Monday, May 3, 2010

Picked Up At the Eagle - Part Two

The next morning when I woke, I was in his arms with my back against his furry chest. He was still sleeping, but his dick was hard against my ass. I was very horny, not having cum the night before. I reached back and put his hard cock into my hole. His cock slid right in; my ass still lubed from his big load of cum from just hours before. His cum making the most silky and perfect lube.

He woke up. He pushed me over on my stomach and used his strong legs to push my legs wider apart. I felt his own legs bent and on top of mine. Then his hands firmly gripping my upper arms. Barely awake, he instinctively started fucking me. Right away it was a hard fuck. My ass was tighter than last night, but I loved the feeling of his dick thrusting in and out. I wondered if he enjoyed feeling his cum inside me, if my ass felt as silky and smooth to him as he felt to me.

I started moaning loudly with pleasure. My own hard cock felt good rubbing against the sheets as pushed in and out of me. Almost too good. I started squirming under the pressure of his legs and arms. I could tell that this excited him even more. I started pushing against him harder. I had played that game before; pretending to be pinned under my top. As I continued to struggle, I soon realized that I actually was pinned under him. I found this exciting, I it had never happened for real before.

With my legs spread wide, he was going so deep. I loved the feeling of his big hairy balls bouncing off my butt. He knew how to use his wrestlers body to its’ best advantage. While the fuck continued, I kept trying to resist and started talking to him about “raping my ass.”

He fucked me a good long while, much longer than the night before, before he creamed another load inside me, collapsing on top of me. “Are you all right?” he asked. Suddenly he was like a pussycat. He moved over to my left side and I turned over on my back. My dick was hard and throbbing. He stroked me with his hand, while he sucked my right nipple. Seconds later, I was cuming. I huge spurt hit my chest; the inside of my cock hurt from the force it.

We had coffee together down the street. It was raining that morning; I watched from the window of the coffee shop as he ran to the subway station on his way to work.

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