax my throat, but couldn't keep up with his thrusts into my throat.  I started gagging on his big cock.  The gagging caused my my eyes to start watering.  Soon I had tears streaming down my face.  WIthout stopping, I adjusted my head so that I was looking up into his eyes and he could see my tears and the anguish on my face.

He must have liked this appeal to his sadistic nature.  After a minute of looking into my teary eyes, he said "You want to get fucked."
It was not only exciting to know he wanted to fuck me; It was a relief because the gagging was hurting me.  I quickly got up off my knees.

"You got a condom"?  he asked.  "Mmmm, I didn't bring one" I sheepishly replied. Long pause. "You - don't - have - a - condom" he repeated gruffly giving me a nasty look.  I didn't know what else to say.  Was this a deal breaker for him? Would I never feel that big cock in my ass? I gave him a saddest look I could muster. He put his hand on my ass and starting pulling me around.  It was going to happen.

(continued in part three - online now)

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Ass Reamed on Eighth Avenue - Part One

It was a humid night last summer. I wore only nylon gym shorts (no underwear) and a tee shirt, as I left the apartment and walked the seven short blocks. I carried my key and a small lube in the pocket and some money in my sneakers. My destination was the one bookstore with a peepshow arcade in the W40’s Midtown area of Manhattan that still allows gay sex. I paid the ten dollar fee to go in the upstairs area where the owners don’t police what goes on. I had been there before with very mixed experiences. It is a very sleazy place.

When I entered the upstairs-back-room area my eyes lock with a muscular-thirtiesh- black man standing in the hallway outside the bathroom. He doesn’t give me a flirtatious look or smile, just a cold, knowing stare, as though he was looking right through me, or that somehow he already knew me, or knew what I wanted. Judging from his appearance, I was guessing he was was a foreign national or emigre. Just my intuition.

He kept his eyes locked onto mine and walked past me into the area with the video booths. I followed behind him obediently and when he paused, I past him and entered into the first vacant booth, a few seconds later he entered. Neither of us spoke. We looked at each other and he gently put his hand on my should turned me around and jerked my gym shorts down exposing my ass, all in one motion. I turned my head to look at him; he was opening his pants. I noticed a gold wedding ring on his finger.

Maybe he had already played before I arrived, because his cut dick was already fully hard; it was not large, but big enough. I faced the wall. There was no foreplay. He began to enter my hole with his cock. Fortunately, I had inserted some vaseline in my hole before I left the apartment, It didn’t hurt at all, he entered slowly and let me adjust before he started screwing me. The space was small so I could not bend over for him, but as best i could, I pushed my ass back so that he could get in deep. I stood there with my forehead pressed against the wall and enjoyed the steady rhythm of his fuck. After a few minutes he started to fuck me harder, I could tell he was getting close. Suddenly, he reached up and put his hands on my pecs and pulled me back into him so that his face was over my shoulder and against mine and our entire bodies were touching. He held me that way as he pushed with his hips and came in my ass. It felt good.

After he came, he pulled out. I turned around and he was looking down zipping his pants and fixing his belt; no eye contact. I pulled up my shorts from under my butt checks. He turned facing the door his back toward me; he paused and said “Thank you.” These were the only words exchanged during our encounter.

He walked out, I walked into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and expelled some of his cum. I looked at it, it was a big load. I put my finger in the water, touched it, and put some in my mouth before I left the bathroom.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can a Bottom Feel a Rubber?

I read the great Windy City Boy Sex blog lamenting that he let a hot guy fuck him without a rubber even though he tops without a rubber. He wrote:

“ As a bottom, it was hot doing something that you is not "supposed" to be done.  But it didn't feel different as a bottom.”

It really got me thinking; is it all just in my head. Maybe I have an over sensitive ass, but I can feel the difference. (1) If i am tight, latex kind of chaffs going in at first; (2) If the fuck goes on long, and even after my ass relaxes the chaffing feeling of the condom gets worse; (3) fucking natural you don’t have to worry about what kind of lube you use; I think a lot of the water based lubes desensitizes the ass; (4) Without a rubber you feel more of the top. Just the other day I could feel my tops dick start getting bigger and harder in my ass when he got close. I never feel this when a guy has a rubber on.

