Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fucked in the Park

It was dusk when I entered the gate on W72nd Street. By the time I walked deep into the Ramble it was completely dark. I walked along the dark winding paths; every couple of minutes or so a shadowy figure would approach. Always a man, sometimes he would slow down for a better look and we would eye each over, sometimes we would move past each other.
On one of the more out of the way trails, I came face to face with a thin young man. He was wearing jeans and a black polo shirt. I walked slightly past him on the trail and turned back to look. He had stopped and was looking at me. I stood beside a tree and started to stroke my cock through my gym shorts. Soon he walked over. When he spoke, I could tell that he was Japanese. When he was closer I could see that his face was finely chiseled and thin and he had a thick mass of black hair. I found him very attractive.
He put his hand up and gently stroked my beard and smiled. I leaned in and we kissed, his tongue forcefully went into my mouth. I rounded my lips and let his tongue fuck my mouth while he raised my shirt and ran his hands over my hairy chest and stopped to play with my nipples.
I lowered my shorts and took out my hard cock; he unfastened his jeans and took out his cock, it was thin but a nice length. We continued to kiss and stroke each other’s cocks. I lowered my shorts a little more and was rubbing his cock against my bare thigh as I stroked him. Then while he continued to probe my mouth with his tongue, I placed his cock under my balls and squeezed my legs together. He immediately began humping me from the front.
I lowered my shorts down past my ass and turned it toward him. He let out a little moan of delight. I felt his hard cock between my cheeks, I bent over and reached back and aligned his cock to my hole. He began to slowly push into me, pausing after his head got to my sphincter. I pushed my ass back to take all of his cock. I put a wad of Vaseline in my hole earlier when I entered the dark part of the Ramble. We both moaned with pleasure. He began to fuck me slow, moving his dick all the in and out. I spread my legs open as much as the elastic band in my shorts would allow, which were now around my ankles.
He pulled my cheeks open to get in deeper. I bent down as much as possible to open my hole for his pleasure. After a couple on minutes of slow deep fucking, he bent over raised my head up to his for another deep kiss. Then he bent over and hugged my back, putting all his weight onto me and then fucking me from his hips with a rapid movement. It felt like a piston was shooting up my ass; I was surprised both at the speed and force at which he could fuck me this way. He started moaning, and I began softly call out “please, yes” and “good” over and over. He said, “you are nice” with a strong accent. He began to move his cock around in a circular motion in my ass. He felt great; he was a really good fuck.
He kept this up several minutes alternating between the slow in and out, the piston fuck, and the circular motion. Ever so often I felt him put some spit on his cock. We heard someone on the trail behind us, he stopped and pulled out and turned away from me. The guy took the hint and moved on. Soon we were fucking. Again. After a couple more minutes of fucking, he stopped again and whispered into my ear “there is a man directly behind us.” I raised-up from my bent over position and saw a guy with a backpack. The guy just wanted to watch us fuck, but my friend seemed shy about it. We waited, but he didn’t leave so we moved around the corner of the trail a little and in some bushes.
I took the opportunity to take out the small container of Vaseline and added another finger full in my hole as my friend made sure we were alone. Once again my shorts were down over my ass, this time I remained standing as he entered my hole again. He let out a moan as his cock felt my freshly lubed ass. We started fucking again. I was impressed by how long he could fuck me raw without coming. He was so good. I kept talking to him, telling him how good he was, and how good it felt. His moaning increased and he began fucking me fast and deep, I knew he was shooting his load in my ass. He took out some tissue from his backpack and cleaned his cock off. He smiled and me and again said “nice.” We kissed, and then he went on down the trail.
I could see someone who had been watching us through the bushed from a distance. So I walked over in front of him. He was a bit shorter than me, thin and with a shaved head and mustache. He might have been Latin or some combination. I said “hello” but he remained silent. I almost walked away, but on impulse reached down and touched the front of his satiny shorts and felt a massive hard cock. I began to stroke him through his shorts. He reached down and lowered his shorts enough to take out his cock. He stood passively, with his arms akimbo while I continued to stroke him. I leaned in and asked him what he liked. “I like to get sucked” he said with a forceful New York accent.
We moved off the trail, into the spot I first started with the Japanese guy. I got on my knees and put his cock in my mouth. He moaned appreciatively as I began to suck and tongue him. His cock was nice, dark, long, nice proportion with a little hook to the left. His cock continued to grow under my attention.
After a couple of minutes of sucking, I became aware that someone was behind me. I turned around, there was another guy standing behind me with his cock out. My friend motioned for him to come closer. Both cocks were in my face and I started alternating between them and they touched each the others chest and nipples. The new guy was not as attractive, but it was a hot scene and everyone was enjoying. After a little while, I decided I wanted to make sure that my friend came so I went back to sucking his big curved cock, taking it as deep in my mouth as I could. The second guy was beside us jacking his cock
I was on my knees with my back to the trail, then a stray hand touch my ass. There was a third guy directly behind me. I didn’t turn to look at him but instead focused on sucking off my friend. I felt the hand again under my ass lifting my rear up. Now I was bent over still sucking. I lowered my shorts over my ass. I felt a finger enter my ass, which was wet and filled with the Japanese guy ‘s cum. The guy behind must have encouraged by my sloppy ass because he started to thrust his cock into me. I didn’t look back at him, but his cock felt thick going in. I began to fantasize about what he might look like, but at the same time I was enjoying being screwed by a guy I couldn’t see.
The guy screwing me didn’t last very long, within three or four minutes he was moaning and shooting in my ass. I felt him pull out his softening cock, as I kept sucking my friend, who I could tell was now about to pop. Soon my mouth was flooded with a big load of salty cum. By the time I pulled up my shorts, all three had become dark figures moving down the trail. I never will know what the guy look liked who fucked me. I can just imagine.


  1. Damn, so hot!! Was this recent? I should give the park a try sometime! -Dan

  2. And how will you find him when you turn poz? To thank him for the gift?