Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bred by Big Bear (and Others) Part Two

Big Bear kept fucking me with the door open. I remained in my head-down doggy position with my butt hanging over the edge of the bed. The door was behind me and out of my line of site, even with the mirrored walls, so I couldn’t see who was looking in. But I could see Big Bear reflected in the mirror vetting those who were in the hall. Some were rejected. Then I saw a handsome-young-smooth Latino guy step through the door. He had thick body with a mass of curly black hair on his head a prominent nose and big dark eyes. “Is he ok?” Big Bear asked. I nodded in the affirmative. When the young guy was fully into the room, Big Bear queried: “You want to fuck him?” looking down at me. “Yes” he replied with a smile.

I felt Big Bear pull his fat raw dick out of my hole and I remained in my position and watched in the mirror as the young smooth guy went over to the shelf and grabbed one of the rubbers and put it on his cock. I was disappointed he wasn’t going to fuck me raw, but I was still having fun.

Big Bear got onto the bed on his back and raised me up and put my cock in his mouth. Even though Big Bear had really stretched me open, Young Smooth Guy’s prick still felt intense as he pushed it up my now wide open ass hole. He was giving me a nice slow even fuck while Big Bear sucked me from underneath. My balls were rubbing against Big Bear’s furry beard. I felt wonderful.

After about five minutes of screwing me, Young Smooth Guy shoots his wad. I watched in the mirror as he took off his rubber, heavy with a thick load of cum. I was only sorry it wasn’t another load up my ass.

As Young Smooth Guy opened the door and was leaving the room another guy was standing at the door. He was an attractive lean smooth guy with tattoos, about 5’8 with close cut red hair and a very tightly trimmed goatee. I still on the bed up on my knees, Big Bear was on his back but had stopped sucking me. I motioned and he came in the room and closed the door. We made eye contact and without saying a word I resumed my doggy position on the bed. I watched in the mirror as the red-hair guy moved in behind me and take off his towel. Then I felt his raw dick sliding in my hole.

Red-hair Guy started to go inside me, his cock was smaller that the two previous ones, I tried to tighten-up, but my ass felt like a big open hole at this point. As he began to fuck, Big Bear said he needed a break so Red-hair guy and I each put our towels on and left the room and went our own directions.

A couple of hours past, it was about 3:45 a.m. now, I decided it was time to leave the bathhouse. Activity had pretty much died down in the public spaces and most of the people in the rooms had their doors closed. I wanted to get off one more time before I left, so I went into the dark room to jack-off by the fuck bench. Because of my past experiences on the fuck bench, just being near it and feeling it against me makes me aroused. It has become a fetish.

I took off my towel and threw it over the wall stood at one end of the fuck bench pressed my balls against the naugahyde cover of the bench and started to masturbate to my memories.

I looked over to my left and saw Red-hair guy standing only a few feet away stroking his cock. I thought that another fuck by him would be a nice way to end the evening. I looked at him and then mounted the end of fuck bench, with my legs up the sidebars. I was sitting up right stroking my cock with my beefy butt hanging over the edge of the bench.

Red-hair guy walked toward me, still stroking his cock. As he approached, I bent over the fuck bench and spread my legs. Fortunately, my ass had tightened up over the last two hours. I felt his hands on my butt and then his raw dick pressing against my hole; I let out a moan as he went balls deep into my hole.

He began to give me a good screwing; I was glad that we were going to get to finish our business after all. I let my forehead rest on the bench and just began to enjoy. After a couple of minutes, I raised my head and standing in front of me was a guy in his early twenties, smooth, very lean but with strong definition with curly blond hair. He was watching us very intently, and then he took his hand and started to gently caress my face. It was such a sweet gesture. Even in the anonymous sex he made me fell very connected.

Red-haired guy continued his nice steady strokes. I kept moaning, concentrating on the feeling of his cock and letting my torso and forehead press against the fuck bench. After a while I felt Red-haired guy pull out of me, then after a minute push back in - but only with the head of his cock, then I felt his hand pumping against my hole. He was jacking-off. After a minute, I could feel the warm cum just inside my ass and his cock going back in all the way. With his cum inside me his cock felt so wet and good moving around my ass.

Red-hair guy pulled out and then he said in a commanding tone: “Move up on the bench.” My ass had been hanging over the bench to align my hole with his cock. As I started moving forward on the bench he took his hand and pushed my ass up and bent me over face down again. Now I was on top of the bench with my ass hole facing upward. Then I felt his finger enter my hole. I turned my head around saw that Red-hair guy was now standing on my right side creating a view for a couple of guys who had just walked up near the fuck bench. He kept moving his finger in and out of my ass playing with the load he had just popped inside me. I watched as he lifted a string of cum out of my hole with his finger. I thought it was fucking hot for him to play with his cum in my ass in front of the other men. He was making me feel like his cum toy.

I turned back around and now there were three guys in front of me and right in the center was sexy Big Bear looking down at me. (To be continued)


  1. This makes me hard. I can't wait to read the ending.

  2. Great job of describing the night - I'm loving every word of it. You've got my cock feeling really great....and hungry to follow those others into your hole.

  3. Jonking, Thank you for your comment. That is the best compliment that reading the post make you hungry to fuck my hole. Reading your comment makes makes my dick hard. I love the idea of getting together with my blog readers for a fuck session.