Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas, II - Papi Gets Fucked

“Oh yes, Jamie this is what daddy wants” I responded. He looked so young and so beautiful on the bed with his legs spread open for me, wearing nothing but his gold chain and crucifix around his neck. I felt inspired not so much to give him a blow job but to worship his cock.

I played with his piss hole with my tongue, gently pushing the tip of my tongue into it, sort of fucking it. Then I put my left hand on the base of his tool pulled it toward me and took the head in my mouth. I licked all around the underside of his head. It tasted a little salty and sweaty. I traced the veins of his dark cock with my tongue from the top to bottom once again licking his balls. Jamie moaned when my tongue went down to his dark hairy hole.

I spent a long time like that laying between his legs. He never used his hands of told me what to do, but every time I looked up he was watching me with his dark eyes. I felt like he was controlling me through his eyes like a dark brown god. He said “You want me to fuck you papi?”

He motioned for me to get up. He positioned me on the bed so that we reflected in the mirror and then pushed me down on all fours with my legs spread wide apart. I watched in the mirror as he spit on his hand and rubbed it on the outside of my hole, then spit again and rubbed it on his prick.

I hadn’t been fucked in many days; I knew I was very tight. I was praying that he would finger my hole a little to open me up.

Just then he grabbed onto my butt with both hands and was thrusting into my hole. “Oh Jesus Christ” I yelled out as I felt his head shove through the outer muscle and the sphincter all in one thrust. It felt like my ass had been torn open. I squeezed the edge of the mattress with my hands.

“Oh please wait a second” I pleaded, I could feel my ass spasm and tighten even more around his cock. “That hole is good papi” he said. Without hesitating, he continued to thrust into my ass until I felt his balls hit against my butt. Again I squealed in pain. “Please Jamie please” I pleaded. He kept screwing me. I suppose I could have stopped, but I was getting fucked by my dark brown god. Wouldn’t not taking it be a sacrilege?

I turned my face toward the mirror and saw that he was watching in the mirror also. I was looking into his eyes through the mirror. “Is this what you wanted papi?” he said gleefully. The pain was shooting all through my ass. “Yes” I replied.

He used his legs to force my legs further apart, lowering my ass and opening it up a little more for his tool. This change in position made it more uncomfortable. He got on his toes pressed against my back and started thrusting from on top. I felt like a bitch being mounted by a dog.

“Yes, Jamie, fuck your daddy....fuck your papi.” I moaned. I watched his muscular young body in the mirror pumping with intensity, I loved the feeling of his sweat falling on my body.

I was surprised that he could fuck me raw with such intensity for so long without cumming. He kept fucking and fucking. The intense muscle spasm pain had subsided but my hole was so sore. I put my face in a pillow and concentrated on the feeling of Jamie’s cock going in and out.

Then Jamie started to moan out “Oh papi take my cum”

“Yes, please, please give it to me, please give me your sweet load” I replied. He shoved his prick all the way in. “Yes, papi, here it is, here is my cum.”

He collapsed on my back and I lowered my legs slowly. He stayed on top of me. I felt him move his still hard cock around inside me, churning his load. His seed felt like a soothing balm in my sore, torn-up ass. I was proud to take his spunk.

“Thank you Jamie, Thank you.” I said softly.

copyright 2010


  1. You have just lived out one of my fantasies!! So hot! -Dan

  2. So many times I have wanted to bag the hot bellman, waiter or manger of a hotel...Glad you had a great time.