None of this is to discount the profoundly heightened emotional state of experiencing a guy putting his non-rubberized dick in your ass, but I think there is a difference feel for a bottom. What do you think?

BTW: Windy CIty Boy Sex is at (I love his blog)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Cum Whore in Naples

While visiting the ancient ruins at Pompei, with its phaillc imagery. I became obsessed with their ritualization of sex, sex as religion

I decided that Naples would be the perfect place to create my own version of the sex ritual.

Back in Naples, I left my hotel room and walked through the Piazza Girabaldi to the porno theater I had found the day before, The Argo. It was on a streets that radiated off the opposite end of the piazza from my hotel. The building look very old, but the sign for the theater was the name Argo in beautiful red script above the door and looked as though it dated from the thirties. Judging from the size and spaciousness, obviously this had been a legit cinema in the past, very different from the small porno places in the U.S.

Just past the ticket taker, two tranny prostitutes sat near the door and smiled at me as I walked into the darkened cinema. An Italian heterosexual porn movie played on the screen, it look vintage 1980’s. As my eyes started adjusting to the light, I could see people sitting in the metal seats and some moving around. Cigarettes smoke filled the air. I walked across to the toilettes A not so young hustler pulled out his cock and tried to get me in a stall. I left the toilette and a younger hustler started following me around as I walked up the stairs to the balcony level. Then up more stairs to a second balcony. The air was heavy with cigarette smoke.

I walked beck down to the first balcony and noticed that in the higher seats I could see men moving around. When I walked up into this area the hustler stopped following me. I sat in a seat to let my eyes adjust, this part of the theater was even darker. This part of the cinema there were middle aged and older men. Some sitting, some moving around. Two rows in front of me a younger handsome man in a pink shirt sat near the aisle. A much older man came over and unzipped his pants, took out his cock and waived it in his face. The younger man did not respond, then the older one started rubbing it on his face. The younger man was silently protesting and pushing the cock out of his face. I sat and watched for a few minutes. It became obvious that the men walking around were the tops, and the guys sitting were the bottoms. I saw the tops try to engage the bottoms, but often be rebuffed. The bottoms were coy and maybe here there was more stigma about openly sucking cock than in the US.

None of the men walking around were engaging me. Maybe I was too old, too bearish, too germanic looking, too American. I got out of my seat and walked around with the tops, rubbing my crotch as they did. A handsome man with a wearing an Italian soccer team shirt and a wedding ring walked up the aisle and stood beside me. He had longish brown hair and a little moustache and soul patch. He rubbed his crotch a little, then unzipped and took out his cock. It was brown, thick and uncut; and even soft it was an impressive size. I reached over touched it and began to stroke him. He maintained a completely cool and ambivalent demeanor to my actions. Was this the culture? If he didn’t touch anyone he was not gay - he was top? It was perfect. He was there to be serviced, and I was there in my role of the cock sucker. Unsure about the protocol, of what could be done or not be done in this public space; I had seen no open cock sucking, I decided to go for it. While continuing to hold his cock. I knelt down in front of him in aisle and put his cock in my mouth. He didn’t touch me, but unbuttoned his pants. His fat, semi-erect cock felt good in my mouth and i made the most of it; taking my time to lovingly lick and caress. I noticed that other men were moving in around us, stroking their cocks; enjoying the show. I looked up and he was looking down at me watching me service him. Another man, was standing beside him with his hand stroking my top’s ass looking down on me the cock sucker. I was happy and enjoyed sucking his meat. After a few minutes, reached down and pulled his pants up. I was sad, was it over, wasn’t I pleasing him. I stayed on my knees while he fastened his pants. Much to my relief, he left his cock hanging out of his fly. Maybe he was tired of the guy standing beside him playing with his ass. Once again his fat uncut cock was in my mouth, Suddenly, I could feel and taste his cum filling my mouth; it was nice mild flavor and I swallowed it eagerly. In a minute it was over, He took his cock out of my mouth, zipped up and walked down the aisle. Whatever else happened, I had at least accomplished my mission. I had publicly serviced this hot guy, he came, I swallowed, and there were witnesses.

