Monday, April 19, 2010

Extreme Sunday Night - Part Two

After the latin guy and I exchanged his cum in our kisses, he left to clean up. The skinny-hairy-blond-goatee guy who was fucking me moved on as well. I was left alone and naked on the platform. Dizzy and slightly disoriented from being bent-over and fucked for so long, holding my towel, I leaned against the ledge of the glory hole wall just to recover.

All of a sudden, I felt something in my ass. I looked around saw a short-smooth-guy with wavy-black-hair up against me. His cock was going in my ass. After all the screwing I had taken, my hole must have been very wide and open because, before I even knew what was happening he was all the way up inside me. I didn’t see him before, but he must have been standing there watching me get screwed by the other two. Only seconds after his cock was inside me, he started moaning very loud. Before I could do anything, I could feel his body shaking and his cock pulsing while he was shooting in my ass. His moaning was really loud. So loud, everyone in the dark room was looking over at us. This guy was really a bunny rabbit. He pulled out of my ass. I could see cum dripping out of his dick. It all happened so fast, the fastest most opportunistic fuck of my whole life. I felt like I had been raped; yet, it was very hot.

I walked down the steps to go clean-up. I could feel some of his cum running out of my ass. It felt nasty but exciting. There was some action going on in the other part of the dark room where there is a device called the “horse:” a long bench a guy can lie on face down and on each side, lower-down, places to rest your legs, so that your ass sticks out. It is designed to open a bottom’s ass for easy fucking.

There was a crowd of five of six guys when I walked over. The guy who had been on the horse got off. A short guy nearby started playing with my butt. We exchanged eye contact and I put my knees up on the horse, in fucking position. “I’ll go get a condom” he said. I got into position by leaning my upper body against the bench and positioned my ass slightly downward for the short guy. I reached over and felt my ass hole. I had never felt my ass so wide open from so much fucking and so wet. I put my finger to my nose and could smell lube mixed with cum.

I watched the short guy put on the rubber on his small uncut cock and felt it go inside. Even though he was small he was a tough little guy and fucked me so hard the horse started to move a forward with his thrusts. This little guy was the meanest most aggressive fuck yet. My head was faced down at the bench, as I hung on. Once I looked up and around and saw five guys watching and stroking as I got plowed. After a few minutes he stopped and walked up to close to my face and asked if I wanted to go to his room. I said no. I was enjoying being watched by the other guys to much. He went back and started fucking me again.

After a few more minutes of his jack-hammer fucking, I had to ask him to stop. My ass was so sore I couldn’t take is anymore. I rested on the horse without changing position and saw that the skinny-hairy-blond-goatee guy from before was standing beside the bench. I reached over and stroked his cock. He moved closer to my face, still down on the bench, and I started sucking him. His cock got fully hard in just a minute. He moved away from my face back toward my exposed ass. My ass was so open, more open than ever, yet there was a feeling of soreness when his big thick cock entered me, all in one motion. He began screwing me in a nice gentle fashion. I just laid back and took it.

As was getting dressed at my locker, the thick latin guy walked up from behind and put his arms around me, kissing my neck. He asked if I was leaving and I said yes. I could feel his cock getting hard pressed against me. He was probably good for another fuck I thought, but my hour was up.

copyright 2010


  1. All that was in an hour? Good god. I need to go sleazing with you.

  2. Amazing what you can do if you have a goal.