Friday, June 18, 2010

Cinema on Rue Saint-Denis - Part Two

In the bathroom, I saw that a big thick glob of cum had leaked from my used hole into my underwear. I was wearing black underwear that day, and I took a moment and studied the contrast of the creamy white cum on the black fabric. I decided not to try to wipe it out. I wanted to feel it against my ass.

Back in the cinema near the bathroom, I noticed a man who hadn’t been there before. The first thing I noticed was how beautifully he was dressed. He was wearing a light grey silk suit, white shirt with a lavender tie. Actually, he was dressed like a lot of other Parisian business men you see on the street, but I never saw them come into the cinema. At least not dressed this way. Not only was every surface grimy (or sticky), but there was a lack of ventilation, the air was heavy with stale cigarette smoke, so that when you left, the smell hung to you long after you left.

He was sitting in the in the back row along the aisle. I walked over and stood next to, but slightly behind him against the wall. Even though it was humid in the cinema, he maintained a his polished look, he did not have his tie loosened, or any button undone. However, he did have his fly open and was masturbating to the straight porn on the screen. I could see a gold wedding band on his left hand. He was probably around forty. He had that “costaud” look. Not fat at all, but thick and masculine.

I stood there a few minutes hoping that he would look up and make eye contact, but he kept his eyes on the screen. Even though I had no encouragement from him, I knelt beside his seat. At first I looked closer at his cock, it was thick and uncut. Then I looked up at his face. He had a delicate mouth, but with a prominent nose, his hair was black, thick, and slicked back on his head.

Even though I was right next to him, he neither encouraged me nor discouraged me in anyway. It was as though I was invisible to him. His behavior toward me was haughty and cold, my heart was beating faster and my dick was completely hard.

I reached my hand over for his cock, and he stopped masturbating and brought his hands together in a prayer formation in front of his face. His wedding band gleamed in the light of the movie. I leaned over and took his meaty cock in my mouth. His skin felt silky in my mouth. His was very clean, but just a little sweaty under his foreskin.

As I sucked, I began to fantasize about him. Did he work in one of the nearby government buildings? When was the last time his cock was in his wife’s pussy? Did he fuck her this morning? I even started to wonder what she must look like, deciding that she was petite and pretty with blond hair.

As I continued to suck him, I was very careful not to let any of my spit onto his suit or his tie. I placed my right hand on his foot. I wanted to take off his highly-polished black shoes and kiss his feet. I wanted to take down his pants and lick his moist hairy Parisian ass hole. For the first time, I felt constrained by the cinema.

A moment later he started to cum. It tasted salty and good. When I raised my head, I noticed that some of the hustlers had come into this part of the cinema and were watching me suck. I decided that I would not go in the bathroom and wash out my mouth, but instead let the taste linger in my mouth.

(to be continued)

copyright 2010

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