Before I could get up off my knees, I saw another man standing only about five feet away, behind the last row of seats stroking his cock. He was one of the men who i saw earlier walking around the cinema and he had been watching. He motioned for me to come to him so, I got off my knees and walked up the aisle and over to him in the space behind the last row of seats. He was very dark with short black hair, maybe around thirty. I immediately got on my knees and he put his cock in my mouth, it was small and rock hard. He must have been enjoying watching me service the other guy; because I could tell he would pop soon. I sucked him for about five minutes and he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began masturbating very fast. I wanted his cum, but his cock wasn’t long enough for me to suck him while he beat off. He grabbed my shoulder and held me in place. I opened my mouth for him. He shoot his load in two big streams, some into my mouth and some on my beard and even some shoot beyond me. It was an impressive eruption. I was wiping some of his cum off my face and looked up at him. He gave me an enormous friendly grin and said “great” in english with a heavy italian accent. His smile and praise made me feel proud and happy to have sucked him and to have taken his cum in my mouth on on my face. I knew I had pleased him.

I got up off my knees, very happy at having taken two consecutive loads, and sat down the center aisle seat in the last row off the balcony with the gallery space behind; unzipped my pants and started stroking myself. Immediately, another italian who had been watching walked up and stuck his cock in my face. This one was not attractive to me as the previous two, but that was not the point. I was there to service; I was there to perform the ritual of cock sucking. He had watched me with other two and understood that I was there to service. He reached out and grabbed the back of my head and was pumping it on his cock until. I was being used. Another grey haired man, came up beside us and took his cock out and stuck it in my face. I made a decision that I should do my duty one at a time. The second guy was undeterred by my lack of attention. He unbuttoned my shirt and began aggressively squeezing and pinching my nipples. The aggressiveness of these two men, the one shoving my head and pinching my tits like a whore. They seemed to know that I was there to be used and they were going to use me. I began to think that willing cock suckers were not a prevalent in Naples as in the US, or at the very least, in this porno theater.

The movie ended and a minute later all the housed lights in the theater came on. The two men pulled away and hurriedly zipped up. I was a surprised by the whole thing because we had been visible in the light of the movie anyway.

I decided to use this break to go to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and was surprised how disheveled I was. I had cum in my beard, and a big cum stain across my dark blue shirt. I washed my face and tried to wash the cum off my shirt.

I returned to the same seat. The lights coming on gave everyone an opportunity to see each other more clearly. I looked out across the hustlers, tranny hustlers, other men and felt that we were all a community and I had my place in that community.

In a couple of minutes the lights went out and the film restarted. The two men who had moved a several feet away came back over and once again a cock was shoved in my face. I slouched down in my seat and began to suck again. As I was sucking, I felt a mouth on my cock. I looked over and a big bear looking guy with a white goatee had moved in the row in front of me and was sucking me. Soon I felt his hands on my belt and unbuttoning my pants, then my pants shoved down. While the bear continued to suck me a felt his finger beginning to probe my ass. Having my cock sucked and ass fingered made me do my cock sucking in a more frenzied pace. Various hustlers and the regular guys would come by and watch the scene. Soon the guy was cumming in my mouth, his cum was bitter, so i swallowed it quickly. The bear stopped sucking me. I was determined not to cum

A short middle aged guy with a sweet fact dressed in shorts moved into position, maybe he was from one of the cruise ships. He approached tentatively and made eye contact before unzipping his shorts and showing a very small but pretty uncut cock. I reached out and pulled him into me and began to blow him, his cock began to grow and felt good in my mouth. He came pretty quickly, i swallowed his salty and sweet juice. He smiled at me and said “bello.” I decided that this sweet man might be a nice ending to my

Never had a cock sucking experience like this in the US

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Extreme Sunday Night - Part Two

After the latin guy and I exchanged his cum in our kisses, he left to clean up. The skinny-hairy-blond-goatee guy who was fucking me moved on as well. I was left alone and naked on the platform. Dizzy and slightly disoriented from being bent-over and fucked for so long, holding my towel, I leaned against the ledge of the glory hole wall just to recover.

