Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bred by Big Bear (and Others) Part One

It was about one a.m., and I was walking around the halls of the bathhouse checking out who had his door open. I saw a very handsome bear lying on his bed stroking his cock. We made eye contact and he nodded his head for me to come in. This guy was perfect for me. Not a pumped-up muscle bear, but he looked powerful. He was big and beefy, but not fat at all; as though he played football in college and stayed in shape. He looked to be mid-thirtyish. His face looked like a Tom of Finland drawing; big and angular. He had a thick mass of black hair on his head and a big black beard trimmed close. His chest was covered with the same black hair and in the center a thicker strip leading down to his bush.

I went in his room; put my towel at the end of his bed but left the door open. I wasn’t sure what he wanted so I knelt on the floor to suck his dick. Almost everyone appreciates a blow job; a nice way to say hello at the bath. Because Big Bear had such a large build, I didn’t realize how enormous his cock was until I was putting it in my mouth. It was uncut with a tapered head that went down to an amazingly thick shaft; it reached thickest point at the center and then tapered slightly as it went toward his body. His dick must have been about eight inches long and six or seven inches around at the thickest point.

As I was trying to fit his monster prick in my mouth I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like up my ass. I had only been blowing him for only a couple of minutes, then I noticed Big Bear motioning for another guy to come into the room. I had lost track of the fact that I left the door open. The third guy was another big guy, more than six feet tall, fortyish, with prematurely white hair and a little soul patch on his face. He was muscular, smooth and tan and with an engaging friendly smile.

I continued to blow big bear and Third Guy came in the room, closed the door, and approached Big Bear. I looked up and Big Bear was feeling up Third Guy’s hard cock and in flash he had his towel off and Big Bear was blowing him.

Third Guy had a nice size cut prick, nothing as impressive as Big Bear’s. Third Guy moved onto the bed with Big Bear and they began making out. I got on the bed and alternated sucking each of them. This was the moment when I knew the dynamic was changing, they were more into each other than me. However, they were both hot, so I was happy with my role as their sub.

After a few minutes of making out, Third Guy asked Big Bear if he could fuck him. Big Bear eagerly agreed. Third Guy got out of the bed, put on one of the rubbers that were on the shelf. I moved aside and he swung Big Bears legs around off the bed and held them in the air. Big Bear let out a little cry of pain when Third Guy started to penetrate him. I was surprised because Third Guy’s cock was not that big; Big Bear must have been really tight. Third Guy applied more of the lube to his cock and got in his ass.

They fucked for a while like that and I sucked on Big Bears nipples; Third Guy would reach over touch my ass sometimes. Third Guy shifted Big Bear around and got him in the doggy position then he climbed onto the bed next to me. We kissed a little and he began to power fuck Big Bear aggressively. Big Bear let out some whimpers and in the mirror, I could see a grimace on his face. He was in pain, but he never asked Third Guy to stop. Third Guy was saying “take it, come on take my dick.” He was getting into the dominant role. I started saying ‘fuck him, fuck him good, make him take it.”

Third Guy pushed down on Big Bear forcing him out of the doggy position flat down onto his stomach. Third Guy went down on top of him and began fucking him with the weight of his whole body going up and down. Big Bear cried out even louder than before. Third Guy was a mean fucker; it looked like he was trying to him.

After a few minutes, Big Bear asked Third Guy to cum in his mouth. Third Guy pulled out of his ass. Big Bear flipped over and opened his mouth. Third Guy began to jack-off over his face. I moved up and straddled Big Bear’s chest, soon Third Guy’s cum was flying on Big Bear’s mouth, his chest, and my chest.

Third Guy, with a big grin on his face, grabbed his towel and left the room. Big Bear looked at me and asked if I would fuck him. My dick was hard, so I started pushing in his ass. I didn’t put on a rubber and Big Bear didn’t ask for one. His ass was open and very well lubed, as I began to fuck him raw. “Shoot it in my mouth” he asked. I had already cum a couple of times that night so I didn’t think I was going to be able to cum for him.

“Will you fuck me?” I asked. “Ok” he said. It was going to happen after all, I was going to feel the big prick in my ass. He stood up and I got doggy on the edge of the bed for him. He dropped down on his knees and eagerly began to eat my ass. It felt great and I was moaning. Having my ass eaten makes me want to get fucked even all the more.

“How many dicks have you had up your ass tonight” he asked. “Three” I said truthfully. I’m sure that he could taste the cum load that one guy left up my ass just a little earlier.

He stood up. Even though he had three kinds of lube next to the bed, he didn’t use any of them but just spit into his hand and began to penetrate me. Even though I had been fucked three times already that evening, and my ass was lubed up with Vaseline and sperm, the feeling of his big thick dick going inside me was intense. I moaned out load as he pushed inside me.

“Yeah, fuck that hairy hole” he said. He began to get really verbal with me telling me he was fucking my “pussy” and “cunt.” I reciprocated with: “Yeah, fuck that pussy make it your own.” We continued with that banter back and forth while he grabbed my ass with his hands and stroked my ass with his big thick cock. He was a good fucker, deep thrusts, and great rhythm I could feel his balls hitting against my ass.

Then he said: “Let’s bring in another guy; I want to watch another guy fuck you.” “Oh fuck yeah” I replied. As he continued to screw me, he reached over and opened the door to the room. (to be continued)

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