Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Load in My Ass

I like to remember one of the first times, several years ago, I had raw anonymous sex. For many years, I only had raw sex with my long term boyfriend. After we broke-up, I loved getting fucked but always insisted that guys use a rubber.

I was really horny one night, and drove to one of the video places on Mission Street. I was looking to suck a guy and jack-off. When I entered the back video arcade I was the only one there. I decided to wait it out for a few minutes to see if someone would show-up and used some of my tokens to watch some movies.

After about five minutes, although it seemed forever, a guy entered the arcade. He was very tall, probably six foot five, or more. He was white, clean shaven and had dark wavy hair. Under his tank top I could see he had a sinewy, defined, body.

He walked past me and went into a booth. I quickly followed behind him and tried to open the door, but it was locked. I was so disappointed. This guy was so beautiful. I hung around outside the door. After a couple of minutes, I heard the door unlock and he opened it slightly. I peeked in. He was standing up with his sweat pants pulled down around his thighs revealing a huge erect cock.

He motioned, and I entered the booth. In the booth I became more aware of how much taller he was than me. Even though he was lean, he was a big muscular guy. He looked down grinned at me, then further down to his tool and said “that's what you wanted right, go for it.” His grin was so beautiful and intoxicating, and yes that is what I wanted.

I immediately got to my knees. His cock was uncut, long, thick with big blue veins. For a second, I just looked at how beautiful it was; then I started to lick up the underside of his cock. He let out a moan. I didn’t so much want to suck his cock as much as I wanted to worship it. I put my mouth over the big head and let my tongue play around his piss hole; then i put my mouth over one of his big furry balls, gently licking and sucking.

I looked up and he was sniffing poppers. He grabbed my head off his balls and stuck the poppers in front of my left nostril and closed up my right with his finger. I inhaled deeply. Then he aimed his cock right into my mouth. I opened wide. Even though his cock was big, I was able to take it. I felt his hand on my skull and his big head going into my throat. My face was pressed up to his muscular abs. This went on for a while, with him alternating between fucking my face and giving me the poppers.

He took my arm and pulled me to my feet and turned me around. He reached down and unfastened my pants, pushing them down past my butt. He leaned down and put his face into my ear and said “It’s just me and you here we can do anything we want.”

I felt his hand stroking on my ass, he started nibbling my ear. “Do you have a rubber?” I asked. “No” he replied, again like a whisper in my ear. I felt his finger go between my cheeks and find my tight dry hole. His tall body was leaning into me. He reached around with his left hand and started to stroke my cock. I wanted him so much. I knew that I shouldn’t fuck raw, but he was making me feel so good.

“Let me have that meaty ass” he said. “I don’t have anything” I said in a soft voice. He didn’t reply. I knew what I had to do. I pushed my ass toward him. He spit in his hand rubbed it on his cock and started pressing it against my hole. I was a little scared, this guy was really big and he was going in with just some spit. I tried to relax but I felt my ass starting to spasm. When he got his fat head in me he leaned down and kissed my mouth deeply. His kiss was so hot and sexy, it helped relax some; then his shaft started in.

My sphincter muscle continued to reflexively tighten as he pushed further in. Even though I was hurting, I didn’t care. This beautiful man wanted to fuck me and I wanted to give my ass to him. It was the only thing that mattered. Once he got most of the way in, wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big bear hug. Kissing my neck. I struggled against the pain to open my ass for him.

He let his arms go from around me and the poppers were once again against my left nostril. I inhaled as deeply as I could. I felt my butt relaxing, and I was getting even more horny. He pushed his big cock in all the way, while I pushed my ass back to meet his thrust. “Oh yes, you feel so good” I moaned.

After that he started fucking me good; I was even that he was only using his spit to fuck me. I knew that what I was feeling was all him, his skin, his warmth, not some product making him slick. I was in heaven.

He was thrusting his long cock in all the way now and taking it out as far as his head. After a little while of his steady fuck, I started to think that he would cum soon. Even though I didn’t want it to stop, I said “Don’t cum inside me, OK” He kept fucking me, with no reply.

I began to get more nervous and started trying to wriggle forward. He responded by again wrapping his arms around me tightly. I couldn’t get out from under his arms, but twisted my butt sideways to get him out. This just seemed to turn him on even more. “Please, don’t cum inside me.” I said again. I felt him in me all the way, with his muscular chest against my back, and pushing us both toward the wall in front of me.

He paused a second and I started feeling his thick cock throbbing in my ass. I was so turned on, I grabbed my dick and came at once. It seemed like he came over and over; based on his moans and the contractions of his cock. He pulled out, I could see his only slightly less hard cock with a big rope of thick white cum dangling out of it.

He leaned over and kissed me again. I felt so good.

copyright 2010


  1. HOT story, although I think people should respect the request of others regarding bb and where to cum.

  2. I used to insist the top guy rubber up back in the '90's. A few times I would get in a situation where I had no rubbers, but my top fucker wanted in my ass.
    I would inevitably OK, but ask that he not cum in my ass. Almost always, once the top got in me raw, he'd pin me down until he bred me with his cum. Even though I worried about taking cumloads, like you, it just felt so good.
    I know where you are coming from on this one.
    And understand why you were so turned on by taking his raw cock and load.