Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Good Screw at the Baths

He was blowing me. His left hand made its’ way between my ass checks and the next thing I know his finger is in my hole up to his knuckle. I spread my legs slightly farther apart and started rocking my ass back and forth on his finger to get it in deeper.

He stood up. He was young black hair, dark skin and built muscular and thick. We started to kiss. I put my hand under his towel and began to stroked his uncut cock. His cock was about six inches long, but must have been as almost big around as it was long.

He asked me if I wanted to fuck. Neither of us had a room. He wanted to go into the bathroom. I followed him into the larger handicapped stall. The bathroom was much more brightly lighted than the rest of the place. We both took off our towels, and I bent over for him.

I felt his thick cock pressing into my hole. I pressed back onto him to open up. His thickness was intense but he was a good fucker and it didn’t hurt. In a minute he was all the way inside me and it felt so good. He started fucking me with a nice rhythm. After a couple of minutes, he reached down and raised one of my legs up on the toilet seat. With my ass more open, he spread my ass checks with each of his hands and started fucking me harder. I could feel his wide tool going all the way out of my ass and thrusting it back in one motion.

With his cock out, he would pause, and with my checks spread open, look at my hole. This must have been why he wanted to be in a more brightly lighted place. He was enjoying pulling out and looking at my gaping hole after being fucked by his six inch wide tool. I felt big ball of his spit go inside me, followed once again by his cock.

After we fucked like this for a few minutes, he wanted to go back out to the dark room. He was in charge. I followed him to the fuck bench. I took off my towel and started to bend over it, but he motioned with his hand for me to turn around. I leaned onto the bench on my back and he raised my legs up in the air. Holding each of my ankles and spreading my legs in he air in a v shape, he began to fuck me again. A couple of other guys came and stood around the bench and watched him own my ass. As he was screwing me in front of the other men, he reached over and kissed my left foot. It was a sweet gesture and it felt great.

Again, without speaking, he let go of my legs and motioned for me to turn over. I enjoyed the way he took charge. I flipped over onto my stomach. He pushed me forward with his hand, so I advanced onto the bench. He mounted the bench behind me and pressed my back down and began to fuck me. He put his hands on my shoulders and started fucking me hard and fast, like an animal. I could feel his cock swell even thicker in my ass. He moaned deeply and thrust his cock in deep. He held from behind, he body was sweaty from the hard fuck. He must have cum big because I could feel the wetness in my ass as his cock twitched and pulsed inside me.

copyright 2010


  1. I love your entries as much as I'd love your ass.

  2. What a wonderful comment; it makes me horny.