Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Turned Out - Part One

One of my readers asked me if I had ever paid for sex. This story is my response.

One summer day, I walked into a book store on Kearny Street. In the video arcade area, there was one booth with the red “occupied” light on. I went into the adjoining booth and put some tokens into the machine. Within just a few seconds, a finger came sticking through the glory hole. I bent over and tried to make out who was on the other side, but my eyes were still adjusting to the darkness and couldn’t see very much. I was pretty horny, so I unzipped and stuck my half-hard dick through the hole.

I felt a hand jacking my prick. After a couple of minutes of being stroked, I started to get a little bored and started to pull my dick back. Then I felt a wet tongue licking my cock head, followed by a mouth going down my shaft. Then it stopped. I looked down through the glory hole, and this time saw a nice young face. “Come over here” he said through the hole.

In a minute my cock was back in my pants and I was out in the hall. The door of the booth next door was cracked open. When I entered the booth, I saw a handsome guy. I closed and locked the door behind me.

He was a very cute, sandy-blond hair, and a light golden tan, he looked to be in his early twenties. He was shorter than me, 5’7 or so. He wore sandals, khaki shorts, a blue t-shirt, and a small string of some ethnic beads around his neck. He was thin, but not skinny at all, with stout tanned legs with covered with fuzzy blond hair. Based on his tan and slightly funky look, I pegged him as coming from the youth hostel a half-block up and across the street. Inside the booth, I added some of my tokens, then I kissed him, pushing my tongue into deep into his mouth.

He very gently pushed back from me and and took off his t-shirt. He had a beautiful and completely smooth chest, except for a small blond treasure trail coming off his navel. His chest and arms had some definition, but still covered by a small and very sexy layer of baby fat.

He turned his back to me and began to unbutton his shorts. I leaned into him and kissed his neck and ears. When his shorts went down, he was wearing no underwear. I stepped back from his a little to admire his delicious plump bubble butt. The contrast of his smooth creamy-white ass with his fuzzy tawny legs. I ran my finger along his crack and felt hair just on the inside of his checks.

He stood there frozen for a moment and then he said “you can fuck me for fifty dollars.” I leaned into him and began kissing his neck again then tenderly whispered in his ear, “I don’t have fifty bucks on me.”

(to be continued)

copyright 2010

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