Thursday, May 13, 2010

Daddy Gets Screwed - Part Two

I took my cum filled ass back to the blow job platform. There was a hot guy who blown me a little earlier standing below on the side with the railing. Once again, I took off my towel and started getting sucked. His mouth felt so good. I was so horny after getting fucked and knowing a big fresh load was sitting in my ass.

Standing against the rail, I was looking into a mirrored wall so that was behind the guy who was sucking me and I were reflected in the mirror. He was naked and very tan except for his white ass. His tan lines were hot.

Soon, a tall beard man walked onto the platform and straight over to me. He came up behind me and started playing with my nipples and leaning down kissing my neck. It felt so good. I knew that was letting out lots of pre-cum, because I could hear the guy below moaning and sucking harder, sucking the pre-cum right out of me.

I turned my head, at the tall-bearded-guy, and he looked down into my eyes. I realized that in the dim lighting and his beard had made him appear older to me; he was really young, probably college age, or maybe grad school. Early 20’s. I really could be this guy’s daddy.

We continued kissing. He closed his eyes and was giving me deep, long, sweet, kisses. More romantic than I usually get at the baths. Because he was a good six inches taller than me, he was able to remain behind me, but more on my right side, playing with my nipples while we kissed. Soon he removed his towel and was humping the side of my ass with his hard cock. I must have gotten lost in our kissing because when I looked down and a different guy was sucking me. I didn’t even notice the transition from one to the other. The new guy was sucking just fine.

Young-bearded-guy was such a great passionate kisser, and because he was about six inches taller than me, he could envelope with his arms and body. He started playing with my ass with his right hand, stroking up and down my butt crack. Was he going to go deeper? Suddenly, I felt a little shy about having a cummy hole. I was really getting into this young guy, what if he felt it and it turned him off. Sometimes being deviant can have a downside.

We continued kissing; his hand on my ass crack and his cock against the side of my ass was making me so horny. I asked him if he would like to go into one of the booths. He said yes. I leaned over to stroke the guy who had been blowing me. He had sucked like a real champ. It was a turn on to know that he enjoyed tasting my pre-cum.

I lead the way to the dark room area and we went in one of the booths with a door and jerked off our towels. We kissed more and I held his hard cock in my hand. After a couple of minutes of his tongue in my mouth, I turned and nuzzled my back up against him. He pressed his cock into my ass checks. By this time my ass checks were much more wet and lubed with the previous cum load. I wondered: did the young guy know it was cum? Could he smell it?

Young-bearded guy began stroking and pumping my cummy ass checks with his cock. His cock was rubbing on my hole, teasing it while he leaned into me and kissed my neck. I took his left hand and started to kiss his palm and suck his fingers. I turned my head back and once again he gave me his tongue in my mouth.

His cock felt so good teasing my hole I almost didn't want to stop, but I needed it inside me. I reached back and held his, raised my ass slightly and pushed my ass onto his cock. In my excited state, I mounted his long cock all in my in one stroke. No spit or anything else was needed. The cum already there made the perfect lube, so slick and natural, not gooey or greasy. We both moaned at the same time. I started pumping my ass on his cock. “You like that?” I asked. “Oh yeah.” he responded.

I leaned forward and he began stroking hard cock. He was so much larger than the previous guy, I still felt tight. He really knew how to fuck. After a little while, thinking about our age difference, I asked him: “You like fucking your daddy.” “Oh yes, I like fucking you daddy.” he said. It was like a switch had flipped inside him. The sweetness disappeared. He began to fuck me hard.

“I’m going to fuck you deep daddy” He must have been holding a couple of inches back, because all of a sudden I felt the thick base of his cock in me, I hadn’t felt before. I leaned forward as much as I could to take his big young cock. He reached down and with his left hand and grabbed my cock. “I’m fucking you deep daddy.” he repeated even more aggressively.

He was stroking my cock hard. I was trying to hold back, but he wanted to get me off, and I wanted to be a good daddy for my young stud. His cock pounding inside me felt so good. Soon I was moaning. When I started to cum, he put his right hand down to feel it shoot out. He stopped fucking me and pulled out. I was sorry that he hadn’t cum, but I felt so good. The booth was filled with the smell of cum. The smell of the cum from my dick, and the smell of the cum in my ass all mixed together. We kissed. “We better go shower.” he said. We put on our towels and he walked out of the booth first. I lagged behind for a few seconds and said a little prayer of thanks for the young men who like to screw their daddy.

copyright 2010

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