All of a sudden, I felt something in my ass. I looked around saw a short-smooth-guy with wavy-black-hair up against me. His cock was going in my ass. After all the screwing I had taken, my hole must have been very wide and open because, before I even knew what was happening he was all the way up inside me. I didn’t see him before, but he must have been standing there watching me get screwed by the other two. Only seconds after his cock was inside me, he started moaning very loud. Before I could do anything, I could feel his body shaking and his cock pulsing while he was shooting in my ass. His moaning was really loud. So loud, everyone in the dark room was looking over at us. This guy was really a bunny rabbit. He pulled out of my ass. I could see cum dripping out of his dick. It all happened so fast, the fastest most opportunistic fuck of my whole life. I felt like I had been raped; yet, it was very hot.

I walked down the steps to go clean-up. I could feel some of his cum running out of my ass. It felt nasty but exciting. There was some action going on in the other part of the dark room where there is a device called the “horse:” a long bench a guy can lie on face down and on each side, lower-down, places to rest your legs, so that your ass sticks out. It is designed to open a bottom’s ass for easy fucking.

There was a crowd of five of six guys when I walked over. The guy who had been on the horse got off. A short guy nearby started playing with my butt. We exchanged eye contact and I put my knees up on the horse, in fucking position. “I’ll go get a condom” he said. I got into position by leaning my upper body against the bench and positioned my ass slightly downward for the short guy. I reached over and felt my ass hole. I had never felt my ass so wide open from so much fucking and so wet. I put my finger to my nose and could smell lube mixed with cum.

I watched the short guy put on the rubber on his small uncut cock and felt it go inside. Even though he was small he was a tough little guy and fucked me so hard the horse started to move a forward with his thrusts. This little guy was the meanest most aggressive fuck yet. My head was faced down at the bench, as I hung on. Once I looked up and around and saw five guys watching and stroking as I got plowed. After a few minutes he stopped and walked up to close to my face and asked if I wanted to go to his room. I said no. I was enjoying being watched by the other guys to much. He went back and started fucking me again.

After a few more minutes of his jack-hammer fucking, I had to ask him to stop. My ass was so sore I couldn’t take is anymore. I rested on the horse without changing position and saw that the skinny-hairy-blond-goatee guy from before was standing beside the bench. I reached over and stroked his cock. He moved closer to my face, still down on the bench, and I started sucking him. His cock got fully hard in just a minute. He moved away from my face back toward my exposed ass. My ass was so open, more open than ever, yet there was a feeling of soreness when his big thick cock entered me, all in one motion. He began screwing me in a nice gentle fashion. I just laid back and took it.

As was getting dressed at my locker, the thick latin guy walked up from behind and put his arms around me, kissing my neck. He asked if I was leaving and I said yes. I could feel his cock getting hard pressed against me. He was probably good for another fuck I thought, but my hour was up.

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Extreme Sunday Night - Part One

Sunday night, no sex all weekend and I was feeling deprived. Hadn’t planned on going to the baths, needed to get up early the next day; but what the hell. I decided to see what I could do in just an hour's time.

Impatiently waited in line at the check-in behind a couple of guys who had to buy memberships. Once inside, quickly undressed at my locker. Decided tonight that I would pre-lube my ass right there. I put one foot on the bench and inserted a finger with a wad of lube. I could see some guy watching me from down the hall and it made me feel slutty. Usually I wait until something is about to happen to lube, but tonight was going to be different.

With the towel around my waist I headed-off, my strategy was to not wander through the rooms section but go straight for the dark room. Always found that the horniest guys looking for ‘right-then” action congregate in the dark room.

