Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Hole Pimped Out

It was a busy weekend afternoon at the baths. I walked over to the fuck bench in the dark room and spotted a very-hairy-big-dicked guy with a shaved head who had fucked me a couple of times before. We began to kiss and fondle each other tenderly. We had lengthy and passionate previous encounters but we had never exchanged names. Sometimes I wonder when anonymous sex stops being anonymous.

After touching and making out for a few minutes, we each put our towels over the partition and I mounted the fuck bench for him. I looked back and watched him spit into his hand and rub it on his prick. One of the things I always enjoyed about Very-Hairy guy was the choice of lubrication. No goopy man-made lubes. He liked to fuck using spit; of course he also leaked copious amounts of pre-cum while screwing. He always kept me nice and wet.

Soon I was feeling his fat hard cock pressing into me. My first cock of the day, filling me up; he began a nice steady screw, getting me really wet and open for his use. He enjoyed stroking my legs, thighs, and around my belly while we fucked. After a few minutes he put his hand under my chest and raised me up onto a sitting position on the bench. I turned my head back around to him, we kissed and he fondled my nipples and chest and I pressed my back against his hairy chest.

“It feels so good the way you fuck me.” I told him. “ I wish that you would pimp me out to other guys today.” “Would you like that?” I asked, “Would you like watching other guys fuck me.”

I didn’t get any verbal reply but instead felt his hand pushing me back down over the bench. I wasn’t sure how to interpret his silence, except that maybe my request was too piggy for him to handle.

Again, he was spitting in his hand, then his big cock slide into my opened hole. It went in so easily this time; by the slick silky feeling in my hole I could tell he must have leaked out plenty of precum while he was fucking me.

Other guys where walking around us and stopping to watch us fuck. There was a handsome daddy bear beside me stroking himself under his towel. I reached over to touch his cock and suck him but he moved backwards and away from my head.

A moment later, I felt Very-Hairy pull out of me. I turned my head back and saw him putting Daddy-Bear in his place. It was beginning to happen. In his own quiet way he was pimping me out. I felt Daddy-Bear push in my open ass. He was smaller than Very-Hairy but he felt good going in and stroking my wet ass.

After just a couple of minutes, he started fucking harder, and then he pulled out while he was still cumming. I could feel the spunk hit the inside and the outer rim of my hole and then another jet against the back of my leg. Daddy-Bear grabbed his towel and walked away. I could see Very-Hairy once again right in place behind my hole. His cock going in my sloppy hole filled with Daddy-Bears spunk.

After a few minutes of continued screwing I felt him pull out of me. I turned my head and Very-hairy was kissing one of the guys who had been watching. This was typical of my previous encounters with Very-Hairy. He would stop screwing me and play with someone else and then usually return.

I got off the bench and started playing and stroking some of the other guys myself. A very good-looking-tattooed-lean-guy with appeared beside me. He put his hands on my ass and I could feel his big cock, even bigger than Very Hairy, go up my ass. I bent over slightly for him and was glad that I was so lubed with cum and spit. He stroked me a couple of times and then pulled out and did the same thing with two other guys standing beside me before exiting the darkroom. It was as though he wasn’t ready to fuck; he just wanted to taste everyone.

I walked around for a few minutes, and then returned to the darkroom. I Suddenly Very-Hairy appeared beside me and had me back over the fuck bench again and was plugging my hairy hole. I looked forward and up and there was Tattooed-lean guy. He had positioned himself straddling the bench with his rock hard cock in my face. I began to suck his prick. It was a big and cut and got even thicker at the base. I made love to his prick with my mouth and tongue; I was trying to do a good job but I really didn’t want to suck him off, I wanted him in my ass. After a couple of minutes I stopped sucking but looked up and locked eyes with him. He knew exactly what to do. In a flash he was off the bench and walking behind me.

I didn’t look back this time, but Very-Hairy must have immediately made the pass-off, because I felt the big prick that had been in my mouth going balls deep in my hole in one big thrust. Fortunately for me Very-Hairy had already turned my hole into a man-pussy. If I hadn’t been so well opened up and wet it would have been painful. Tattoo-guy began fucking me hard with his big cock. Then I could feel his knees up on the bench beside my legs. He was up on the bench, more on top of me for added leverage as he continued to pound my hole. It felt fucking great. Then he was moaning really load shooting his sperm deep inside me. It was a huge turn-on that he was so loud. I enjoyed the other guys around me knowing I was taking his big load deep in my guts.

A minute later Lean-Tattoo-guy had moved away and Very-Hairy had resumed his place screwing my hole. I wish I could have seen how stretched out my hole must have been. After a while, Very-Hairy was taking a little break from me to play with someone else. At this time there are a lot of guys around the fuck bench, I get off of it and almost immediately another guy is lying across it getting his ass fucked. I watched. A good looking cubby that is standing next to me starts playing with my ass and sticks his finger up my sloppy hole. Feeling the cum in my hole got him really excited. His smallish cock is sticking straight up and he grabs my hand and pulls me out of the tight space and toward the front-end of the bench.

Very-Hairy is now standing right beside us and we begin to kiss; I bend over for Cubby and feel him going inside me and fucking me in jack-rabbit mode.

In a couple of minutes could feel Cubby’s small dick cum right on the edge of my ass and his jiz dripping down my leg. I turn back and see Cubby walking away with cum dripping out of his dick.

I reached back and put my index finger in my hole and pull out a big fresh wad of cum and put it in my mouth, then I lean over and kiss Very-Hairy. The sweet-salty spunk mingled in our mouths. Yet again, Very-Hairy began to bend me over the fuck bench. This would be the third fresh load he would fuck into my ass. “You like fucking me that cum in my ass” I asked. “Yeah, it’s hot” he said, as he continued to push me over the bench.

My ass hole was so filled with spunk, as his big cock went in, that it was a completely different sensation from the previous fucks. My ass wasn’t just slick it was squishy. There was much more of a feeling of churning inside me. A tall older lean guy with a long cock stood by my face, so I began to suck him. I could feel Very-Hairy getting harder inside me and gripping my ass with more intensity. Then he let out some soft moans and I could feel his cock expand inside me. Even though Very-Hairy had fucked me several times, this was the first time he gave me his load. He came, but stayed inside me moving his cock in and out slowly for a couple of more minutes. Then he pulled out, took his towel and walked off, leaving me on the bench. It still felt like anonymous sex.

The Tall-lean guy watched, then walked behind me. Soon I was taking another big cock.


  1. Very hot--this has been one of my fantasies for a long time. You've inspired me to make it happen!

  2. Buddy, you make my cock feel SO good as I read about your adventures. Thanks for inspiring me to dump a nice big load over this story!

  3. hey Donaldham, I am glad that you enjoyed the post.

    Jonking, It's hot to think about you reading this and getting-off

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