Friday, April 23, 2010

My Ass Reamed on Eighth Avenue - Part Two

After I returned to the hallway, I spotted a man I had seen several timed before but had never been able to hook-up with.  He was black with short cropped hair and a receding hairline, which I found very sexy.  He was about my height, his build was thick but not flabby, stout.  In some of my previous visits I had tried to make eye-contact, but he had never reciprocated.  He was wearing a golf shirt and dress pants.  As usual, his dress pants showed a large round bulge. I was feeling very frisky and a little cocky from my last experience, so as I walked past him in the hallway, I reached up and felt the bulge in his pants.  "You want to suck my dick" he said in a very down-to-business way.  I had never heard him speak before.  He had a Jamaican-Kind of accent that was hot. "Yes" I said.

He lead the way into one of the booths with me following close behind.  When I got the door closed.   I dropped to my knees with my face directly in front of his big basket.  He pulled out a bottle of poppers from his pocket and took a hit and put it up to my left nostril nose and pressed his other hand pressing in on my right. I inhaled deeply.  Normally I don't do poppers but my new top was taking charge.  I was a good and compliant bottom.  As I knelt on the grimy floor in front of him, he began unfastening his pants.  I wasn't disappointed.  Even soft, his cock was enormous.  Not only was it big, it was beautiful.  The length in perfect proportion to the width, the head in proportion to the shaft, the smooth solid black color.  When I put my mouth on it it quickly expanded.  I could only less than half of the length into my mouth.   I reached up to grab the base-end half of his cock.  I felt my hand being slapped away.  "No hands" he demanded. I tried to get as much as possible into my mouth.  "Use the poppers" he barked, as he put the poppers back in front of my nose.  I inhaled deeply, knew I was going to need them.

After sucking him for a couple of minutes he was fully hard, his cock was about nine inches and thick. He reached out, put his hand on my head and started fucking my face.  I reached up toward his cock again to gain some control and my hand was slapped away like before only this time harder.  I opened my mouth wide and was trying to relax my throat, but couldn't keep up with his thrusts into my throat.  I started gagging on his big cock.  The gagging caused my my eyes to start watering.  Soon I had tears streaming down my face.  WIthout stopping, I adjusted my head so that I was looking up into his eyes and he could see my tears and the anguish on my face.

He must have liked this appeal to his sadistic nature.  After a minute of looking into my teary eyes, he said "You want to get fucked."
It was not only exciting to know he wanted to fuck me; It was a relief because the gagging was hurting me.  I quickly got up off my knees.

"You got a condom"?  he asked.  "Mmmm, I didn't bring one" I sheepishly replied. Long pause. "You - don't - have - a - condom" he repeated gruffly giving me a nasty look.  I didn't know what else to say.  Was this a deal breaker for him? Would I never feel that big cock in my ass? I gave him a saddest look I could muster. He put his hand on my ass and starting pulling me around.  It was going to happen.

(continued in part three - online now)

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