Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Piss Club Virgin - Part Two

I could still taste his warm piss was still in my mouth as I walked back into the club. My beard and chest hair were damp from the piss I hadn’t been able to contain in my mouth. I felt proud to have the piss visibly on me

I grabbed one of the beer I brought in at the coat check and began walking around. While I had been swapping piss out on the patio, the club had filled up.

This first room was large and dark with a raised platform with glory holes normally used for cock sucking. Tonight, it was used by guys getting sucked and pissing in the mouths of the guys below.

A trough had been placed in the center the room. In the trough, was a guy lying down and dressed completely in a black rubber suite and mask with a large funnel stuck in his mouth. I watched an older bear pissed into the funnel. The rubber-guy lay perfectly still and drank it down.

I walked into the next room. It was smaller, with brighter lighting with two troughs sitting in the central area. There was a young thin good-looking red-headed guy wearing only jock strap. While I finished my beer, I watched as a another man pissed into his open mouth. Watching the young-red-head taking piss made me so horny and excited. I looked across the room and the other trough was empty, I knew it was time for my baptism in piss.

I climbed into the trough. As I sat down, I caught pungent smell the stale piss rising up. I sat down with my back against the trough, unbuttoned and unzipped my fly. I knew that by climbing into the trough I was making myself available to all the men to piss on. Just the idea of being used that way by any guy made my cock was completely hard.

I didn’t have to wait long. Within about five seconds an older man wearing a leather vest walked up beside me. He took his big floppy cock out of his pants and held it in his right hand. I leaned back and looked up at him and waited . Even before the piss started I enjoyed knowing that I had been chosen to receive his piss. This was to be an important lesson for a newbie. Guys don’t (or even can’t) piss on command. It was my job as a bottom not to be pushy but to be patient and to help the pisser relax.

Soon I felt a warm stream moving across my chest and belly, then hitting my exposed cock and balls. It is impossible to describe the feeling of taking my first stream of piss on my body. It felt warm and soft. Like a beautiful gift from the man standing over me. Even now, I get rock hard as I write about it. As he pissed up and down my body, I closed my eyes and let out a moan of pleasure. When I opened my eyes, other men were two other men were starting to move around the trough. One seemed a little younger than me tall and lanky wearing a jeans and a flannel shirt. He stood holding a beer and watching at the foot of the trough. Another man came around to the side of the trough next to the guy pissing on me. In a flash, his cock was out of his pants and another stream was hitting me. He was moving his cock slightly so that the streams were alternating and crossing over the piss of the other guy. His piss was ranker and stinkier than the other.

I cried out “Oh, yes, o yes, please piss on me.”

The tall lanky guy at the end of the trough unfastened his jeans and took out his long cock. I made eye contact with him and kept saying “please piss on me, please, give me your piss.”

Soon the lanky guy let out a stream with huge force. A much stronger force than any of the men before. He was aiming right at my hard cock. In response I held onto the side of the trough with my hands and arched my back raising my ass off the bottom as high as I could, so that my cock and balls were up in the air. He kept pissing up and down my cock and balls. I thought the feeling of his hard streaming on my cock was going to make me cum, I was moaning and almost delirious with pleasure.

The evening had only just begun and I had already gone from piss virgin to piss pig.

copyright 2010


  1. YES! Getting pissed on can be very erotic for the pissee.
    My first time was at a bathhouse in Copenhagen in the mid-90's. After this blond Nordic god fucked me, he led me to the community shower room where he told me to lie on the floor. Stupid me didn't know what he wanted to do, but within a minute, he was lauging as his piss started splashing on my face and chest.

    Although I felt humiliated, nobody else knew me there, so I decided to go with the flow, so to speak. Within seconds of Blondie starting to leak all over me, four other guys came into the shower, and started spraying me from a variety of angles.
    I, too, got a fucking hard on from all the piss, and even drank a bit directly from one guy's tap. After I had been properly initiated, I showered up and went to that guy's room for a second breeding. Great unplanned fun that day.

  2. What a great story. I love thinking about you being pissed on by all those Nordic guys. Thanks