Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daddy Gets Screwed - Part One

Finished my work early, and even though a week day afternoon can be hit or miss, I decided to go to the baths. After stripping off at my locker and wrapping my towel around me, I walked around, mostly on the blow job platforms. I spotted a nice looking guy below, waiting for a cock, so I took my towel off and put my dick through the hole. He started giving a great blow job, with lots of tongue action and gently fondling my balls.

Within about five minutes, a guy comes up beside me. He is a good bit younger than me, kind of short, with a shaved head, and black goatee. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder and his right nipple is pierced. He is hot. He starts touching my chest. I turn toward him and we start to kiss. He sticks his tongue in my mouth and I start caressing his tongue with my mouth and tongue. He tongue starts sliding in and out of my mouth, I round my mouth to take it. I was continuing to get a blow job from the guy below, while the shaved-head guy and I made out. I reached down and opened his towel enough to feel his cock.

His dick was short and stout like him. He was completely hard. I kept my hand on his cock while we kissed, then he whispered in my ear, “You want me to fuck you?” Of course I said yes. “Let’s go to my room.” he said. I bent down and kissed the guy who had be blowing me then followed the shaved head guy off the platform and through the maze of rooms.

Inside the room, we both stripped off our towels and kissed. I got on the small bed and assumed the doggy position with my butt hanging over the edge of the bed. He remained standing behind me. I felt him rub a little lube on my ass, then without any further foreplay he poked his dick inside. I hadn’t been screwed in a couple of weeks, so his sudden and complete entry felt intense. I felt my sphincter tighten around his dick, I let out a deep plaintive moan. He held his cock inside but without moving for a minute and then leaned over and asked: “You like that daddy?”

Now, this guy was a good bit younger, but I wasn’t really expecting to be called daddy. I took a pause then said forcefully: “Yeah, fuck daddy,.....fuck daddy’s ass”

He must have appreciated the encouragement, because he started screwing me hard. His dick was kind of short, but it felt great inside. After just a couple of minutes he started moaning and said “I’m going to cum.” “fuck daddy’s ass.” I replied. Soon he was moaning and pulsing and he pulled out of my ass. I looked back and he was holding on to his cock stroking it a little. I wasn’t sure if he had given me a load or pulled out and shot.

I got off the bed, grabbed my towel and we kissed. As I moved my legs I could tell that my hole was very wet. After I left his room, I reached behind and felt my hole; it was soggy. I put put my finger in and put it to my nose. I could smell his sweet, salty load. He must have been pulling back when he shot, because his load was right on the inside edge of my hole. It was a big load too. As a walked down the hall, I could feel the sensation of his cum on the very outside of my hole and on the inside of my ass checks. Smelling and feeling his spunk made me excited. I decided to keep it inside me and see what I could make happen next.

(to be continued)

copyright 2010