Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Ass Reamed on Eighth Avenue - Part Five

My top was so happy; he loved using me, making me his pig in front of other men. I wanted to show him that I could go as far as he could. Once again I lowered my shorts. I spit in my fingers and rubbed it on my ass,. The plaid-shorts guy’s piss had washed out a lot of the lube and cum from my ass. My hole felt a little raw and swollen to the touch. He pushed my back down and arms crossed behind my back and started fucking me again.

From my angle, I couldn’t see if anyone was looking in the door, but I was eye-level with the mail-slot-size glory hole to the booth next door. I could see a handsome young latino face looking back at me. Plaid-shorts guy saw me look through, because he said “suck his cock.” I felt thankful that the guy was so cute, frankly there were a lot of unattractive men in the place.

I put my fingers through the hole, I watched he latino guy unfasten his belt with a big shiny western belt buckle and jeans and then saw a large uncut cock come through the hole. My hands were behind my back, so I used my lips to push-back his foreskin and started licking up the bottom side of his shaft and around the head. Plaid-shorts guy was fucking me harder now. I think now he had decided to fuck me as hard as he could. Although, since his dick wasn’t too big, he couldn’t hurt me too much.

After sucking the beautiful big latin cock for three or four minutes, he puled it back through the glory hole, lowered his head and said “I want to fuck you too.”

I looked up at plaid-shorts guy and relayed the message. His big grin reappeared: “Let him fuck you.” I turned around, putting more spit on my hole, and backing my ass up to the mail-slot of a glory hole. I reached back and spread my cheeks open to make it easier, and deeper. Then I felt the big cock going in so long, it was a nice contrast to the plaid-shorts guy cock that was now in my mouth again. I could taste my ass.

The latino guy started fucking me a little faster and harder, I could feel his big cock going all the way out of my ass then back into my hole. Then I felt a shot of cum hitting my hole, and inside my hole and the big cock plunging back in still shooting. I could feel a nice wet feeling in my raw ass. After a couple of more strokes, he let it sit there in my hole for a little while before pulling out. “Plaid-shorts guy asked “Did he cum” “Fuck-yeah, he came big.” I replied. Plaid-shorts guy looked at me, I think he had meet his piggy match. “I’m going to take a break” he said. I nodded. This was quite an evening. It was only when I was putting my shorts back on that I felt the small lube-container. I didn’t really need it after all.

Walking back to my apartment, the fresh air felt good on my sweaty skin, I still had the nice latino cream still inside me. My ass had been totally reamed.

copyright 2010

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