Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bred by Big Bear (and Others) Conclusion

As I looked up from the fuck bench, Big Bear was standing in front of me watching Red-hair guy play in my cummy ass with his fingers. He was partially dressed, wearing a t-shirt and some tight briefs. He watched the show, rubbing his cock through his underwear. After a minute, he pulled his hard cock out and moved a little closer to me. I reached out and took his big fat tool in my hand and began to caress it. I wanted that big cock in my hole again. I rose up on the bench with my arms so that we were at face level and said, “I want you to fuck me.” He smiled at me.

I flipped around on the bench so that now my ass was presented to Big Bear. Red-hair guy said, “Yeah, fuck him.” Red-hair guy walked over behind me to Big Bear’s left and squatted down on his haunches. He was now at eye-level with Big Bear’s cock and my hole.

I faced forward, grabbed onto the bench and once again felt the head of Big Bear’s fat prick probing for my hole. “Oh yeah, fuck my ass.” I said in a loud voice knowing that Big Bear enjoyed the verbal exchange. I moaned as he shoved his tool in my wet hole. “That’s it, screw that hole.” I said. My talking got the attention of some of the other guys in the dark room. now two guys appeared in front of me pushing their cocks in my face. I felt like I was not only considered Big Bear’s bottom, but everyone’s bottom.

Big Bear began fucking me aggressively, the fresh cum in my hole made the best lube. I’m not sure how many guys were behind me but I could feel different hands touching my ass and feeling Big Bear’s cock going my into my hole. Maybe they wanted to feel to confirm that he was fucking me raw. Maybe they wanted to feel how big his big tool. Red-hair guy came back around and put his feet on the lower legs and put his cock in my face. I began to suck it. Since his cock had been up my ass, I was glad that it was clean.

One of the guys standing in front of me (he was chubby and wearing a baseball cap) became impatient with my lack of attention to him and grabbed my head and pushed it down on his cock. I sucked his smallish cock. Then he took my head and pushed it over on the bigger cock of a tall lean guy who was standing beside him. I began to alternate between the two men. The tall guy became aggressive as well forcing my head deeper on his dick. In between having the two cocks in my mouth I was calling out to Big Bear “screw that ass, get it, get that ass.”

The guy with the baseball cap started moving toward Big Bear saying, “fuck him, fuck him.” The tall guy grabbed my head again and was fucking my mouth. I felt Big Bears hands move from my ass checks up my back or grabbing onto my shoulders. He stopped once, pulled out and I felt a big wad of spit going into my wide open hole, then he when right back in.

Once he stopped for a couple of minutes, I turned around and saw that he was making out with one of the guys standing beside him. I continued to suck the tall guys cock hoping that Big Bear wouldn’t get too distracted from my hole. After a couple of minutes I felt his cock against my hole again. As he started going in I realized there was no spit this time. Even after all the fucking, it was difficult for me to accommodate his girth with out some lube. He must have been enjoying the extra friction on his cock because he kept pushing it in hard. It felt like the skin at the entrance of my hole was tearing. I cried out a little took one hand and tried to spread my checks.

I felt two hands grab my checks and spread them as wide open and possible, I turned my head and saw that it was the guy with the baseball cap who was standing to my side. Then I felt some spit hit my hole. It felt better after that. Big Bear was really fucking me hard now. It was endurance time. The guy with the baseball cap continued to hold my ass checks apart and then I heard him ask Big Bear: “Are you about to blow?” Then a half-minute later I heard Big Bear start to moan and grunt really loud as it shoved his cock as deep as it would go. He let out three successive loud grunts. Everyone in the dark room could hear him giving me his load. I could feel his big meat twitching in my hole and his body came forward almost on top of me. Big Bear continued to stroke me a couple of times, I could feel the wetness of his sperm inside me. He pulled out, then pushed his head back in me and milked out the final stream of cum. I was bred by Big Bear and all the other guys saw it and heard it.

Big bear pulled out again, I rose up on the bench and as he started to walk away I could see his now limp but still impressive dick was covered with a distinctive layer of frothed up sperm.

I relaxed and saw that the tall guy was still in front of me. I leaned forward on the fuck bench and started to suck him again. I felt another prick pressing against my now over used and sore hole. I turned my head and saw the guy with the white baseball cap. His smaller dick felt good moving around in my cummy ass. He must have been pretty excited from watching the previous fuck because he came inside me in only about a minute.

Now I really was finished. As I got off the fuck bench the remaining crowd broke away. I decided to go to the bathroom. Sometimes I like to leave the cum inside me as long as possible, sometimes I like to look at it. At that moment I wanted to see it. I sat on the toilet and let the cum out of my ass. I looked into the bowl and saw huge globs of sperm floating in the water. I have never seen such a large quantity of sperm come out of my ass before. A new personal best.

Later at home, even more cum came out of my ass, it must have been deeper inside. I began to wonder who gave me the biggest load and wished that cum could be color-coded, so that I could tell which cum belonged to which guy.

I poured myself a glass of wine and got into bed holding an ice pack onto my hole.


  1. What a great end to the night! Right now my dick feels hard and juicy in my hand as I'm picturing you down there on your bench, hole spread wide to take one more load from a man who wants to ride your back...

  2. Thanks Jonking, that is a very sexy thought. I'd love to take that load.