Friday, July 9, 2010

On The Fuck Bench

Last night at the baths, after I had already been breed hard by a guy back in his room, I decided it might be fun just to hang-out on the fuck bench for a while. I had only ever used the fuck bench when I had already hooked-up with someone. When I walked into the dark room I was all alone; it wasn't a very busy night. The fuck bench is partially partitioned-off from the rest of the dark room. I took off my towel and hung it over the partition. I had a small container of vaseline, so I stuck some inside my hole. My hole was already pretty worked-over and sore, so the vaseline felt cool and soothing.

I put my knees up on the lower sections and mounted the bench face down and ass up. My legs were apart and my ass was ready for action. The first sensation was the air hitting my unprotected hole. It felt odd to be all alone in the room positioned for fucking, but at the same time it was exhilarating. Even alone, I felt my cock begin the stiffen against the Naugahyde covered bench.

I don't remember what happened in chronological order, just as a series of intense images. The dark room began to fill up again. I noticed over the course of the evening that there was a herd effect. Men wouldn't come and go just one at a time but instead in groups. After a few seconds of being in the dark room some of the men walked behind the partition and to take a look at me in the very dim light. I felt hands running along my back and legs. Somebody reached underneath and pinched one of my nipples. Then a hand along my ass and a finger in my hole. I began to fell like pig on a skewer at lu'ao. I grunted out loud as a man began to finger fuck me. My rutting noises attracted my guys to the fuck bench.

I remember a whole series of guys walking up for blow-jobs. Again the herd factor was at work. The men enjoyed watching me blow one guy and then wanted a blow-job of their own. Each man had his own individual approach. One guy walked up in front of my face stroking his cock, kind of seducing me into sucking him. Another just walked up and jerked off his towel, presenting his flaccid tool for me to harden-up. Yet another grabbed my head and started forcing it on his already stiff prick.

The position I was in, belly-down on the bench, was not all that comfortable for blow-jobs, but I knew that some of them would fuck me if I blew them. Plus, I started getting into the idea of being used a receptacle. On the fuck bench I was fair game for any guys desire.

After a while, one of the guys I was blowing walked behind me. I started feeling a prick press against ass searching in the dark for my hole. I wiggled a little to align my hole with his cock. When he started going in I could feel that he had put on a rubber. The latex burned against the soft sensitive skin in my ass. It was disappointing; but I decided to just go with it. I put my hands on the bench and raised up my torso and moaned and grunted for him. One of the guys in front of me started pinching my nipples. There must have been at leat six looking on watching me get screwed.

At one point I felt the rubber break in my ass (probably the vaseline weakened the latex). He stopped and re-rubbered and kept fucking. I looked back and noticed two guys fondling the guy who was fucking me. The darkness made it anonymous and exciting. After a while, he pulled out and walked in front of me and pulled off the rubber for me to suck him. Because his rubber broke earlier his cock tasted of lube and my ass. He jerked off in front of my face, making a load noise when he shoot his load on the floor.

The herd of men moved on; the dark room started emptying-out again. Once again I was alone on the bench with my ass open and in the air. Even alone I wasn't bored. I enjoyed just being there ready for the next wave.

At some point, I remember feeling hands from behind me on my back and forcing my head up from behind. He kissed me on the mouth. I assumed the position, I felt a big stream of lube going all down ass crack. Then a prick against my hole. I reached back to guide him in and feel his tool. This guy was going to screw me raw.

He wasn't completely hard, but my ass hole was so expanded he could get it in anyway. As he started to fuck I could feel his cock growing inside me. Once again the crowd gathered to watch the fuck. Some jacking-off, some sticking theirs cocks in my face, some playing with the guy who was fucking me. On it went. Like I said, I can't really remember everything that happened in chronological order. As I write this my ass is still sore.

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