Monday, May 17, 2010

Piss Club Virgin - Part One

In a trough, feeling the simultaneous streams piss from four different men splashing on my body. Nothing could be more natural for me. However, it wasn’t that long ago that I was a piss club virgin.

I arrived for the first time at Golden Showers Buddies with a six pack of Miller Light and a change of clothes; ready to be initiated into group water sports. The piss party at the sex club is a monthly event. I decided I wanted to try several weeks before and had to wait; I had a lot of pent up desire that night. Up until now, I had been experimenting with drinking my own piss and pissing on myself. I thirsty for the piss of other men.

After checking my six pack of Miller Light beer at the coat check and putting my fresh clothes in a locker. I had arrived early; I was almost the first person there. I walked through the two empty rooms of the club that had been dedicated to the piss party. Each room had two troughs strategically positioned. I kept walking out onto the patio. In the maze area, I spotted a handsome muscular latin guy with no shirt. We found a private place and began to kiss and make-out. I had been drinking water all day and had been holding in some piss for the last half-hour. I whispered in his ear “you want my piss?”

I took my cock out of my torn jeans and he squatted down in front of me. He put my hard cock in his mouth and began slowly sucking it. I began trying to piss in his mouth. Even though I had to piss bad, it was difficult for me to let it go while he was gently sucking my dick. Finally, I relaxed enough to let a big stream go in his mouth. The feeling was different than anything I had ever experienced; my cock was fully hard and he used his mouth and tongue to slightly block the piss coming out. It was like having a slow ejaculation. It was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced. The latin guy was so sexy kneeling in front of me. The soft light was reflecting off of his beautiful smooth chest and back. I knew that I was going to enjoy water sports.

After a while he stood up. It was my turn to his drink piss. The latino guy was an experienced pisser. He had no difficulty at all pissing from his hard cock into my mouth. His piss was warm and very mild tasting. He most have been drinking water all day too. I wasn’t sure before this moment if I would enjoy drinking another man’s piss, but here I was and it was like nectar to me.

There is an art to drinking a stream of piss. You can’t swallow to frequently, but on the other hand you can’t let to much build up in your mouth at one time. Of course, the hallmark of a good piss pig is not to let a drop be wasted. That night I was a newbie, but I drank eagerly and deeply from my new friend’s tap. I tried to emulate my hunky and more experienced friend’s alternate sucking and swallowing action as best I could. I was happy that my first experience was with the hunky latino and in a secluded setting. It felt intimate and romantic; I was horny and primed for more.

(to be continued)

copyright 2010

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