Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Ass Reamed on Eighth Avenue - Part One

It was a humid night last summer. I wore only nylon gym shorts (no underwear) and a tee shirt, as I left the apartment and walked the seven short blocks. I carried my key and a small lube in the pocket and some money in my sneakers. My destination was the one bookstore with a peepshow arcade in the W40’s Midtown area of Manhattan that still allows gay sex. I paid the ten dollar fee to go in the upstairs area where the owners don’t police what goes on. I had been there before with very mixed experiences. It is a very sleazy place.

When I entered the upstairs-back-room area my eyes lock with a muscular-thirtiesh- black man standing in the hallway outside the bathroom. He doesn’t give me a flirtatious look or smile, just a cold, knowing stare, as though he was looking right through me, or that somehow he already knew me, or knew what I wanted. Judging from his appearance, I was guessing he was was a foreign national or emigre. Just my intuition.

He kept his eyes locked onto mine and walked past me into the area with the video booths. I followed behind him obediently and when he paused, I past him and entered into the first vacant booth, a few seconds later he entered. Neither of us spoke. We looked at each other and he gently put his hand on my should turned me around and jerked my gym shorts down exposing my ass, all in one motion. I turned my head to look at him; he was opening his pants. I noticed a gold wedding ring on his finger.

Maybe he had already played before I arrived, because his cut dick was already fully hard; it was not large, but big enough. I faced the wall. There was no foreplay. He began to enter my hole with his cock. Fortunately, I had inserted some vaseline in my hole before I left the apartment, It didn’t hurt at all, he entered slowly and let me adjust before he started screwing me. The space was small so I could not bend over for him, but as best i could, I pushed my ass back so that he could get in deep. I stood there with my forehead pressed against the wall and enjoyed the steady rhythm of his fuck. After a few minutes he started to fuck me harder, I could tell he was getting close. Suddenly, he reached up and put his hands on my pecs and pulled me back into him so that his face was over my shoulder and against mine and our entire bodies were touching. He held me that way as he pushed with his hips and came in my ass. It felt good.

After he came, he pulled out. I turned around and he was looking down zipping his pants and fixing his belt; no eye contact. I pulled up my shorts from under my butt checks. He turned facing the door his back toward me; he paused and said “Thank you.” These were the only words exchanged during our encounter.

He walked out, I walked into the bathroom, sat on the toilet and expelled some of his cum. I looked at it, it was a big load. I put my finger in the water, touched it, and put some in my mouth before I left the bathroom.

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  1. Mmmmm, just read through all of your entries!! So fucking HOT! I loved the ones where you had memories of early raw encounters, like this one: Rock hard!!!