Once in the darkroom, I walked up the steps on to the platform in one side of the room. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could make out a big muscular tall and naked man beside me standing in front of the hole, waiting for a guy below to suck him. I played with his nipples and stroked his back a little, he was very smooth.

I decided to keep moving and see who else was in the room. Moved across the platform past a couple of guys fondling and sucking and down the steps on the other end of the platform. A couple of minutes later I was in front of the big glory hole the tall was in front of. I put my hands on his big smooth thighs and put his cock in my mouth. It quickly grew nice and fat. As I sucked him, he started to pull his hips backwards, I felt further back and felt a pair of hairy legs I hadn’t seen before. Sure enough, I felt a big cock pumping into his ass.

The tall guy was rock hard now and I pushed my face forward to be able to suck his cock while he back his hips to the rhythm of the fuck. My right hand went back and began stroking the tops furry balls and ass. After about a minute, the top put his hand on mine and positioned my hand, showing me how to squeeze his balls just way he liked it.

I felt great. I loved the communal nature of the three of us enjoying each other. I was already completely hard and horny. After a few minutes, and without cumming, the hairy top pulled out and moved. I moved back up onto to the platform, took off my towel and stood in front of one of the huge glory holes. I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around and saw a hot black guy right behind me. When started kissing and touching each other. Almost at once he put his hand on my hole. I was still a little shy about having already lubed it up. Amazing, these little remnants of modesty we hang-on to.

I put my hand on his cock which was jutting out of his towel. It was cut, probably seven inches long and really thick. We kissed again and I turned around. I felt his wide head starting inside me. The thickness was intense, but I relaxed and let him fully inside me.

He stroked me with his cock and few times really opening me up. After only a couple of minutes he pulled out and moved along. The fuck didn’t last too long, but it was a great beginning.

I turned back and faced one of the the glory holes again. I could make out a bearish figure below me. I reached down and and pushed his head toward my cock, running my had over his crew-cut. This guy knew how to suck cock. I was rock hard in his warm delicious mouth. As I was getting blown a youngish-blond-skinny-hairy with a goatee moved along beside me and started to stroke my body while he played with himself under his towel.

After several minutes of incredible blow-job, I dropped on my haunches so I could be at face level with the guy. He was handsome. A thick latin with a black mustache and chest and belly covered in short black hair. We started to kiss through the hole. I reached down and felt his cock, uncut, not to large but fully erect. He asked “Do you want that?” I said “Yes.” In a moment he was up the steps and beside me. Taller and bigger than I thought he was he almost immediately put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around; then I felt a hand on my back pushing me into the bend-over position.

He was a great fucker. He had one of those cocks that gets a lot thicker at the base. He began to screw me. Bent over on the platform, my face was at crouch level with the skinny-hairy-blond-goatee guy who had been touching me. I reached out and opened his towel, he had an amazing beautiful big cut cock. Normally, I like to give all my attention to the top who is fucking me, but tonight I decided I would suck the blond while I was getting fucked. For a second, I worried my latin guy might be turned off by me putting another cock in my mouth. Seeing me suck must have excited him even more. Soon he took my right leg and raised it so that it was resting on the top part of the big glory hole. This position gave him better access to my hole and he was fucking me hard like an animal. Seeing the latin guy pound me spread open made the blond guy even more excited, his dick grew even thicker as he was pushing it in my mouth.

I decided to reverse things. I moved my leg off the ledge and quickly stood-up turned around and bent-over so that my ass was facing the blond guy and my face the latin. Quickly, I put my mouth on his cock; giving him a loving and appreciative sucking for the pounding he had just given me. At the same time, I could feel the bond guys big cock entering my ass. By this time, my ass was sore and a little swollen, but his cock slid right in.

I looked up at the latin guy who was smiling at me; in just a couple of minutes he was exploding in my mouth, lots of cum. I stood up and we kissed sweetly, sharing his cum in our mouths.

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