Friday, April 30, 2010

Picked Up at the Eagle

We meet on the roof top of the Eagle on a Sunday night. He had black hair, a very thick black mustache, heavy stubble (one-day)? And copper-brown skin. We had cruised each other the week before but didn’t connect. He was not in traditional leather-bar attire, but instead in shorts and a tennis shirt. His nonconformity to the dress code a show of self-confidence that I found attractive. His shorts showed-off his stout legs covered by thick black hair. We talked on the rooftop, I enjoyed his accent, during our chit-chat he told me that he was originally from Iraq.

We took a cab uptown to his place. When we entered his apartment he lead me directly into the bedroom. As we stood in front of the bed, he reached out and grabbed my ass. I leaned over and gave him a deep long kiss. “Lets not waste time” he ordered as he quickly undressed.

He was one of those rare men that actually look better naked than in clothes. The entire front of his body was covered with the same thick black hair I saw on his legs. His skin was a beautiful coppery-brown color. Shorter than me, he had the build of a wrestler.

After we were both naked, He got on the bed. Lying face up, and spreading himself out for me. Showing off his hard pretty-cut-cock and balls. I started licking his hairy balls, letting my tongue go passed them toward his furry hole. Then I played with his cock with my tongue before starting to suck him.

Soon I was on my back and he had my legs in the air poking at my hole. I asked him if I could turn over on to my stomach. He said: “yes, I can feel more of you that way.” He climbed on topof my back, giving me his full weight and letting his hands roam all over me. He started pushing his cock in my cheeks, I reached back to help guide him in but he pushed my hands away. He jabbed around my hole a couple of more times before he found his target and drove it balls deep in my ass. “Oh, that feels so good” he said. He must have felt my ass tighten up, because he paused and held me with his arms under my chest.

He was a good fucker, aggressive and confident his movements had a good rhythm. I loved feeling every inch of him pressing against me. Soon his arms were folded in front of my face. I rubbed my face in his hairy forearms, kissing them passionately. His arms were so hairy, the hair had its own smell. Soon I was kissing his hands and sucking his fingers.

After just a few minutes he said: “I can’t hold it in much longer.” I was silent, but kept licking his fingers. Soon he quickened his pace and was fucking me hard, the bed was squeaking and he was moaning loudly as he drove his cum inside me.

He was sweaty and briefly collapsed on top of me. He began to roll-off, but I held tight to his arms and said: “Please stay on top of me” “Are you sure you are OK, don’t you want to cum” he asked. “No, I love this” I purred. In a minute he was sleeping on top of me with drops of his sweat dripping down on me and his cock still in my used hole. I was in heaven, this was great sex.

(to be continued)

copyright 2010

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